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George Trevor
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The Director of Resident Evil Operation Raccoon City, Andrew Santos, will be giving a one-off, no-holds-barred interview, exclusively to Crimson Head Elder, this Halloween season, in which he will candidly reveal the fascinating & explosive background, behind one of the most contentious development process of any game in the Resident Evil series.

What does Survival Horror mean to Andrew Santos, the director of Operation Raccoon City? How did his understanding and passion for the genre affect both his writing of the game's narrative & cast of characters, and his relationship with Capcom? There is only one way to find out... visit the Crimson Head Elder mansion this Halloween! And residents can also submit their questions for Andrew Santos below!


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October 2, 2018 at 3:33 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hi Andrew. First of all, really happy that you're taking the time to shed some light on the development of this really contentious but nonetheless interesting installment of our beloved franchise.

My question concerns cut or abandoned ideas for the game. Were there any big ideas that you had for ORC that you couldn't include in the final game? And on the other end of it, were there any elements Capcom put their foot down on including that you perhaps were not all that keen on?

(And George, amazing job getting this interview! Definitely something cool and unique for the podcast!)


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USS Command
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Are you aware that story elements from ORC made their way into Japanese exclusive games and events? Biohazard Clan Master, Outbreak Survive, Team Survivor, The Real 1-3, and one of The Escape events.

There's more information on side characters, like LONE WOLF, in the Japanese version then there is in the English version, did you know about that?

Did you know ORC got a two part webcomic, with each part being 3 pages, called "The First Mission!"?

During advertising for the game a company Musterbrand had produced various USS appear to fit with the world of RE. Was the lore provided by their merchandise from ORC writers or capcom?

A preorder bonus shirt for the UK that came with ORC has the name and logo "Raccoon City All Stars" an artist on Deviant art, who has scents deleted the post, said it was their design and it was the logo of the city's baseball team. Was this something you was aware of or was this just marketing?


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Can't wait for this one. Finally going to get answers to our many questions.

1. How much assets (Concept art, textures, models) did Capcom share?

2. What is your relation to Resident Evil? Have you played the games or watched the films? Was there anything you personally wanted to add to the project? Such as characters or a style of gameplay.

3. Did Capcom give you any instructions on any restrictions or input on the project? How heavily were they involved?

4. In an interview, with IGN I believe, it was said that hunting down Leon was COMPLETELY optional and that several other characters will be haunted down through various missions. Was this something from an earlier build of the game? Or something that got misunderstood?

5. There is clear references to the Perry novels, such as Operation watchdog, was this a Saint Six or Capcom decision?


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This is simple amazing. ORC is one of my guilty pleasures. I can't wait to hear what he has to say!

1. Can you give any information on Inserted Evil? Was it something your team came up with? Did you ever secretly wear that mask? Who was the actors in those videos?

2. How much did you borrow from the live action movies? (Nemesis with minigun *cough*).

3. Did Capcom come to you with the idea of doing a RE game or did Slant Six go to Capcom?

4. Capcom has said that ORC was a "big success". Was there a plan for a sequel? Was Capcom even interested in continuing to work with y'all?

5. Does Capcom consider this game canon?

6. Even though the game was received negatively. How do you feel about fans still using the USS logo and even still cosplaying as members of the Wolfpack?

7. What was the process you went through to create the characters of the Wolfpack and Echo 6?

8. Was the Parasite Tyrant and Nemesis beta an idea Capcom wanted in the game or was something y'all came up with?

9. What do you think happened to the Wolfpack and Echo 6?

10. What have you been up to? Anything to be on the look out for?

I really do appreacite that he's doing this. Even though a lot of people hated this game. From what I've seen, it can sometimes be compared to the hate the live action movies get. That being said, there are fans who genuinely enjoy this game. Faults and all. Thank you and your team for making a fun game to play!


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Sonny Bauer
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Hey there! Even though ORC has been classified as a "what-if" type of game, I couldn't help but notice the attention to detail that this game had with recreating such scenes like Hunk walking in on Birkin and the tanker crash with Leon and Claire, right down to the very same dialogue as if we're really seeing these scenes from a different perspective. It's very easy to alter things like that in the hands of a different developer. I heard that you were a fan prior to working on this and it really shows throughout the game, Andy, so thank you!

1. Did you initally plan to tell the stories from different perspectives in the game while adhering to how they were originally portrayed, such as the decimated Delta Force team and Tyrants in the Dead Factory from Resident Evil 3? Or was the plan always to retell it in the Echo 6 fashion where they win against the Tyrants and survive as in the final release?

2. Was there an endgame planned for Wolfpack in regards to the destruction of the city and how they would survive? 

3. Was there a 3rd Expansion Pack planned for Echo 6?

Thanks again!

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Weskers Report
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The game does tread the line of being a 'what if' scenario that almost works with the overall canon but not quite. I would say 65-70% works seamlessly which is an accomplishment to be sure.

How close was the original script to what we got in the final product? did it follow the storyline of the games that preceded it more closely or was it opposite where the plot was all over the place and you had to pull the reigns in a bit?

What sources did you use to implement plot points into the already established storlyine? did you just use your own knowledge of the series? or have a story consultant on Slant Six? or on Capcom?

I think it's clear Slant Six were very passionate about this project - how much entusiasm did Capcom show? to me it seems that maybe they were not as passionate about it.

Just wanted to mention some of the ideas in this game are incredible - such as having to reprogram Nemesis or guiding Sherry to safety by lighting flares. Thanks for your time!

October 4, 2018 at 8:55 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Alexia Ashford
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people bash this game without playing it to the fullest, if they did then they'd see much to be enjoyed and respected. Wesker's Report comes up with some good points about OpRC that people often neglect when the game is reviewed. I bet if it didnt have Resident Evil in the title and was unassociated with the series it would get a lot more plaudits. 

On to my question, which goes like this:- Did Capcom ask you whether you were already a fan of the series, and what your opinion of the games that covered OpRC time period was? Did you play Resi 2 and 3 as a fan before? What is your opinion on the critical reviews that OpRC received? Do you think the criticims were fair, if not, why not?

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Andrew Santos I would like you to tell us how much of your own ideas went into the game and how much did Capcom force on you from above? ORC has a place in my heart because it was the first game in the series to make Raccoon City really feel like the war zone it must have been. You did a great job making the streets and locations feel frenzied like Outbreak but with an up to date control system :P

October 4, 2018 at 1:36 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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The locations from Resident Evil 2, Resident Evil 3 were very different in Operation RC, different still from their counterparts in Outbreak and Outbreak File 2. Was this a deliberate departure from the canon, it would have been more fulfilling for fans if you had included famous buildings from the series as we remembered them.


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Thank you so much for coming and allowing us to interview you about ORC. It's a very fun game but there are a lot of things fans were hoping for with it and I'm sure USS Command already mentioned a handful. 

1: When you were working on Nikolai (Nicholai), did the scar on his face originated with his Resident Evil 3: Nemesis model, or was that something creative placed onto him to give him more an original look to the sly Russian?

2: What was the original script going to be like before it was changed?

3: There was a lot of nice details put in various places and locations, were there Easter eggs that fans possibly missed out on seeing?

4: What are you doing as of late? 


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My question relates to the initial vision for the game. It strikes me the game was initially pitched to be a canonical entry and then something changed in the midst of development. The earlier missions in particular can slot into the canon without any real issue and it's only when Leon and Claire turn up do things become an issue. 

1. How much free reign did you have with the characters? You seemed to have freedom with the likes of Nikolai and Carlos but restricted with the likes of Ada. Were you limited with what you could do with some and not with others?

2. There is a lot of cut material from screenshots and trailers such as USS HQ, the helicopter flying over Leon, Vector killing Leon etc. Is this deleted material or is it just promotional scenes made for the trailers?

3. I believe the game started out as a canon title, but then Capcom changed their minds halfway though. Is this the case? Otherwise if it was always meant to be non-canon, why did Capcom place so many restrictions on your ideas?

4. What research did you undertake when planning the game aside from playing the related games? How much story material did Capcom provide? Its clear a lot of care was put into certain aspects, but other aspects seem to contain basic errors, such as the date for Hunk's initial mission being wrong and Crimson Heads and Lickers being involved despite them being created by two separate strains of t-Virus. 

5. One of the bigger criticisms from fans was the geography and locations. Was it a budget thing for example why the hospital and labs for example do not look like their respective RE3 and 2 counterparts?

6. Were your restricted over the use of B.O.W.s and to create your own? The Nemesis Beta was an excellent addition with a great backstory in the Inserted Evil files. Was this a Capcom or Slant Six inventon? I heard Kawata say they were implented as kind of a homage to the Plaga from RE4. Is this the case? 

7. Who wrote Inserted Evil?

8. Was further DLC planned? What was Echo Six's additional mission in Raccoon City after they got Sherry out?

9. If Capcom were to treat the game as canon, what would be the proper ending for you? Did any of Wolfpack and Echo Six make it out?

10. As mentioned, the Inserted Evil files were excellent and really tie in well with the lore. Is there a reason they were not implemented in game and why ORC had no in-game files at all (one of the only RE titles to do so)? 

11. In terms of the story, ORC seems to match up pretty well with Darkside Chronicles' 'Memory of a Lost City' interpretation rather than the original RE2. Is this the case at all?

Sorry if this is far too much. I'll let you guys pick and choose.


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Here are some more questions from myself and USS.

1. It’s mentioned in an article by polygon that ORC was heavily edited and the final draft doesn’t reflect on what was intended originally. Can more information be given on the original idea? Can anything (details, concepts, or summaries) be shared?

2. In that same article it’s said that LUPO gets $350k/yr and has four kids. This isn’t mentioned in any known media from ORC or Inserted Evil, which just mention her having kids, was there plans to elaborate on her kids and pay check?

3. One of the characters had his name changed due to legal problems, can it be elaborated on who it was? Can the original name be shared?

4. The trailers for ORC have lines, scenes, locations, and even a character not seen in the final game. Was this footage from earlier versions of the game?

5. Was any of the USS characters plan on having their face shown?

6. Early renders of SPECTRE has him standing in a similar manner to the Under Takers/Cleaners from Resident Evil Survivor, his uniform and mask is also very similar to the UT Commander from the same game, was he planned to be a Cleaner?

7. SPECTRE makes reference to having to eat human flesh to survive soviet winter. Is there any more to this story?

8. An early render of Willow has a patch that reads “Army Alternative Unit” was this the original name for Spec Ops Field Unit? Does that mean that Spec Ops is/was part of the army?

9. Was any of the characters mentioned only in Inserted Evil (Ian Sider, Dr. Turner, or Professor Dalwin) meant to appear in ORC?

10. Throughout ORC, there is a lot of small details. Be it named shops, business, books, and products. Some of which seem very detailed. Were these items meant to be part of something bigger?

11. The Triple Impact Trailer shows Echo Six (Spec Ops) and Delta Team (USS) get caught up in combat between each other and BOW’s. The close up we got was Four Eyes making a cameo in the Spec Op’s story. Was this ever meant to happen in the game? The two teams crossing over into each other’s stories.

12. Was it Slant Six or Capcom’s idea to use Blur? (The CGI company)

13. What made you choose the characters of Leon and Claire to play the role in the game? Carlos, Jill and Nicholai also made appearances. Where there any other characters you considered including?

14. Post the launch of the game what was your/Slant Six’s reaction to the overall project? Were you happy with the final product? Is there anything you would have liked to have be done differently or added?

15. The ORC concept guide states that Lupo could not afford to provide for her 4 children so she joined Umbrella to financially support them. However Inserted Evil states that she failed as a mother and could only do what she does best and that’s being a soldier. Which one is correct or is it a bit of both? What made you choose Lupo as Delta leader?

16. Why do Umbrella seem to recruit people with a troubled past such as Lupo, Beltway etc. Is it simply so they could manipulate them or because such a troubled past might enable them to look the other way regarding Umbrella’s activities? (In Umbrella’s report on Irons they contemplate bringing up his past to edge him out of the equation)

17. Why was Bertha’s name changed from “Heinzwaffen” in the Beta to Schneider in retail.

18. What was behind the decision to link Vector to Hunk?

19. Do you know anything about the rumours surrounding Deeay and his sexual preference?

20. Who is Bella and what is her relationship to HUNK?

21. What happened to HUNK’s psychology report. The end is missing and last paragraph is jumbled.

22. Did you consider any scenarios set in Arklay?

23. Jill’s DOB appears in a cutscene on a bio. Do you recall where the information came from?


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Hey guys,

I even got a copy of this game for the Xbox 360 and PC. Its fun! :D

My questions are as follows : 
1. What is your relationship pre-production, during game development, and post production with Capcom?

2. What happened to your relationship with Capcom after the game shipped?

3. Do you have any plans to make a sequel?

4. Do you want to make a ORC sequel if given the chance?

5. Were there plans for further DLC as well as a proper ending for the game for both Wolfpack and Echo 6?

6. There are problems on the PC version of the game due to Windows Live being phased out. Is there going to be a patch to finally make the game playable on Steam or do PC gamers have to wait a bit longer? :D

7. What are the influences or basis for the characters in the game?

8. What other scenarios were planned?

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Hi, got some doubts that i haven't seen above.

1. There are some screenshots of HUNK or from a character that resembles him, along Wolf Pack, was he ever meant to be a playable character?

2. The USS Command character had any more backstory?

3. What was the name of the engine used and what motivated the studio to create one for this game?


October 16, 2018 at 2:24 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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1. Have you developed other Resident Evil games?

2. According to you, which Resident Evil is your favorite and why?

3. Is there ever going to be a sequel to Operation Raccoon City?

4. Was there somehing else that you wish could have add more in game to provide more content?



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Some more questions, apologies if there are repeated questions.:

1: In RE2 and 3 the development team managed to sneak in famous movies and TV shows vehicles among the cars wrecked along the streets of Raccoon City. Did your team do anything similar? Because some of the vehicles seem familiar.

2: Why were the parasites used in place of the giant spiders?

3: Were there any plans to incorporate any of the settings or characters of Outbreak into the series?

4: If the game had been more well recieved would they have produced more DLC levels were there any characters or weapons that got left out of the game for whatever reason?

5: if the game had been more successful would they have taken on other Resident Evil locations for the sequels like Sheenah Island or Rockfort Island?

6: Why was Brad Vickers left out of the game? Since he could have been placed in it during the timeline presented either as a living person or undead zombie wandering the RPD.


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George Trevor
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MASSIVE thanks to all those in the community, our residents here, our followers at twitter, all who posted questions. This most controversial of Resident Evil games, provokes contentious debate, and Crimson Head Elder lifts the lid on the fascinating, fractured development process that. Compiled into three fascinating hours, we spend two 4 hour sessions with a visonary developer determined to set the record straight on where his vision for a survival horror online multiplayer and Capcom's coincided, changed, and greatly differed...

Crimson Head Elder Podcast #23 with Andrew Santos

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