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George Trevor
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XANDER BERKELEY, one of the leading stars of AMC's The Walking Dead, has very generously & kindly accepted Crimson Head Elder's invitation to visit our mansion this Halloween!

An outstanding actor, famous for his iconic, and eclectic roles across major Hollywood films, including Terminator 2: Judgment Day, Candy Man, Apollo 13, Air Force One, Kick-Ass, Transcendence, and for main cast roles in Emmy awarded television series, including political thriller 24, crime drama The Mentalist, action thriller Nikita, mystery drama the Booth at the End, supernatural horror Being Human, supernatural horror Salem, and post-apocalyptic drama Jericho.

This truly is an honour & privilege to welcome a first-class performer, who starred in such a tremendous wealth of movies & TV series known across the world, and particularly renowned for his starring roles in both the Supernatural and Horror genres.

Exclusively for residents of Crimson Head Elder, we will put questions to Xander Berkeley during our very special zombie & supernatural focused Halloween edition of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast! Please post your questions for Xander below!


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USS Command
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From me, "What is the highlight of your acting career? What was the low point?" From a few friends; 1. Do you think you'll actually survive in the zombie apocalypse? 2. How did you get such a cool name? 3. Is your cool name a title or is it real? 4. Did you receive any weapons training for The Walking Dead?

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I have a few range questions for him and I'm glad he is willing to talk to us and share his stories, thoughts, feelings, and more with us and the fans.

1: Do you enjoy portraying villains in any of the films you were in?

2: In Terminator 2, your role as Todd Voight dies by T-1000 impaling him through the mouth and skull to silence him. When you saw how your character was to die, how did you react?

3: Out of all the films and appearances you made in your acting career, which was your favorite one to be in?

4: How did you get into acting? Were you inspired by someone?

5: Any future plans that you are able to share with everyone? What are you getting into recently?


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Alexia Ashford
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An amazing interview to look forward to, I cant wait :)

My question for Xander Berkeley:- Were you influenced in any way by Gregory's story arc in the comic series and by the way the original character was written by Robert Kirkman?

That's it unless I can have another go?

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Do you recall any memories from working on the now cult classics TV shows Jericho and Adventures of Brisco County, Jr? Any recollections of interactions with Bruce Campbell on Brisco County?


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Xander was the perfect choice to play Gregory, and I would be angry to see another unusual character thrown under the bus for yet another generic bad guy. What developments do you see ahead for this special character?


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Xander Berkley, I've enjoyed your work in Terminator 2, Candyman,Taken,CSI,  and of course The Walking Dead. Out of all the roles you have played so far, which do you prefer playing, the good guy, or the villain?

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Sonny Bauer
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As a fan of the Miami Vice TV series and the film "Heat" my question to you is....

Do you recall any fond memories while working on both productions?

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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Hey guys

1. Is there anything else you want to get into, such as directing?

2. What do you think of about the current trend of horror, supernatural, or survival horror?

3. I am a big fan of your work. Do you have your own style of acting?

4. Where do you get your influences from when you take on a role? :P

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I enjoy allot of Xander's work. It's great to see that he's willing to take the time to talk with the fans here at CHE! 1. You had previously worked with Lennie James on Jericho. How did you feel about getting the chance to work with him again on TWD? 2. Not a TWD question. But how was it acting with your wife in 24? Was it a weird experience or just another day at work? 3. Which format do you prefer to work in, Film or Television and Why? 4. Of all the talented directors you've worked with in your career. Which one did you enjoy working with the most?
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Mr Berkeley you have now had to come up against witches in Salem and zombies in TWD! Which of these supernatural creatures do you fear most of all? What was it like working on the set of Salem, I ask because the sets looked great and eerie. How did this set differ from working on TWD?


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George Trevor
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I would like to ask about the possible parallel with video game voice actors being shown concept art for their character, and yourself taking on a role of an already established actor in a comic; how much of a reference, if any, was Tony Moore's drawings of Gregory, and Robert Kirkman's construction of the character on the comic page?

Also, your final scenes in TWD were considerably shocking, with the emotion in your voice for those last lines, delivered with palpable terror; it was a stunning performance. Why do you think Gregory could not find it in himself, when he's articulating a better way to be, to actually mean those words, he delivered for the eulogy, he gave at the boy's funeral, that seemed to convince Jesus, that he was becoming that man? 

Final question - there is a moment when Gregory approaches Maggie, already his plan to kill her decided upon, knowing he's leading her to a brutal death, he looks at her baby, and smiles... he knows he is instigating the orphaning of this child, he could have kept himself focused, avoiding any direct visual acknowledgement of a baby whose mother he is about to have assassinated; was thar specific moment discussed by the director?


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Gregory treats many Hilltopers with thinly veiled contempt, he doesnt bother to remember the names of Rick, Maggie, and others. How did a man with such poor social skills become leader of Hilltop?


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Negan's Bat
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Comapred to the movies you have starred in, with big name movie stars, what was it like for your scenes with Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Intimidating much? How do the sets of those movies compare to TWD set?


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First of all thank you for doing an excellent job bringing the slimy, hateable Gregory to life on screen.

I'd like to ask about your final episode. How did you react when you read the script for S9E01 and Gregory's death? What were your final days on set like?


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Can you share any funny stories when you where in 24?

What was your most difficult scene to shoot?


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George Trevor
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Greatly appreciate all the residents who posted their questions, your support helped our interview make headlines with the big entertainmnet press! Xander was on top form, and his candid, comprehensive answers regarding his character, Gregory's arc & ultimate death, made headlines with the grubby tabloids. Xander's response was in-character with the man, quiet and dignified, and he made a point publicly to praise our community site here at CHE, without any regret, despite the parasite tabliods who squelled out their headline!

Crimson Head Elder Podcast #17 with Xander Berkeley download

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George Trevor
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Our interview with Xander caused headline news, with reports quoting Xander revealing to us his reaction to Gregory's under-development and cheap disposal.


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