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Hi everyone! Longtime RE fan and, in my hazy memory of the early 00's, member of the community when I was a yoing'in. Figured I should make an intro post to say hello! I discovered the website via George Trevor's appearances on the Project Umbrella podcast a year or more ago and have since binged every episode (some, uh, multiple times) as well as gone diving through the Crimson Head archive.

This, and being the admin of the RE2 board game community on Facebook, has helped stoke the already active fire in my heart for the series and I will decided to jump into the community headfirst and loving the warm welcome I've had on here, on Twitter where I run @ResiFacts (daily development and lore trivia inspired by both PU and CH podcasts) and so on.

Looking forward to becoming a familiar face hopefully!


Host of First Aid Spray podcast, admin of RE2 Board Game community and curator of @ResiFacts on Twitter and Facebook.

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George Trevor
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WELCOME to the Crimson Head Elder mansion Psyniac. Anyone who shows loving attention to Resident Evil Gaiden, as part of a horror review playslist is very welcome here!


Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety.

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Welcome to CHE, Psyniac! Glad to have another RE lover on board especially with the work you've been doing for the community! 


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USS Command
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Welcome to the site! Hope your enjoying our content! I'd normally shamelessly link to one of my threads but I'm sure you've seen them by now. But if not, I say start with the X-Virus theory I made.

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Sonny Bauer
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Welcome, Psyniac! Make yourself comfortable. Please stay out of the attic. Please refrain from visiting the greenhouse, and do not....I repeat DO NOT remove the shotgun from the wall in the study. Thank you.

Enjoy your stay! 8)

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