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George Trevor
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Following our exclusive English translation of Capcom's Japanese sound drama, 'Biohazard The Machova Village Tragedy', Crimson Head Elder proudly presents more canon, Resident Evil source material, to an English speaking audience, for the first time!

'Biohazard Rose Blank', Capcom's award winning novelisation, of a unique viral outbreak, with an original cast, has for the first time been translated into English! Exclusively for, and only available at, Crimson Head Elder, this comprehensive translation by site administrator BSAArklay & Joseph Natale, can only now be experienced by the English reading survival horror fans! 

Crimson Head Elder translation of BIOHAZARD Rose Blank

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Thanks for getting it out there GT and huge thanks to Joseph our German translator who helped me check through the whole translation. As well as USS Command and Oracle Dragon for proof reading and keeping me going when I had enough.


Anyway as for the novel itself, I know that these novels have had a reputation even before we had a chance to read them but I hope people go into them with a blank slate and give them a chance because I was really surprised just by how well it actually fits into the lore. I was expecting errors and inconsistencies to be rife but honestly as far as I could tell there really wasn't anything major. With such little information on the rivalry between the US Governent and Umbrella it was nice to finally read about this and get some additional information that the series has been missing for so long. Other than the Kaitai Guides and the PU interviews this whole angle went under the radar of the fans for many years but this novel released in 2002 had it right there in it's pages.

I am sure sure the canon discussions will begin almost immediatley some won't even give it a chance I assume because they have already made their minds up before reading it. But to those who are open to the canonicity of this novel I look forward to discussing the events with you.

May I just remind everyone that the canon criteria for this novel matches up with plenty of other installments in the series that people consider canon. It doesn't contradict, was published by Capcom, was read by Capcom and a second draft was made upon request. If you read the Afterword for the novel it states the name of the competition is the "Biohazard Novel Competition." No where in there does it mention anything about "Fan-fiction" don't know where that came from. Might I add that the same source that I have seen refer to these novels as "Fan-fiction" Also states that Rose Blank won the competition and came in first place, which is incorrect. Rose Blank came in second place and To the Liberty won the competition so don't really know where that information came from but that's two things they got wrong.


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Got to say this was a very enjoyable read from start to finish. Great job BSAArklay and Joseph Natale for the blood, sweat, and tears that went into getting this translated b/c it's certainly appreciated.  I really liked the atmosphere the story provided, to me I could really feel the tension of forebodiment and horror in it as I read. The characters were super fascinating as well.
Besides the amazing story, I gotta say the artwork was really gorgeous as well.

Emily kind of reminded me of Jill Valentine in her RE5 battlesuit some ^^^

The Selfridge character reminded of me Jack Baker from RE7 with the glasses and yellow shirt underneath his coat there but this picture reminded me of another photo from an RE game:


Thanks again CHE for another piece of great content to enjoy! 

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George Trevor
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@ ResiEvilChic96 I love that you pulled this famous picture our from the REmake album - it's one of my favourites! The artwork was a great surprise to me, both that there was colour prints & the standard; it reminds me that Biohazard Phantom Beast of the North Sea has that introduction of a few comic book pages, with the first few in colour too. 

This was an incredible mammoth task, I'm sure that I speak for every resident of the CHE manasion when I say to BSAArklay, you did yourself proud and this contributuon to the Resident Evil community is an invaluable one.

Perhaps after a spolier free few weeks, we could open up this thread to discuss some of the specifics of the narrative and of course THAT cannon debate...


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