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Saw these on Where's Barry's twitter today, a few images from the trailer fair warning for POSSIBLE SPOILERS, exit now if you wish to avoid:

Leon seeing the helicopter crash into the RPD

Claire and Leon here meeting up below the crashed chopper, the gate is locked apparently.

Leon and Claire talking through a chain link fence, presumably the same area of the crashed chopper.

And also saw this one on tumblr, was trying to get a gander at the photos being developed in the dark room

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George Trevor
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Nice reporting, some great shots, but my reservations here are that style over substance is going to be a factor in this remake; so yeah, as gritty as the shot of Leon and Claire desperately seperated by a chain link fence is, I worry this is replacement for their iconic meeting in the S.T.A.R.S. office. Really looking forward to seeing what develops in the dark room!


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Evil Resident
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I'm glad they are taking the opportunity to do things differently, even if it alters iconic scenes. Trying to replicate everything perfectly just gives the impression it's trying to do RE2 "better". rather than creating a new experience. Let RE2 stand as the independent work of art it is, while the reimagining stands as it's own fresh experience. REmake wasn't so much a new game as it was an updated RE1. RE2make feels like the natural progression from RE7, but with a RE2 skin.
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Looks really good.


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