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Hiya. I thought I'd just pop in to share some of my artwork here. I have a penchant for drawing cute versions of scary things and a love for William Birkin G2 that even I don't fully understand myself.

The first drawing is based on my imaginings of what it would be like if William G2 and Sammael from Hellboy were private detectives. It all sort of goes downhill from there... Enjoy :)


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that's some great artwork you got there buddy!

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Wow excellent artwork. Loving the Barry and Lisa ones.


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Cool artwork there! Army Jill would have to be my fave right now, call me biased! But the Lisa one comes in at a close second! Great stuff there!


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Those are some nice chibis! Makes me want to hug them all (expecially that Barry, Lisa and Jill - even though she's not chibi, but she's cute anyways). I like the coloring, too.

Do you have any deviatART or a Tumblr account? I would be happy to see some more art from you.


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These artworks are amazing and awesome!


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