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AvP Ryu
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Well RE Unlimited, is a fan comic remake of the first RE1, but with elements and extras of betas and other games. The comic was posted on

I would like to know your opinion of comic quality, both style and art. From this Adaptation.

I'll leave the link:

I wonder if they like this comic, despite being a fan comic. Or if they take the Marvel / WildStorw adaptation of RE1?

I want to know your opinion.


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USS Command
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I just read chapter 1-1 and 1-2. So far its quite enjoyable. I'd love to read more of it but my back log of stuff to read has put that on hold for a while. My ONLY complaint is the art style reminds me of a old parody animation I watched years ago back in late grade or early high school. This isn't the art's fault, it just happens to remind me of a parody. The style over all don't bother me, as I'm used to the reading comics with vastly different art styles(like Starship Troopers to Deadspace different), its not the best but its pleasing to look at. Once I got past my complaint. I look forward to finishing it one day. Thanks for sharing!

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The art style does bring up memories of parody fan art and animation vids but not bad starting out storyline wise though some meh moments here and there.The expansion on Rebecca was fine though I would love to see more expanded on Barry too. I take its unfinished as I see no more beyond chapter 11?


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