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George Trevor
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THE VOICE of Albert Wesker, in more main title series instalments than anyone else, RICHARD WAUGH, will be spending Halloween Night, at the Crimson Head Elder mansion! The actor for the most sinister & insidious antagonist, not just for Resident Evil, but arguably across the entire video game genre, will give an exclusive interview as part of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast Halloween season!

Richard Waugh portrayed Albert Wesker masterfully, in Resident Evil Zero, Resident Evil Code: Veronica X, Resident Evil 4, and Wesker's Report, with a controlled and evil presence, no cartoonish histrionics, that makes him for many in the Resident Evil community, the quintessential Albert Wesker.

Residents can post questions for Richard Waugh below, and during our Albert Wesker special podcast, late into the Halloween evening, we will ask them! Halloween at the CHE mansion just got a little darker...

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What inspired you to portray Wesker with tones of an English accent? Do you have any preference to any specific role of Wesker that you played? Did Capcom allow you any character information for Wesker? Perhaps background or characters traits? Who do you think Wesker is? Example, his motivations, end goals, personal views.

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Richard Waugh will always be Wesker for me, I played Code Veronica when I was 8 and he scared the shit out of me and my friend. So my question has to be how would Richard have voiced Wesker differently in Resident Evil 5 had you been asked back?


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BBurton88 at September 30, 2018 at 1:43 PM

Richard Waugh will always be Wesker for me, I played Code Veronica when I was 8 and he scared the shit out of me and my friend. So my question has to be how would Richard have voiced Wesker differently in Resident Evil 5 had you been asked back?

Same here, Richard took the role from Peter Jessop and w/out changing too much with his voice Ric took it in a more provocative direction, as the developing obsession with Chris rose to boiling level.

I'd like to ask Richard what he thinks of the Wesker character after Resident Evil 4?

Also what was it like to read the lines for Wesker's Report DVD?


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What happened between the recording of RECVX and RE0 that saw you miss out on continuing the role into REremake? Did Capcom give you any chance to audition for Umbrella Chronicles?

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Weskers Report
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Yes same question on my mind as BBurton88 pretty much. What did you think of D.C. Douglas's performance with Wesker? Specifically in 5. You're Wesker voice work is timeless btw. Pure Classic - across all the games but especially Code Veronica. You just totally killed it there. Great work.

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Hi Richard, I'd like to ask what were your primary inspirations for your portrayal of Wesker? Was there anything that you specifically drew from? Did Capcom ask you to match Peter Jessop at all? 

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Albert Wesker 187
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To the honorable Mr, Richard Waugh it is an honor, privilege, and a huge blessing to be asking you these questions and it is even bigger blessing for you to partake in our Crimson Elder Podcast let me also add that you are the iconic voice of Albert Wesker the greatest villain of all time: these are my questions. 1. What in your life experience was most helpful to you in becoming a voice actor? 2. How did you get to be a good voice actor? 3. What was your big break that got you noticed in the industry?

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Does Wesker ever inspire you in any other villanious roles you have done? Do you ever channel some of his characteristics in those roles some? 

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Why haven't you done Resident Evil 5?. His voice in 5 is weird


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. What kind of interaction you have with Capcom producers?

2. Do you know that you have a huge fanbase in voicing Wesker?

3. Do you hang out with DC Douglas?:)

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Alexia Ashford
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Hands down the best Wesker was Richard and RE5 would have been even better had Capcom kept with him. I know this is controversial but why does he think Capcom went for another actor and if Richard did have the chance to voice Albert's RE5 lines, what would he do differently?

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The voice of Albert Wesker, the one that haunted the shadows of everyone around them and Richard displayed his voice to give Wesker the cool and cold voice we know and the collective man that would do anything to get his plans to fall into perfect order even while chaos falls around him. A ghost from the past, returning once again to haunt us.

1: Did Capcom share any information for you to help you express your voice for Wesker in that of his hatred of Chris? The moments when you are needed to sound ngry, annoyed, or even curious were spot on. So was the script clearly telling you how to display your voice in such manner or was there video to display Wesker's actions to give you insight on how to express yourself? Or was there somone there giving you guidance?

2: 'Oh little fishy, come see my hook.' is a line that many of us can still recall to this day and enjoy hearing it, was that a line in the script or did you improvise the line yourself to give Wesker more of a villain vibe?

3: When Wesker exclaimed 'What happened?' in Resident Evil 0 (Zero), do you feel he was indeed concerned to what was going on in the way you said it for him?

4: In the original Code Veronica, Wesker was defeated by Alexia with a single smack, while in Code Veronica X, the scene was altered. Would you have preferred Wesker to have been smacked by Alexia or the fact he hit her and left Chris to finish her off?

5: When recording for Resident Evil 4, did you enjoy how Wesker was keeping himself behind the scenes as a mastermind and watching over Ada?

6: Wesker's Report, it was wonderful listening to you reading it for everyone to enjoy. Did you read it several times to find the perfect spots to have a certain tone or expression used?

7: Out of the all the Resident Evil games you have done, which one was the most enjoyable experiance that you can remember?

8:Having been the longest lasting voice actor for Albert Wesker, has Capcom contacted you in any way for any future projects or are they no longer interested in the voice that sent chills up your spine when a single word is spoken?

9: Are there any future projects that you are working on as of late?


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Biohazard Valkryie
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It's an honor to have you on the podcast Richard!

I feel when they replaced you and killed Wekser off in five. The serious really lost part of itself, and Capcom has been slowly trying to recapture that. You WERE Wesker.

Which is why I'm for you returning and I must say your Wesker's voice is a panty dropper. Anyway onto the questions.

1) How would you like for Wesker's fate to have been played out? World domination, death by a rocket, or settling down with Claire?

2) How would you sum up Wesker's personality, and who in television, movies does he remind you of?

3) Any deleted dialogue from your sessions you would've liked seen put in?


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No offense to other VA's but for me. You are THE Albert Wesker and also one of my favorite VA's. Watching the Wesker Report and hearing your voice was one of the main reasons why I even got into the series in the first place. Not sure if that's a good or bad thing yet lol. Real talk, I legit was fanboying out hardcore when he called into the podcast with Alyson Court and Leila Johnson.

1. When did you realise you were apart of a big series like Resident Evil?

2. When did you realise that Albert Wesker was such a fan favorite?

3. Do you wear your sunglasses at night?

4. Albert is superhuman. What superhuman abilties would you want if you had the choice?

5. For all the fans that like to imitate you. Can you give a small lesson on how to do the voice?

6. What have you been up to?

7. Any funny stories from your sessions in the recording booth?

8. How many of the other VA's from the series have you met/talked to? Met the other Weskers?

9. Any chance we can get a Wesker laugh?

10. Why haven't you done any other work in video games? What makes Resident Evil special?


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I enjoyed Richard's surprise appearance last Halloween. Can't wait to hear him this time as well. 1. Which do you prefer doing (either acting or VO) Heroes or Villains? If either, why? 2. Why do you think your take on Wesker is often imitated by other Voice Actors who play Wesker? 3. Is there any particular fictional character that you find similar too Albert Wesker? 4. Who is your favorite Antagonist in Film/Games/Animation/Stage/Literature? Also, Why?
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JC Wesker
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"Sure, I'm Not Human Anymore, But Just Look At The Power I've Gained!!” is something of an understatement if ever there was one & Especially back in 2001, when I played Code: Veronica X on the PS2, 4 the very first time. Such delivery of such lines as this, [my own Signature Quote], defines so much of what I love about Albert Wesker, & Resident Evil in general. Nevertheless, & w/ being as concise as I’m physically able to be:

Thank-You, Sir, 4 gracing us with what is 'Not Only' my personal favourite ‘Wesker Voice’, but also my personal favourite 'Fictional Character'. It’s been much 2 long since the definitive Albert Wesker was here with us!! A character who would taunt us with such 'Charismatic Arrogance' & 'Unfathomable Confidence'. A Villain who displayed such 'Intensity' & 'Gravitas' because of what 'you' brought to the role..

No 'Line of Dialogue' is anything less than brilliant, & it was 'you' who brought such life to its delivery.... Thank-You, Sir!!

1] Were you given any Concept Art-Work of Wesker, with which to draw inspiration from, during your initial performance of Wesker in Resident Evil - Code: Veronica, &, if not, how did you personally envision Wesker in your own mind, with only the Dialogue/Script to work with??

2] Needless to say it, RE Code: Veronica X will always be my personal favourite incarnation of Wesker.... Nevertheless, across Code: Veronica, Code: Veronica X, Wesker’s Report, Resident Evil 0, & Resident Evil 4, what are your feelings & memories of how Albert Wesker was developed as a Character, both in terms of the Dialogue which you were given, & the Voice Direction which you were provided??

3] In terms of Character Development, what is your Opinion on how the Wesker/Alexia Confrontation, &, of course, the Wesker/Chris Confrontation was altered between Code: Veronica & Code: Veronica X??

4] In terms of Character Development, did you prefer playing the role of the ‘Hands-On’ Wesker from Code: Veronica X, or, the ‘Pulling of The Strings’ Wesker from Resident Evil 4??

5] What are your Memories of playing Wesker in both Resident Evil 0, [a Prequel to a Resident Evil in which you didn't play Wesker], & finally, Resident Evil 4, [a Sequel which takes place 6 years after all of the 'Previous Events'], as they both afforded you an opportunity to reprise the Character of Wesker during Events which were set both 'before' & 'after' Code: Veronica....

Thanks, guys!! This is going to be a very exciting Halloween, &, as always, it's been an absolute pleasure writing this Post....

I'd say that Question 2 should definitely take precedence, as Q's 3, 4 & 5 are essentially 'more focused' extensions of Question 2, &, of course, it would very much be the greatest of honours to have my praises spoken to Mr. Waugh, himself.... THE Voice of Albert Wesker....

[P.S. Just a quick 'Thumbs-Up' to Mr. Waugh's small, but plot-pivotal role as 'Sapperstein', in 2001's The Score.... &, Jay Whitaker, in Season 1 of Designated Survivor, who I'd love to see come back in a 'Future' Season, (as it was in fact 'saved' by Netflix earlier on this year)]. :)

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George Trevor
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THANK YOU of course to Richard Waugh, and to all the residents that supported this interview with questions. HAPPY HALLOWEEN from the entire Crimson Head Elder team, and here is your Wesker Night Podcast:

Crimson Head Elder Podcast #16 with Richard Waugh


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Awesome stuff as usual!

I need to start practicing my Albert voice lol.


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George Trevor
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