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Hey everyone! Glad to finally be a part of the Forums, I have been following the site for many years :D

Keep up the good work George Trevor! Very excited to discuss all things RE with the community.


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George Trevor
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The captcha issue which prevented new members from joining has been fixed and it is so heartening to see our mansion growing again wih new residents. Welcome to CHE, and looking forward to seeing you in Birkin's Labaratory!.


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Hey, welcome to the forums finally. Look forward to seeing you in the threads. Several upcoming interview threads currently open if you would like to ask any questions for our next few podcasts.


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Thanks guys!

Thanks GT for the avatar help as well, :D

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USS Command
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Welcome to the site happy to have you join us!


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I'm new here too, not a resident evil player, I came here for the Xander Berkeley interview, and was hoping to see more TWD interviews. Great site though.


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Welcome to the site, sorry my greeting it late. Don't be afraid to explore around and check out all the goodies we have here in the mansion. If you have questions, don't feel afraid to ask and we will do our best to help answer them. Once again, welcome to the mansion and enjoy yourself. 

Just watch out for spiders, those suckers are still everywhere. :P


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