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Hi everyone here, my name is WeskerChild, and you can probably guese I'm a long time fan of Albert Wesker. My second favorite man in black is Morpheus Duvall, having first come across RE games with my first PS2 game Dead Aim. I heard about this site from another Dead Aim fan who comes here, Morpheus Duvall, who told me about the article you have here covering the game, which I hope to check out later. Well not sure what else to say. This is WeskerChild signing off 8)


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George Trevor
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WELCOME to our survival horror community WeskerChild, and what great timing with your man Albert's most prolific actor, Ruchard Waugh visiting our mansion for our Halloween season of survival horror podcasts!

Explore the forum here, you are bound to find many other Wesker fans debating & reseraching on the insidious anatgonist...


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Welcome to the site! Hope our other exclusives will be just as interesting for you as the deadaim stuff is!

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Welcome to the site, hope you'll enjoy exploring around and I apologize for not saying hello sooner. If you have questions or concerns, don't be afraid to ask or tell us and we'll do our best to help you out!

Also, check out the gallery and our podcasts, you'll have a heyday with those. 


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