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George Trevor
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Leon S. Kennedy actor from the original, genre defining Resident Evil 2, Paul Haddad, will our star guest on the Crimson Head Elder Podcast, reviewing & debating the remake, just announced, at E3 2018.

Residents of our mansion can now submit their questions, for the man who portrayed a true icon, in one of the most critically acclaimed video games of all time.

You do not have much time, as the CHE team will be recording this weekend, so get your question posted below quick!

Resident Evil 2 remake extended gameplay from E3 2018


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Awesome news and couldn't have come at a better time. On a side note Paul's rendition of Leon has to be my favourite, he is a more grounded and realistic character which the everyday man can relate too. So onto my questions:

1. Do you have any memories of your time recording the dialogue for this game more specifically do you recall meeting any of the producers (Mikami) or directors (Kamiya)? 

2. I heard that you have a good friendship with Alyson Court? Did you know each other before Resident Evil or was this a relationship established afterwards? Also do you know any of the other cast members and if yes, how did you meet?

3. Do you remember any specifics about how Capcom wanted you to portray Leon? For example did they use words like young, naive, brave or caring?

4. Finally is there any aspects of his character that you brought forth in your portayal that perhaps Capcom didn't ask for.


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Oh this is awesome news! Paul, you did really great voicing Leon in one Capcom's most iconic titles!
1. Have you followed Leon's arc after RE2 and seeing how he evolved throughout the series?
2. When did you know acting was something you really wanted to do?

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USS Command
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When did you become aware how popular your character was? Did you ever think the series would be this popular after so long?

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George Trevor
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Have you heard Paul Mercier's portrayal, or that of Matthew Mercer, and if so what are your thoughts on their delivery of the character you were the original (and by many considered the best), to play? Have you heard the clearly voice-matched delivery used for the remake?


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Sonny Bauer
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Leon and Ada's relationship has become a staple throughout the series. She is always running off and he is always calling after her. With that in mind.

1. Could you recall how many different ways you had to say the name, "ADA!"?

2. What are your thoughts on the upcoming REmake of one of the series's most beloved titles and have you seen the recent reveal trailers that were released at E3?

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1. Have you had a chance to meet any of your co-stars since you recorded, twenty years ago?

2. What was your biggest takeaway from those recording sessions?

3. Do you play video games? If so, what's your favorite games?

4. Do you feel comfortable listening to your own performances? If not, why?

5. How does it feel to have your performance in RE2 be remembered so fondly, by millions of fans worldwide, twenty years after you recorded your lines?

Thanks to everyone here at CHE and to GT. Also thanks to Paul for agreeing to take our questions.

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Weskers Report
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To what degree had you known about Resident Evil at the time you took the voice acting job for Leon in part 2? Had you played the original game prior?
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1. Why do you think Leon was late getting to Raccoon City? I know there is a canon reason but I wanna see what he says.  

2. What do you think of Leon going from Rookie Cop to James Bond?

3. How you ever been noticed for your voice?

4. When did you become aware that you are apart of arguably the greatest survival horror game of all time? 

5. Shotgun or Magnum?

6. If you could be a cop for a day. Would you do it?

7. What are you up to now? Anything we should be looking forward to?

8. Leon gets no respect and no one listens to him. What advice would you give him to correct this?

9. "Ada wait?" or "Ada wait!"


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This is exciting and certainly making everyone want to cheer knowing we get a chance to speak to him, I've been collecting questions from myself and others.

1: When you were hired to voice Leon, do you recall what it was like going into the recording room?

2: What was it like making all the sounds of being hit and being killed, did you laugh at how silly it was?

3: Ada, wait! - Did this line make you curious to what was happening to Leon?

4: Did you get a chance to play the game when it was released and what do you think of the new Leon?

5: What did you do after working on Resident Evil 2?

6: When reading the lines for Leon, did they give you any indication to what was happening in that particular event?

7: Did you and Alyson get to meet each other any time during the project or even after it?

8: What are you currently doing these days?

9: With the success of Resident Evil 2, were you hoping for Capcom to contact you again?

Questions from friends:

gabrielsangel: When you came onto the project, how aware of were you of the significance of this game in the RE timeline? Leon has become a fan favorite in the RE community and the events in RE2 came to define him.

Axel Honoo:

1: What was his favorite part or favorite lines?

2: What would he do if he were in Leon's position?

3: What was your favorite monster or zombie?

4: How do you think Leon feels about Umbrella corporation screwing up so badly?

5: What is your opinion about if Leon worked for the Umbrella corporation? How it might effect the story and Leon's character?


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Ian Connel
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What did you think of Leon's physical character design, specifically the Japanese pretty boy archetype crossed with an American hero cop trope? And what about his hair? I styled my hair after Leon when I was 14 and RE2 was released :)


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JC Wesker
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I'm very excited to hear this Interview; what with 2 being my favourite Resident Evil, I have definitely spent many hours listening to both Leon & Claire, especially at a time when I was determined to unlock Tofu, which as we all know, took many consecutive playthroughs to achieve.... Haha!!

N e way, I'd just like to say to Paul....Even though Resident Evil 2 fans were never lucky enough to have you reprise your role as Leon, I firmly believe that Leon S. Kennedy, as both a character, & a protagonist, wouldn't be the fan-favourite that he is today, & across his 20+ year legacy, if not for the strong foundation of personality that you brought to the role back in 1998; and a role which had my 15-year old self devastated like no other video-game had done b4, with the iconic Ada scene in which she literally 'slips through your fingers'.... a heart-breaking moment that would define so much of what Leon represents..

1] Prior to taking the role of Leon S. Kennedy, did Capcom ever approach you with respect to the role of Leon at a time in development when 2 was what is now commonly referred to as BH/RE1.5?

2] Were you given any Concept Artwork of Leon with which to draw inspiration from, during your performance of Leon in RE2, &, if not, how did you personally envision Leon in your own mind, with only the dialogue/script to work with?

3] What was your own personal understanding of the Leon/Ada relationship, (according to both the script, & the direction of your performance); What was your own personal opinion of what was hinted at 'between the lines'; & How would you have foreseen Leon's actions going forward, with the knowledge that Ada did in fact survive....

4] What would be your weapon of choice if facing off against a human-sized block of Tofu?

P.S. 3] is the more important question, and 4] is obviously the silly question. :P

Thanks for putting this together, guys.. Looking forward to it!!


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Can you speak on the direction you were given for the portryal of Leon and what details about his life were told to you?


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June 16, 2018 at 9:26 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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What lines stick out in your memory and have you played RE2 before or after you got to play Leon?


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Hi guys,

1. Are you working on anything related to Capcom currently?

2. Did the producer show you anything to help you visualize your role for RE2?

3. Do you have any funny moments that you remember during your time when you were recording RE2?

4. What do you think about RE2 remake?


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Officer Lovett
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Was it difficult being directed by someone you couldn't verbally communicate with? (

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George Trevor
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With the very sad passing of Paul it is even more so an honour to be custodians of this very special podcast we recorded together, including his wonderful role reprisal, reading the Resident Evil 2 file 'Operation Report 2'. It can be downloaded here, and watched below:

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