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George Trevor
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The Director of BIOHAZARD 3, Kazuhiro Aoyama, will be the next star guest on the Crimson Head Elder Podcast, for an exclusive interview, live from Tokyo!

Aoyama-san was the Event Director for Resident Evil, System Planner for Resident Evil 2 where he created bonus game 'The 4th Survivor' and the series most iconic B.O.W. 'Licker', and the Director for Resident Evil 3: Nemesis.

This is a Crimson Head Elder exclusive, only residents of our mansion will have the privileged opportunity to submit their chosen questions, to this absolute legend of the Survival Horror genre. Direct from Tokyo, Japanese speaking translator CVFreak will personally meet Aoyama-san for a live audio interview with our podcast panel.

Now is your chance to be part of this spectacular community feature, by submitting your questions, posted below in this thread, to one of Capcom's true visionaries, and forerunner in the pantheon of video games' greatest developers.


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November 5, 2017 at 5:41 PM Flag Quote & Reply

USS Command
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I'm gonna get this so no one else can, was there a reason for The 4th Survivor starting with HUNK face down in the water? Is the UC Version considered a true remake of that story in your eyes?


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A lot of hype and a lot of questions will be coming around! If there are doubles or triple in questions being asked, I do apologize in advance.

-I remember reading somewhere that Brad was supposed to have a bigger part in the game but it had to be cut down because of the tech at the time not being up to what they had planned. The same with Mikhail. -- (It was herad that it was going to be something like Brad was going to be her partner and he'd eventually die and she'd have to finish the game alone with Nicholai and Nemesis stalking her)

-What decision influenced the branching paths option in RE3. The way you could come to 3 various endings and impact who showed up where and what their fates would be?

-So there are a lot of elements that were stolen/borrowed from the game to make the movies. I was curious about their thoughts on how these elements were placed to make the movie. Like the twisting or basic ignorance for story continuity on behalf of the Nemesis background story and his strangely out of character relationship with other characters. Thoughts on character development for the movie I mean, of their Nemesis character.

-Who Nemesis was, the story behind that B.O.W. If he volunteered for experimentation or if he was taken, like an inmate or some someone, it would be interesting to hear your theory on this.

-Where did the idea for the epilogues come from? It was interesting unlocking a new one every time one was to beat the game.


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1. After playing the famous prototype of Biohazard 2 known as ''Resident Evil 1.5'' i noticed that some stuff was present in Bio 3: Nemesis screaming ''STARS!'' like Birkin did with Sherry, the iron pipe used in the graveyard, the scene where Carlos kills Muphy. Can you tell us more about reused stuff from prototypes?

2. Why your team decided to discard the beta images from the prologue? I think it was quite interesting to see what happened to the S.T.A.R.S. just after the Mansion incident.

3. Can you tell us more about how Bio 1.9 (Biohazard 3) was at his initial phase? What kind of game you wanted to make?

4. We know that the events of Biohazard 2 happens on September 29th between the events of Biohazard 3. Exactly when starts Biohazard 2? After you left the RPD at night until Jill gets infected or while jill is unconscious after fighting Nemesis in the clock tower?

PS: Are you aware of the incoherent things between BIO 2 and 3? Like the window that Nemesis broke in the RPD.

Thank You for Biohazard 3, Aoyama-san!

November 5, 2017 at 7:07 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Sonny Bauer
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Very stoked to here more about the behind the scenes of one of my favorite RE games!

1. I would like to know, is there a possible explanation as to why Jill was wearing a tube top and mini skirt during the outbreak in regards to the story? Is it because she got caught up in a situation and did not have time to actually gear up later on?

2. Was Wesker present in Raccoon City, keeping an eye on Ada? Did he pull her out of the Birkin laboratory after she got injured by the T-00?

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Excellent job by Welsh, CXFreak and George Trevor in putting this together. This is going to be one of my favourite moments as a member of this community. Resident Evil 3 is one of my favourite video games of all time, I love everything about it especially exploring Raccoon City. I play this game at least twice a year and probably always will, it was a big part of my life growing up and just loading up the game takes me back to my childhood and how I used to play the game with my friends. It is a very special game to me and I cannot thank you enough for playing a huge role in its creation.

1. There has been a lot of discussion over the years regarding the STARS office and how so many unit members from both Alpha and Bravo would fit into such a small room. There most likely theory was that Alpha and Bravo had a split shift system where they are never working at the same time giving more room available. Is that what was envisioned or is there another explanation?

2. Is there any reason Capcom never decided upon a final map for Raccoon City? In total it seems that we have only seen about half of the entire city.

3. In the Drama albums created by Flagship certain events clash with the official timeline of Biohazard. For instance in Machova Village Jill Valentine encounters zombies pre the mansion incident, Ada kill’s Hunk and retires and Raccoon City is torched with flamethrowers. Have you heard these albums and do you recall if Capcom considered them canon or a spin off?


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November 5, 2017 at 9:39 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Can't wait for this! I have only two questions: Did you created the character HUNK? There's a theory that the name means Human Unit Non Killable, is that what it means or just a random set of letters?


November 6, 2017 at 8:19 AM Flag Quote & Reply

Alan Wenpei Mao
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This is awesome!

1. Did anything that got cut from RE2 was put into RE3?

2. Was Raccoon City 's map finalized? Is there a final version?

3. What kind of content was cut from RE3?

4. What is the actual timeline for RE3?

5. How does Outbreak factor into RE2 and RE3?

6. Did you have any involvement with the RE3 comics or RE comics in general?


November 6, 2017 at 12:59 PM Flag Quote & Reply

Weskers Report
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Apologies if someone already posted as I haven't had a chance to look at everybodys but basically I would like to know:

1) The history behind RE3's development. I know it's quite convoluted as at what stage the game was even labeled 1.9.

2) How did you come up with the concept of the Licker? It's definitely as iconic as the Hunter imo. Thanks!

November 6, 2017 at 5:02 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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is this happening??!!!! lol You guys knocked it out the park with this one. So heres my questions:-

i) Is it true when you first started work on biohazard 3 it was a gaiden type game, not a numbered main title game?

ii) what was your detailed involvement on biohazard 1996?

iii) You came up with the name "Licker" and do you remember naming any other B.O.W.s?

iv) Were you involved with a sequel to Resident Evil 2 set on a cruise liner and if so can you talk more about this?

v) Do you know anything about biohazard Dash?

vi) Were you involved with RE 1.5 when you were on the team to make a Resident Evil sequel?


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November 6, 2017 at 6:37 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Good job !

1/Does the starting point of Bio Hazard 3 is the appartment building where Jill lives ?

2/In the Bio Hazard 3 epilogues, all the characters have a sad/serious face but only HUNK is smiling, was it a deliberate choice ?

3/Nikolai Zinoviev is supposed to be the rival of HUNK, is it true ? And if yes, is there an unreleased backstory between them ?


November 6, 2017 at 10:47 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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 1- Was there any Contanuity errors from RE2 to RE3 that may have accidently occured when working on the game? Considering their timelines are right next to each other. Even the Police Station.

2. What inspired the Live Selection for certain scenarios in the game when certain cinematics happen?

3. Was Carlos ever set up to be involved in more games? We only ever see him in Biohazard 3 but Jill never seems to mention Carlos when talking about her escape from Raccoon City. That always kind of surprised me. 

November 7, 2017 at 2:54 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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What made you guys pick Jill for this game(Not a compaint, I loved her in this game!)? I had heard in earlier concepts of Code Veronica she was going to be in that but was scrapped.
Is there anything you'd like to see further explored or something different in a remake of RE3?

November 7, 2017 at 10:56 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Hello there Crimson Head Elders & fellow Website Residents!

Congratulations to the team here for having the opportunity to do this interview because it's really quite a special thing for fans. I almost couldn't believe it when I initially read it, but, I'm so happy this is happening. It's a dream to be able to talk to you Aoyama-san. Resident Evil 3: Nemesis is a personal favorite of mine, and always will be, as I believe it ended out the "Raccoon City" trilogy of the story beautifully. Plus it starred my all time favorite Female Resident Evil character, Jill Valentine from Resident Evil 1, which was such a genius way to bring back that feeling of nostalgia for fans of the original. Here are my questions for you sir and thank you so much for your time today as well as your hardwork over the years.

1. The one thing I have always wanted to know regarding the timeline between Resident Evil 1 & Resident Evil 3: Nemesis was the untold story regarding S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team's Rebecca Chambers. We all know that Rebecca survived the "Spencer Mansion Incident" with the rest of the Alpha Team, but, fans were never told what happened to her after she got back to Raccoon. Since that we were never told about her whereabouts I always thought a game with her in the city, but a different part away from Jill & Carlos, during the outbreak would have made an awesome side story in the series. Did Rebecca leave Raccoon City shortly after the events of Resident Evil 1? Or Was she somehow caught up in the outbreak in Raccoon City like Jill and had to escape on her own off camera to fans?

2. Also concerning Rebecca Chambers, granted this secret was found in Resident Evil 2, but would you be able to shed any light as to why a picture of her in gym clothes was found in Albert Wesker's desk? Was there a reason or was it just an easter egg/secret for fans?

3. Can you tell fans anything about Resident Evil 3's early development such as any early ideas or concepts that were changed before it released? I have read there were several things regarding the story and characte choice that were made during this game's development time. For example, according to Resident Evil 3 scenario writer Yasuhisa Kawamura, it originally starred Hunk aboard a cruise liner to steal the G- Virus sample but then thrown out entirely for the story we know & love.

4. In the early concept stages of Resident Evil 3, there were several images that were cut out from the game's opening moments, such as one showing the S.T.A.R.S. returning to Raccoon City on the RPD's helipad along with one showing the survining Officer's having a huge argument with Chief Brian Irons in his Office. I thought they really added perspective & atmosphere to the game's story from Resident Evil 1. Was there a reason these were cut out from the main  game?

5.Finally, a rather silly question that gets joked about often among fans, is there any reason that the Raccoon City Police Department has no bathrooms at all in the buidling plans? I always thought that was really funny about the RPD's design as well.

Thank you so much for taking time out of your day to talk with all of us today. Resident Evil in general is my all time favorite series with the original games having a special place in my heart & memories. I personally would love to see a full REmake of Resident Evil 3 if the RE2 REmake does exceptionally well. Keep up the great work Aoyama-san!

-Christoher "Redfield96"-

November 8, 2017 at 12:22 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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RE3 gave us our first glimse at The Mercenaries game mode which has evolved greatly since its inception here. Can you give us some insight on how this bonus minigame came to be?

November 8, 2017 at 10:45 PM Flag Quote & Reply

William Birkin
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Hi everyone !

Hope my questions haven't been already asked.
(My English isn't good, you can change my sentences to help them being better as you wish)

-When the nemesis was added to Biohazard 3 Last Escape instead of Biohazard Code: Veronica, were there any other monster instead of him ? Who can we know about this monster ?

-Jill doesn't meet a lot of civilians alive in the game except Umbrella soldiers, was she supposed to meet more and it was cut of the game(due to time or budget restrictions) or not ?

-At the end of the game, Raccoon City is no more on the map of the United States, was this idea added during the making of the game or was it already decided from the begininng ?
If it was added, why this decision ?

-At the beginningn where there any idea of Léon &/or Claire to meet Jill somewhere ?
If yes, why was it cancelled ?


Resident Evil / Biohazard Collector

November 9, 2017 at 1:02 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Sorry if these are repeats. Havent had the time to look through the others post...

For the fans all over the world thank you for doing this interview!

What have you been up to?

How does it feel to make a game and be apart of a series that is still loved and talked about to this day?

Nemesis is, arguably, the most favorite and feared Tyrant in the series. His latest inclusion is in Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite. How did the idea for Nemesis come to be? 

What does HUNK stand for?

How did HUNK survive?

How do you feel about HUNK being one of the series most popular characters? 

Is HUNK supposed to be mysterious on purpose? Do you feel that fans learning more about him would ruin the character?

What do you think happened to Nicholai after the events of RE3?

Have you had a chance to check out RE7? Any thoughts on it?

Dino Crisis 1 was given a RE3 Demo and RE3 was given a Dino Crisis demo along with Jill getting a Regina costume. Why was this? Do you have any stories about DC 1?

RE3 is way more action oriented than RE1 and 2. Jill even starts with a assault rifle on the easy mode. Is there a reason for this?

How did Operation: Mad Jackal come to be? Does the name mean anything? Is that supposed to be Brian Irons at the end?

The replayability is absolutely amazing for RE3. From how short it is, the infinite ammo you can unlock, the different paths you can take and the different epilogues you can unlock. Was that a main goal during development? 

RE3 is the first time in the series that infinite ammo for all weapons is given as a reward (this is a amazing feature IMO and later shows up in Zero, UC, 5, and 6) was there any push back from this idea because it had never been done before or because this was a horror game?

Do you think you would survive a Zombie Outbreak?

Anything cut from RE3 that you wish was added?


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November 11, 2017 at 1:17 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Thank you so much for answering our questions! You are a legend in the community.

My question is a simple one. I've heard a rumor that the reason you chose the name HUNK was to invoke the image of a "cool, manly guy." Is this true? If not, where did HUNK's name come from?

Second question: what was your intention for HUNK's personality? A cool, battle-hardened soldier, or maybe a more laid back, almost lazy agent who just happens to be highly skilled? His epilogue at the end of BIO3 states that he "fiddles" with the G-Virus vial; I thought that maybe this was to show he's sort of careless.

Thank you!

November 12, 2017 at 3:10 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Was Rebecca planned to be in the game?

Can you elaborate on the idea of the zombie Brad mingame that was scrapped?

Any scrapped epiloges? Story bits?

In your opinion, is Nicholai dead or alive?

What do you think happen to Carlos?

November 12, 2017 at 3:24 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Kind of a weird question, but here it is anyway: What exactly happened during the brief visit to the police station? The three prerendered corpses close to the front door of Bar Jack in particular stick out, as well as the staircase being raised. I do realize though, that a stupid question like this doesn't need to be this long, but I've wondered about it for years now.

November 12, 2017 at 10:47 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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