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USS Command
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There's no shortage of music in this series. But what do some of the tracks make you think about? So to give a few personal examples, my late Grandma always thought the Main Hall theme in RE2 sounded like a phone ringing echoing off from within the dead quiet police station.

For me, I always thought the RPD First Floor theme sounded like a door breaking down or a shotgun blast around the 1 minute mark. So anyone have similar things to talk about?


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The notes at 01 : 13 from the main hall bgm always reminded me the style of Mark Snow in X Files.


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That 1:00 mark on the police station one used to make me jump b/c when I played Nemesis I thought Nemmy was busting in. Like you're going around the station quietly, checking the surroundings and you get that loud banging for the first time and you're like "oh shit".

The bell sounds from the front hall one from your first link reminds me of this church bell that rings out at the top of every hour where I'm from.

Music just has that way of triggering any kind of memories or emotions we have.

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George Trevor
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Love this thread, the tracks that lay behind the pre-rendered landscapes of the Spencer Mansion, Management Training Facility, and RPD, inject so much atmosphere, tension, memories & history into the scenes.

This is the recipe that drew my consciousness deep into the mansion and into complete addiction for Resident Evil REmake, as I entered the sanctuary of the first (ground) floor Save/Safe Room for the first time and heard the hauntingly melancholy sound of a Safe Haven...


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The music from Resident Evil makes me think of... Resident Evil. It's so evocative and inextricably bound to the games, I honestly don't see how it could do anything else. The only similarly-styled music I can think of from another comuter game would be perhaps Dino Crisis 1, although its pieces are generally more incidental/narrative than thematic (Resident Evil music tends to be the latter).

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