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Weskers Report
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This video is worthy of its own thread.

I've broken it down below but I highly recommend watching the video from Slippin Slides my zombie friends.

Slippin Slides other links:

Mystery fireplace secret FULL VIDEO:

Another Episode:





direct referenced video below:" target="_blank">

hillarious how Capcom gave the character models teeth as you never really see them ingame.


oh ghee...the zombie faces are real fuckin freaky up close!

holy shit on this one! the Body Disposal file ingame actually has handwritten text on it! it has a lot more text in it then the pop up screen text file that you read from!

the fingerprint is such a nice touch on it too.




HA! ever wanted to see the death animation for when the ceiling collapses on you?

poor Chris.



the actual music notes to play the Moonlight Sonata are behind the map in the 2F Fireplace Room!

I wonder if in the Beta version of REmake you were to find the music sheets in this room ( as suggested in the video)!


The score hidden right fuckin here behind the fireplace wall biatch!

another death animation....ouch!

here you get a good look at the zombies outside the windows from the plant/chemical bag room corridor.


Rebecca's hands are in the sky when playing the piano! lmaof!!!

the Crimson head is not actually in the coffin until the cutscene.


oh shit..


in Lisa Trevor's Cabin the Courtyard Map ingame model actually says 'Altar', 'Mansion' and 'Residence' on it.


incredible shot of seeing Richard being devoured by Neptune that you don't get to see ingame.


amazing discovery!

when you bring the water shutters down ingame the actual watertank is still present behind the shutters as well as a Neptune swimming around!


oh my fuckin shit!


nice underview shot of Plant42 here.


one hell of a shot of this fuckin freak jumping through the window!

The 'Mail from the Chief of Security' file in the Taxidermy room has a shit load of more text on it then we get to read onscreen too!


now for some serious shit gents..


first off - a shot of Enrico pointing his gun.


NOW...did any of you ever think that Barry may have gone as far as shooting Enrico under Wesker's orders?


well guess what...manipulating the camera out from just the foot reveals that it was indeed none other than Albert himself that shot our beloved Bravo team Captain!


such cool shit I just live for shit like this.


manipulating the camera shows Lisa Trevor's model after she jumps off the cliff.


a hack underneath her mask reveals swirling little dots which would be the tentacles that come to attack you.


a hack underneath her mask reveals swirling little dots which would be the tentacles that come to attack you.


you really have to see it in the video to fully appreciate this.

one of the zombie scientists in the lab areas has a name tag that says Chris on it.


check out what Jill and Rebecca look like before they get off the elevator to help Chris fight Tyrant, freaky as hell!


they look scarier than zombies!

dude this is fuckin worse than Uroboros!

this was such a fresh and (literal) perspective of the greatest video game of all time (imo) and was such a treat.

(I posted this over at Biohaze as well)

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i'm really liking the pictures, you did a nice job! i must say though, that would have been an ingenious twist, if it was actually barry who shot enrico under wesker's orders. lol.


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His name is Chris Dickerson. Look's like they used one of the dev's for his face.


"I've had enough of your bullshit! Your just another one of Umbrella's leftovers"

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