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The following are all the tweets done by Resident Evil Characters from Darkside Chronicles. There was a few mistakes by the users and a few retweets that will be ignored. There’s also a few new pieces of information in these that you could considered canon. As with the ARG stuff the Dates can be ignored. These are still on twitter, but I wantd to put it all here for ease.

Leon S. Kennedy @Leon_Darkside

18 Jul 2009 Sharing my adventure with you.

7 Aug 2009 I'll never get used to traveling on these damn C-130s. A cot made of Ammo crates makes for a terrible nights sleep.

8 Aug 2009 Still anxious about the mission. Even after all I've seen. Maybe because I have an idea of what's in store for us.

9 Aug 2009 When I say "us" I'm talking about my new partner and I. That's all I can say at this point.

10 Aug 2009 We're getting ready to land at yet another undisclosed location.

11 Aug 2009 Things seem different, or maybe it's just me who's no longer the boy I once was.

12 Aug 2009 I wish the world looked like it did to me in 1998, before Raccoon City. Before I knew who I'd had to become to survive.

13 Aug 2009 I remember my first day...

13 Aug 2009 Got a job!!! In Raccoon City!?!? Wherever that is.

14 Aug 2009 - Map of Raccoon City.

15 Aug 2009 Damn. Overslept, rushing to work. Typical.

15 Aug 2009 This place is scary. There is something completely wrong here.

16 Aug 2009 The whole town has gone mad. They are killing each other, savagely attacking and killing. I've never seen anything like it.

16 Aug 2009 I shot one, a civilian, but there was something wrong with him. It was like he was possessed.

17 Aug 2009 They keep walking towards me. Clawing me in the face, trying to bite me.

17 Aug 2009 I had no choice but to open fire. 12 shots and they didn't stop til I shot them in the face.

18 Aug 2009 There are no other cops around. I'm going to try to make it to the police station. There's got to be someone there to ask.

18 Aug 2009 I met someone. Someone normal, who isn't trying to kill me.

18 Aug 2009 Claire Redfield is her name, and she's now the one and only person I trust in this town. And I've known her for five minutes.

18 Aug 2009 @Claire_Darkside: Who are you calling boy?

19 Aug 2009 Oh God, these deranged people are all over; we're running out of ammunition.

19 Aug 2009 What's wrong with them? I need answers!

19 Aug 2009 We escaped to a gun store. Unfortunately the owner handed out most of the guns to citizens. Doesn't look like it did them much good.

19 Aug 2009 Gun store owner seems just as confused as us. No answers.

20 Aug 2009 Shot an infected guy in the face. Twice. This one was different, he was young and innocent looking. He reminded me of me.

20 Aug 2009 We're going to make a run for the police station.

20 Aug 2009 Made it to the police station. I've lost count of how many I've killed.

20 Aug 2009 I found this etched into a locker door: XJFUVS it has an apple inscription? Anyone know what this is? FTFTANYPYANH

21 Aug 2009 I can't call them people. They seem to have lost all humanity.

21 Aug 2009 - Saw this posted on a wall at the police station.

22 Aug 2009 I just met my first colleague, Marvin. Stand up guy. He even had a welcome party planned. If I had made it I'd be dead.

22 Aug 2009 Marvin told me we're dealing with some kind of infection or virus. Broke out last night and the city just went insane.

23 Aug 2009 - Check out this photo. Poor sucker...

23 Aug 2009 Marvin's gone. It seems like every person I meet ends up dead.

23 Aug 2009 [email protected]_Darkside: I'm still here.

23 Aug 2009 Again, graffiti on the wall with some sort of apple code: HP64RLYFKPM6

23 Aug 2009 RT: @Claire_Darkside - I found this symbol on some papers.

23 Aug 2009 RT:@Claire_Darkside Found some more info on that logo

: :Thanks Claire, this helps.

24 Aug 2009 I met my boss, the chief of police. I wish I hadn't.

24 Aug 2009 The pieces are coming together. It's too disturbing. I'll write more later.

24 Aug 2009 Umbrella corp. seems to be behind it all but I still have no idea how everyone got infected.

24 Aug 2009 I've two options: try to get the hell out of here, or fight my way to the source and put an end to this.

24 Aug 2009 We found a little girl who miraculously has survived this mayhem. And a woman named Ada.

24 Aug 2009 If we don't stop this spread, soon there will be nowhere to run to.

25 Aug 2009 Saw new horrendous creatures that didn't resemble anything human. Lucky to walk away from the encounter.

25 Aug 2009 RT: @Claire_Darkside: Leon got shot. And it was to save Ada of all people.

28 Aug 2009 Sorry I haven't Twittered for a bit, I've been gone for a bit. I got shot... badly.

28 Aug 2009 Lost in the stinky and horrid sewers of this town.

28 Aug 2009 Found the little girl's mom. She knows why all this is happening.

28 Aug 2009 The whole thing is some elaborate conspiracy involving members of her family. Even her daughter has a place in all this.

29 Aug 2009 We managed to escape from the underground sewer, only to be faced with a new problem. The little girl is sick...

30 Aug 2009 We have to reach the laboratories at Umbrella corp. and find the antidote.

30 Aug 2009 The five of us is all there is left: Claire, the girl and her mom, and the mysterious Ada.

31 Aug 2009 The resistance is getting stronger. Must be close to the source.

31 Aug 2009 They seem to be controlled by someone or something. Not just attacking randomly.

1 Sep 2009 There isn't enough herb in the world to heal my soul after what I've seen.

2 Sep 2009 I can't let the little girl die in my arms and I can't let her turn into one of them.

3 Sep 2009 Never before have I looked forward to daylight quite like I did last night.

3 Sep 2009 Wherever the fight takes me I will go.

4 Sep 2009 ...

4 Sep 2009 This time, the fight has brought me south to yet another out-of-the-way place.

4 Sep 2009 It seems like these threats always surface in places forgotten and overlooked.

4 Sep 2009 Why must something horrid like this happen before we pay attention to these people?

5 Sep 2009 But now I'm here, ready to face the same fears as I faced that first night in Raccoon City almost five years ago.

5 Sep 2009 I'm not alone, I have the best partner I could have wished for. And I know what to expect.

5 Sep 2009 I should never have let Claire go to find Chris on her own after Raccoon City. But I did.

6 Sep 2009 She ended up imprisoned on some island in the South Seas. Alone. Until she met Steve Burnside.

[Leon then proceeds to retweet every fucking thing Steve tweets like he is telling the story.]

27 Oct 2009 …That was then. This is now.

27 Oct 2009 It was just a matter of time before the threat returned.

27 Oct 2009 But this time we know what to expect.

27 Oct 2009 Because this time I’m bringing a new partner.

28 Oct 2009 An experienced Special Forces operative named Jack Krauser

28 Oct 2009 He’s a good guy. A bit rough on the outside. But trustworthy.

28 Oct 2009 I’m sure this is the beginning of a great partnership.

30 Oct 2009 There is no one I’d rather have by my side than this guy.

30 Oct 2009 Replying to @Claire_Darkside @Claire_Darkside Sorry Claire, but this guy’s the real deal. Trust me, you’d say the same thing if you were here.

2 Nov 2009 It’s so damn hot there. Why can’t we have a mission somewhere tempered?

2 Nov 2009 South America. On the hunt for an ex-drug lord named Javier Hidalgo.

2 Nov 2009 He’s contacted a researcher at Umbrella. And the researcher has disappeared.

2 Nov 2009 We don’t know what he’s up to, but we’re here to find out. We can’t risk another Raccoon City.

3 Nov 2009 Young girls have disappeared from the area. Not sure what the connection is but it seems like it’s related.

3 Nov 2009 Entering the village to meet up with our guide.

4 Nov 2009 We have to locate our guide. He’ll get us to Hidalgo’s compound.

4 Nov 2009 Already it seems apparent that something is terribly wrong here. It’s quiet. Like a graveyard.

4 Nov 2009 RT: @jack_darkside It seems deserted. Not even a stray dog around.

5 Nov 2009 No one in sight.

5 Nov 2009 We saw a guy stumbling around town. He looked sick.

5 Nov 2009 Going to try and talk to him, he must know something about what’s going on here and where to find our guide.

9 Nov 2009 The guy is infected. I don’t know which virus. T? Something else? Anyway, he’s no longer a threat.

9 Nov 2009 We had to neutralize him.

9 Nov 2009 One minute you assume a person to be human, the next you are ridding the world of infection by shooting him.

9 Nov 2009 - Making our way deeper into the village, we see posters of missing girls all over the walls and fences.

9 Nov 2009 I hear some sounds coming from one of the houses.

10 Nov 2009 They are eating his face… Here we go again.

10 Nov 2009 They went down in a hail of bullets. But more are coming...

10 Nov 2009 They are coming from everywhere; we’ve got to get to safety.

10 Nov 2009 - Krauser (jack_darkside) is taking it in stride. Seems remarkably unaffected by the horror.

11 Nov 2009 The zombies, the relentless attacks, the killing. No reaction.

12 Nov 2009 - We found our guide, near death. But his last words were about a girl who had escaped Javier’s mansion.

16 Nov 2009 He tried to help the girl. But… seems like he failed.

16 Nov 2009 At least he’s at peace now. Now... how should we proceed from here?

16 Nov 2009 We have to get to a safer position. I just hope these old walkways hold up, I don’t want to fall into that water.

16 Nov 2009 We’re barricaded. But poorly. We gotta keep going

16 Nov 2009 - We made it to a church, should be safer in here.

17 Nov 2009 Singing…? Here? A Beautiful voice, calming, innocent.

17 Nov 2009 The girl… don’t know her name, but man…

17 Nov 2009 - I’m looking at the most beautiful young girl, singing with an almost angelic voice, for some disgusting monster

18 Nov 2009 Bizarre, to say the least, to watch this delicate girl calming a monster with her voice. If I had that ability, my life would be easier.

18 Nov 2009 The girl has collapsed and the monster has turned its attention to us. Damn it’s big, and pretty much unaffected by our bullets... Great!

18 Nov 2009 Looks like we really pissed it off.

18 Nov 2009 In its rage it knocked over part of the church. I think it might have been injured by the collapse.

18 Nov 2009 Maybe not, but it’s retreating nonetheless. And we’re still alive.

18 Nov 2009 I have to log off. It’s too dangerous here and I have to stay sharp.

18 Nov 2009 The story continues… Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles available now.

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USS Command
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Claire Darkside @Claire_Darkside

18 Jul 2009 Sharing my adventure with you.

12 Aug 2009 Haven't heard from Chris for days. I hope he's alright.

13 Aug 2009 Ever since Chris joined S.T.A.R.S. he's been so hard to get a hold of. Chris's a changed man, and not always for the better.

15 Aug 2009 I heard from the higher-ups that Chris has disappeared in the Arklay Mountains. Nearest town is Raccoon City.

15 Aug 2009 They are not being very forthcoming. I'll dig deeper.

16 Aug 2009 Damn that helmet law. There are lots of frightening things that can kill you, but falling off my bike is not what scares me.

17 Aug 2009 This town is deserted. Eerily empty and it smells like rotting flesh.

17 Aug 2009 Coming here has not eased my worries about Chris.

18 Aug 2009 I was just attacked. Damn, an insane looking man with bloodshot eyes jumped me, and this cop, a boy really, came to the rescue.

18 Aug 2009 RT:@Leon_Darkside: Who are you calling a boy?

19 Aug 2009 Ok, @Leon_Darkside, I must admit you've handled it like a pro. So far...

19 Aug 2009 Damn, why can't we just be a normal family?

19 Aug 2009 We're reduced to scavenging for ammo, we don't have enough to fend off these bastards.

19 Aug 2009 The rookie cop has a name: Leon. And apparently a place to go: the police station.

20 Aug 2009 There is no one to help us here at the RPD station. They can't even help themselves.

20 Aug 2009 This town was betrayed by the very people who were put in place to protect it.

20 Aug 2009 It disgusts me to see the cynical ploys people will engage in for money and power.

21 Aug 2009 - Inside the RPD station.

22 Aug 2009 This code along with an apple logo were displayed on one of the computer screens at the police station: XN7KEYXR9XW4

22 Aug 2009 [email protected]_Darkside: Marvin told me we're dealing with some kind of infection or virus. Broke out last night and the city just went insane.

23 Aug 2009 The police chief kept talking about "G". That we're there to steal it? I have no idea what "G" is. But I plan to find out.

23 Aug 2009 @Leon_Darkside: I'm still here.

23 Aug 2009 - I found this symbol on some papers?

23 Aug 2009 Found some more info on that logo :

24 Aug 2009 Apparently, a biotech company named Umbrella is headquartered in Raccoon City.

24 Aug 2009 It's one close call after another. Gotta get out of here and find Chris.

24 Aug 2009 Found another code and apple carved into a desk: FRL93E3AETXF. I need help figuring out what the hell this is.

24 Aug 2009 - Anyone know what the hell is this?

24 Aug 2009 [email protected]_Darkside: Umbrella corp. seems to be behind it all but I still have no idea how everyone got infected.

24 Aug 2009 We've encountered a girl, Sherry, and a woman named Ada. I don't trust the woman. Leon seems to like her though.

24 Aug 2009 Leon fell into the sewers. Now I have two men to rescue.

25 Aug 2009 - The filthy sewers of Raccoon City.

25 Aug 2009 If I can't protect Leon and can't find Chris... I will at least make sure this amazing little girl is safe.

25 Aug 2009 I don't trust this Ada. She says the right things, and I want to trust her. But there's something about her.

25 Aug 2009 Leon got shot. And it was to save Ada of all people.

25 Aug 2009 If Leon didn't trust Ada so much I'd keep her in my sights. Literally.

26 Aug 2009 It's an infection. The walking dead around us have been infected with some horrid virus.

26 Aug 2009 It's apparently not only humans that are infected. Animals, bugs, it seems to spread to anything and anyone.

26 Aug 2009 We fought this thing, scary, strong, no human resemblance. I don't know what the hell it was. But it's dead.

26 Aug 2009 I didn't choose this fight, but I guess someone has to.

27 Aug 2009 All I wanted was a steady guy, fast motorcycles and my family (or all that's left of it: Chris).

27 Aug 2009 - Nothing like the pets I had growing up.

27 Aug 2009 We've found the girl's mom & dad & my determination to protect this innocent girl has only grown. They're anything but a wholesome family.

28 Aug 2009 As far as I'm concerned, I'm all Sherry's got.

29 Aug 2009 I have a bad feeling we haven't even seen the beginning of what is in store for us.

29 Aug 2009 We are going to try going through the sewers. Maybe they will lead somewhere besides retched labyrinth.

29 Aug 2009 RT:@Leon_Darkside: The whole thing is some elaborate conspiracy involving members of her family. Even her daughter has a place in all this.

29 Aug 2009 - We Survived... Barely. From my cell, 5 minutes ago.

29 Aug 2009 These sewers seem to go on forever, and at every turn new messed up dangers.

30 Aug 2009 Sherry is sick. Gotta get to the Umbrella lab and get the vaccine.

30 Aug 2009 I failed to protect her from the virus. But I won't fail in getting the damn cure for her.

1 Sep 2009 It doesn't appear as if this, all this around us, is an accident.

1 Sep 2009 RT:@Leon_Darkside: There isn't enough herb in the world to heal my soul after what I've seen here.

3 Sep 2009 Gotta part ways. The government will protect Sherry and Leon, and I'll head to Europe and find Chris. The journey continues.

4 Sep 2009 ..."

4 Sep 2009 After I failed to locate Chris in Raccoon City I went to Europe to pursue both Chris and the rest of what was left of Umbrella.

4 Sep 2009 Europe was a failure. No Chris, and Umbrella is still out there.

4 Sep 2009 The continual search for my brother just got me into deeper trouble that I ever imagined.

5 Sep 2009 Locked up in a secret detention facility in on an isolated island in the Southern Seas.

5 Sep 2009 It could have easily been the end, but it was just the beginning.

6 Sep 2009 ...Loud thuds and the floor shook. Massive explosion.

6 Sep 2009 I can't see a thing through the dust and smoke.

6 Sep 2009 It was bombs. Sounded like an air raid.

6 Sep 2009 The Government? Independent contractors? I don't know, but I'm happy to walk out of my cell by my own. Uninfected.

6 Sep 2009 Explosions again. Loud ones. The ringing in my ears is deafening.

8 Sep 2009 Europe was a failure. No Chris, and Umbrella is still out there.

10 Sep 2009 Some rescue mission I've gotten myself into.

11 Sep 2009 Now, I hope Chris can save ME. This place is not a place I'd want to die in.

12 Sep 2009 Cold and windswept. Eerily so. I gotta get off this island.

13 Sep 2009 Found a dead guard with a gun and some ammo.

14 Sep 2009 I encountered another prisoner. Someone with a pulse. He too used the explosions to get the hell out of his cell.

15 Sep 2009 Steve Burnside is his name. A young punk, a bit full of himself. But he's still charming somehow.

16 Sep 2009 - Steve Burnside

17 Sep 2009 Steve says the island is run by the Ashfords. Some brilliant, and brilliantly insane family.

18 Sep 2009 The patriarch of the family, Alexander Ashford, worked for Umbrella. As a researcher. Not a good sign.

19 Sep 2009 Apparently the only prodigy of the family Alexia was the brains behind the bioresearch.

20 Sep 2009 Alexia ended up dying. What a loss... ? Maybe for the family, but humanity is better off.

21 Sep 2009 I told Steve about Chris, and the bio threat I'd seen in Europe and in Raccoon City. He didn't seem surprised.

22 Sep 2009 There is an outbreak on the island. It seems like I'm condemned to relive this horrid experience all over again.

23 Sep 2009 Everyone is infected. Or everything I should say. Birds, beasts, humans.

24 Sep 2009 They're coming at us from everywhere. We can't hold out with this little ammo.

25 Sep 2009 We have seen the son of Alexander, Alfred. A skinny, deranged looking blond fellow.

27 Sep 2009 Even more deranged than he looks. Completely off his rocker.

27 Sep 2009 - I found this picture. Who is this person? Is it him?

28 Sep 2009 Seems smitten with his own blood sister. Family is obviously very important. But that relationship is... gross! He insists she's alive.

29 Sep 2009 - One big happy deranged family. This is one time when home-wrecker sounds like a compliment.

29 Sep 2009 Alfred is playing games with us. Our survival and freedom is the reward.

30 Sep 2009 I don't believe we have a whole lot of choices here.

30 Sep 2009 But I like to make my own rules and not follow the ones laid down by some deranged sister loving lunatic.

1 Oct 2009 We're going to make our own way off this terrible place.

2 Oct 2009 Steve knew more about the biology behind these outbreaks than me. His father was involved somehow.

4 Oct 2009 His dad tried to blow the whistle on Umbrella corporation activities and got killed along with his wife, Steve's mom.

4 Oct 2009 He has a grudge even deeper than mine. But it seems like his grudge is with his father.

5 Oct 2009 Waves of zombies are attacking. I wonder if this is part of Alfred's game.

6 Oct 2009 - Hitting a bat with a 9mm is a bit of a challenge. We have to get indoors. Somehow.

7 Oct 2009 Alexia, the genius child, we saw her.

8 Oct 2009 We're going to confront her if we can get to her.

9 Oct 2009 It's not her. It's the creep, Alfred, dressed up as his deceased sister. He should see someone. Seriously.

11 Oct 2009 He is lurking around every corner playing his little game with us.

12 Oct 2009 I must say, Steve isn’t that bad. If he’d just learn a little humility.

13 Oct 2009 An announcement is echoing across the island on loudspeakers: “Code Veronica in effect”

13 Oct 2009 - If he'd just get over himself, he'd actually be a very sweet guy.

13 Oct 2009 What is Code Veronica?

14 Oct 2009 A water plane just landed close to the island. A ticket out of here?

15 Oct 2009 The zombies here are not just attacking randomly. They're controlled.

16 Oct 2009 It's just too suspicious. A plane landing this conveniently for us? It could be part of the game Alfred so excitedly plays with us.

18 Oct 2009 Got to the plane.

19 Oct 2009 The plane takes off by itself. Damn, a trap. Remind me to listen to my gut feeling and not a 17 year old brat.

19 Oct 2009 - Who's piloting the plane? We seem to have lost control of all instruments and steering.

19 Oct 2009 The blond creep, Alfred Ashford, is right behind in a jet. He could easily take us out. But that wouldn't be as "fun".

20 Oct 2009 Instruments tell us we're close to the South Pole.

21 Oct 2009 Going down!!! We're going down!!!

22 Oct 2009 Shaken, but intact. We're alive but have to get out of the cold.

23 Oct 2009 Anyone know how to start a snowmobile?

25 Oct 2009 There is a facility nearby. Umbrella most likely, but it's our only chance...

30 Oct 2009 Replying to @Leon_Darkside @Leon_Darkside: Hey, watch it there buddy.

18 Nov 2009 The story continues… Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles available now.


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USS Command
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Steve Darkside @Steve_Darkside

6 Sep 2009 Trapped, in a cell. All because of my father's failings.

6 Sep 2009 I'm only 17. I can't die here in this hole.

6 Sep 2009 Explosions! I got knocked to the ground.

8 Sep 2009 If it weren't for my father's meddling, my mother would still be alive. He'd still be alive and I wouldn't be in this prison.

9 Sep 2009 The walls have collapsed. Close call but I'm free. At least from my cell. Still have to get off the island.

9 Sep 2009 I gotta be careful. I've seen what the virus can do.

9 Sep 2009 Are the bombs from some sort of military operation?

9 Sep 2009 Another explosion.. that one was further away.

10 Sep 2009 Why couldn't my dad have been a librarian instead of an Umbrella researcher?

11 Sep 2009 I don't want to have anything to do with this.

12 Sep 2009 I just want to live a normal life of a teenager. Get into trouble and such. Not this kind of trouble.

13 Sep 2009 A weapon would come in handy right about now.

14 Sep 2009 Turns out there is another escaped prisoner. Claire. And she's HOT!

15 Sep 2009 A bit of a cold fish, but she'll warm up to my charm. Give her time.

16 Sep 2009 - I told you she's hot.

17 Sep 2009 She was very impressed by my intimate knowledge of the Ashford's and the Island operations.

18 Sep 2009 If it wasn't for the Ashford's the virus could have been eradicated by now.

19 Sep 2009 I can't believe my dad bowed to their whims. Arrogant bastards, think they are better than us. Than ME?

20 Sep 2009 At least his daughter Alexia died. Put an end to the Veronica Virus research.

21 Sep 2009The girl, Claire, has a brother she's looking for. Sounds like a tough guy. I gotta show her I'm tough too.

22 Sep 2009 We're being attacked. By guards, workers and technicians... all infected.

23 Sep 2009 I got to stay strong to impress Claire. But these, things, disgusting zombies are coming at us.

24 Sep 2009 We gotta get to the mansion. Inside we'll be safe. Or safer.

25 Sep 2009 Alfred Ashford is here. I'd like to get my hands on him. Just for a sec. Then he'd finally get to hang with his sister again.

27 Sep 2009 He seems to be the one controlling the zombies.

27 Sep 2009 RT: @claire_darkside: - I found this picture. Who is this person? Is it him?

28 Sep 2009 Blabbering about his sister. I've got news for you: your sister was a lunatic!

29 Sep 2009 Alfred wants to play a game! Play along, and we get a chance to get outta here.

30 Sep 2009 We're not playing his game. We're taking him down.

1 Oct 2009 God I hate this island, the Ashford's and my dad for getting me into this.

2 Oct 2009 These zombies and monster like beings. They are bigger than what I've seen before.

4 Oct 2009 If I get out of here, I'll ask her for a date. One that doesn't involve shooting our way through zombies.

4 Oct 2009 She's lucky to have me here. Without me she'd have died. I'm sure of it.

5 Oct 2009 - Aggressive bats are descending on us in waves.

6 Oct 2009 Hitting a bat with a 9mm is a bit of a challenge. We have to get indoors. Somehow.

7 Oct 2009 Eerie singing echoes around the island. Some kind of lullaby.

8 Oct 2009 It's Alexia.

9 Oct 2009 Alfred as a cross dresser. Should have known it was one of his little games.

9 Oct 2009 - Alexia? Nope, she's dead.

11 Oct 2009 I’m sure Claire would be terrified without me here.

11 Oct 2009 - Someone forgot to take his medication...

12 Oct 2009 Claire is pretty cool though. I gotta stay cooler.

13 Oct 2009 RT: @Claire_Darkside An announcement is echoing across the island on loudspeakers: “Code Veronica in effect”

13 Oct 2009 What is Code Veronica? It's a new more potent virus.

14 Oct 2009 There is a plane. We're saved!!!

15 Oct 2009 Got to fight our way there. What is Claire waiting for? Get a move on woman.

16 Oct 2009 Why is she hesitating?

18 Oct 2009 Ok, we're in the plane. Let me see how these controls work.

19 Oct 2009 Autopilot. Or remote control. Something is taking this plane somewhere and it ain't me.

19 Oct 2009 Alfred is following us.

20 Oct 2009 I don't think this is going to end well. The autopilot is taking us down...

21 Oct 2009 We are close to some sort of base.

22 Oct 2009 We are heading towards the lights and hopefully it'll be a bit warmer where we're going.

23 Oct 2009 I have to get out of here and tell Claire what I think of her...

18 Nov 2009 The story continues… Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles available now.

Jack Krauser @Jack_Darkside

27 Oct 2009 - Yet another jungle. Yet another operation.

27 Oct 2009 Something about B.O.W.’s (Bio-Organic Weapons). Supposed to be worse than anything I’ve faced before. Hmph, I seriously doubt that.

27 Oct 2009 Doesn’t look like much, but he’s some sorta expert. Hmm…

28 Oct 2009 - Leon is his name. Leon S. Kennedy.

28 Oct 2009 He seems a bit cocky.

28 Oct 2009 As long as he keeps his head down and doesn’t do anything stupid, we’ll get along just fine.

30 Oct 2009 I’d pick any of my old comrades over this guy.

2 Nov 2009 They sent us here, chasing some guy named Javier Hidalgo. A bad man with even worse connections.

2 Nov 2009 He contacted someone in the Umbrella Corp. who subsequently disappeared. I don’t know if we’re looking for him too or what?

2 Nov 2009 So here we are… in South America.

2 Nov 2009 Not too well armed. But we should be all right.

3 Nov 2009 We just entered the village where we’re hooking up with our guide. Smells funny and it’s quiet like a battlefield the day after the carnage.

4 Nov 2009 It seems deserted. Not even a stray dog around.

5 Nov 2009 We’ll move forward. Finger on the trigger.

5 Nov 2009 Someone is moving about.

9 Nov 2009 I’m gonna approach him and ask what the hell is going on here.

9 Nov 2009 - Damn!!! He tried to bite and claw me. Took four bullets in the chest and was still standing. Leon blew his head off.

9 Nov 2009 I gotta admit, that was a pretty good shot.

9 Nov 2009 Dude’s done clawing now.

9 Nov 2009 I wonder if this is the B.O.W. everyone’s so scared of. Nothing I can’t handle.

9 Nov 2009 Still, I’m gonna continue with a bit of caution.

9 Nov 2009 Leon seems a little jumpy.

10 Nov 2009 More “people” attacking us. More “people” getting shot.

10 Nov 2009 - What the…? Where’re these damn creatures coming from? Nasty bloodshot eyes, exposed bleeding gums. Haven’t[it cuts off]

11 Nov 2009 There are a lot coming at us. I hope they let up or we’re gonna run out of ammo.

11 Nov 2009 If we run out, so be it. My knives have dealt with graver dangers before.

12 Nov 2009 Our guide… we found him. He’s seen better days. Now what? He said something about a girl before he died.

12 Nov 2009 We need to get to a safer location. We can’t just stand here and take wave after wave of these assaults.

16 Nov 2009 Guide is dead. One less person whose safety I need to worry about.

16 Nov 2009 Didn’t get much info out of him. Now what?

16 Nov 2009 We have to find a place to barricade and ride out the worst of the storm.

16 Nov 2009 The town is on a riverbank and partially built on water. There’s something in that water.

16 Nov 2009 We’re not retreating. Simply advancing in a different direction.

16 Nov 2009 Gotta get out of this house. I can see hordes coming closer through the cracks in the wall.

16 Nov 2009 We’re running from danger. And I hate running from danger. Danger runs from me!

17 Nov 2009 Some shoddy old church seems to be the most solid structure around.

17 Nov 2009 I hear friggin’ singing. Who the hell would be singing at a time like this?

17 Nov 2009 Some little scared girl. A fragile looking flower.

18 Nov 2009 Look at Leon… My guess is his heart is going to get the better of him and we’ll have to drag the girl around.

18 Nov 2009 She’s singing to a creature… the creature is just listening.

18 Nov 2009 Maybe I can sneak up on it and plant my knife in its skull?

18 Nov 2009 So much for that plan, she stopped singing and the creature is approaching us. It’s not looking real happy.

18 Nov 2009 Die, beast, die!!!!

18 Nov 2009 We can stand our ground but it’s a bit sketchy to be out in the open like this.

18 Nov 2009 Hell, it knocked over the church tower by itself. But now it seems to be retreating...

18 Nov 2009 I guess I’m gonna have to finish it off later

18 Nov 2009 Enough of these updates. I’ve got a job to do.

18 Nov 2009 The story continues… Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles available now.


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"12 Oct 2009 Claire is pretty cool though. I gotta stay cooler."
You got your work cut out for you,Steve,if you can make that happen.

"25 Sep 2009 We have seen the son of Alexander, Alfred. A skinny, deranged looking blond fellow."
That is an understatement,Claire.

"15 Aug 2009 Damn. Overslept, rushing to work. Typical."
Weren't you hung over that morning,Leon? 

These were pretty neat, thanks for posting!

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George Trevor
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WOW - I remember these accounts at the time, and followed them for some nice little updates. Again, thank you for some sterling work, and dedication to bring this information back into the spotlight, particularily when many fans would have missed these viral campaigns.

We've seen with your Inserted Evil article, these ARG's / viral campaigns can be extremely detailed, sensitive to the canon narrative & timeline, even providing valuable material that could arguably be considered canon; so we're all very grateful for your research USS Command.


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