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Ok so I made this discovery awhile back and I wanted to get some opinions on it and hopefully learn more about it. I own 2 copies of the Essentials Collection on PS2. But they have alot of differences. The 2nd copy I have I'm very curious about and hopefully can learn more about it here.

1. One does not have the inside red slip case for the games. Also the outside sleeve is smaller on one of them.

2. On the back of the outside sleeve one says Capcom Entertainment Inc. and the other says CAPCOM U.S.A., INC.

3. The Font and Size of the TERROR TIMES THREE text is different.

4. This is the strangest part. It came with the greatest hits version off all 3. They also do not say Part of a Set on the back like the original version does. The cases are also the new versions without the memory card holder and new style of teeth. Finally the disc for Outbreak is a copy of the standard edition, not greatest hits.

I received this brand new and sealed from an eBay order. I have also seen other copies of this sealed for sale as well as an opened one for sale that also had a non greatest hits disc of outbreak included. Does anyone have any kind of info about why this version seems so awkward compared to the original one? My guess is this is capcom trying to get rid of alot of extra copies of these greatest hits games. Any knowledge on this would be appreciated.

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Afraid I don't have any knowledge in this. Only thing I know is packaging tends to vary in different countries and such. Wish I could be better help. Hope they can give you some info on that, that is pretty weird.

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Yeah if anyone knows any of the specifics of it they would. Sometimes it can but both packages have the same region coding on them. So as far as I can tell they were both made for the north american area. I sent an email to Capcom US to see if I can get any kind of info about it back. I'll post the responce I get back here.

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George Trevor
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Sorry I cannot be of specific help, but you might find some answers by visiting the wonderful Lost Releases, a magnificent reference resource for Survival Horror releases, including Resident Evil. And you might also want to contact the webmaster Anders, a right proper expert mate.


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Ok sweet, thanks for the info.

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