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George Trevor
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Jill Valentine to so many of the Survival Horror community, having starred as a video game protagonist icon, in the genre defining remake of Resident Evil, Heidi Anderson-Swan is the next star guest on the Crimson Head Elder Podcast.

With our English language world premiere publication of the sound drama The Machova Village Tragedy, released the same night, Heidi will reprise her role, exclusively for Crimson Head Elder, to perform in-character as Jill Valentine, the opening & closing monologues of this Capcom official Resident Evil audio play.

And of course, Heidi Anderson-Swan will be live in our mansion to answer your questions, submitted below.

Special Thanks: CVFreak (translator), BSAArklay & Sonny Bauer (interview team)

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An event worthy of the month of October. These questions are for Heidi of course.

1. Were you aware of the RE series prior to your audition? If so, what was your feelings on the franchise?

2. How does Jill Valentine differ from other characters you've played?

3. Were you ever approached by Capcom to reprise your role as Jill in any other entries?

4. Is there a favorite line or moment friom the game that sticks out to you?

5. Is there anything about Jill's character or your performance that you would change if you could?

6. Does the games continued success some fifteen years later and the love for your performance of Jill surprise you?

Finally I'd like to thank Heidi for this opportunity and for her work on the REmake.

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Albert Wesker 187
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I want to start by thanking the very talented Heidi Anderson Swan for taking time from her schedule to speak with us at Crimson Head Elder, it is an honor, privilege and a consecration to have her on this podcast to answer all of our questions. I also want to add that I love her last name because I love swans. These are the questions I have for Heidi Anderson Swan.

1. What is your favorite show/project/character that you have played/been a part of over the years?

2. What are the major differences between stage, on-camera, and voice acting?

3. What pleases a director the most? What tips do you have for working with a director?


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A wonderful time for this and excitment to come along. I have a few questions, I could ask a lot of them too! 

1: Do you remember much about how you were contacted by Capcom into being part of the voice actors that were remaking a legendary game?

2: After the recordings and the game was finished, did you ever look into the project you did to see what it was about or wondered how far it would go in the next few years?

3: Do you recall any silly things that happened while you were with the directors, before, during and after the recordings and meet ups?


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George Trevor
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QUOTE Bl00dy3y3: "An event worthy of the month of October... Finally I'd like to thank Heidi for this opportunity and for her work on the REmake."

Great to see the Bl00dy3y3 back in our mansion, and thanks for your questions.

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I don't have any questions, I just want to mention that Heidi Anderson-Swan is my favorite Jill voice. That is all.

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1) When you think of the character Jill Valentine wether it be now or at the time what were you're own personal impressions of her?

2) According to IMDB it states that you also played the newscaster in the opening cutscene for the game, is this true?

3) What did you feel was Jill's relationship to other characters in the game? Wesker, Barry and Chris?


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USS Command
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Was there any regrets about playing as Jill?

What was it like working with capcom?

Was there any lines you did that capcom wasnt happy with?

If so was there any part of the preformance that had to be redone?

Are you a fan of the series? be it movie or games.


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JC Wesker
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This is very much a special occasion, isn't it? :-) Well, firstly, I'm so happy that this Interview is happening, & I'm so very excited to be hearing Heidi, once again.... & what better way to lure us back into the Spencer Mansion, than with the Voice of Jill Valentine. I'd just like to start by saying that Heidi brought such strength & gravitas to the role of Jill Valentine, bringing a whole new life to both a beloved character & to a well-established story, while at the same time, injecting a level of depth & integrity that is so often lacking in a female protagonist.. This, & more, very much allowed us all to experience the adventure & mystery of 'The Mansion Incident' in a whole new light, & with all of the 'Horror' & 'Excitement' that it deserved.

The Questions:

1] How did you feel about taking on the role of Jill Valentine, (a ‘Lead Protagonist’ in a ReMake of what was a '96 'Survival Horror' Classic), & what did you want to bring to the role personally??

2] How were you initially contacted by Capcom, & what was the whole audition process like?

3] Did you ever meet any of the other S.T.A.R.S. Members' VA's, &, do you have any memorable moments of the production process?

4] To what extent were you aware of the 'look' of Jill Valentine, & were you ever provided any 'Concept Images' of Jill, or of anything else from the game with which to aid in your performance?

5] Were you aware of the lasting impact of 'your' Jill, & would such infamous B-Movie phrases, such as “Master of Unlocking”, or “Jill Sandwich” have any meaning to you? [I had to ask, didn’t I?? Haha!!]

Bonus ??: Beret, OR No Beret?

Many Thanks to GT, & everyone at CHE.. It's good to be back!!


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James Marcus
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Not going to lie, I've enjoyed everything that this site has put out since I found this place so many yrs ago, but I have not considered the three drama albums to be worth much consideration. I will however be listening to the interview with Heidi and taking an interest in this one because anything read by this lady has my immediate attention. I was disappointed to say the least when Heidi was not brought back for more resi episodes staring Jill. She is bar none my favorite voice actor. She had that calming voice which was imperative to keep calm nerves in that madhouse. So my question for Heidi is to ask where did she find that natural sounding mix between a calm delivery that did not sound out of place, and the lines delivered with shock and fright that did not feel out of place with Jill's calm demeanor.


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I was overjoyed to have first seen this. Heidi has done an AMAZING job voicing my absolute favorite-favorite female video game protagonist of all time. A character that has been my favorite since my teen days. I mean she is up there with Barbara Batgirl Gordon as my personal  female role models. Female characters such as Jill have always inspired me to keep on going no matter how bad things got in life and to just keep going.I just love that Jill is not just a pretty face but a character that is level-headed and just survives the hell out of a nightmarish experience in the spencer mansion and facing each challenge ahead with determination. 

Well now for my questions:

What do you think of Jill's development starting from the Spencer Mansion to RE5? 

Have you seen Jill's e-mail to Barry file in Revelations 2? If so, what did you think about how she sounded in that e-mail?

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Bandage131 at September 21, 2017 at 5:03 PM

I don't have any questions, I just want to mention that Heidi Anderson-Swan is my favorite Jill voice. That is all.

what he said but with a question! Has Heidi been aware of the impact this game and the character Jill Valentine has had on the video game horror genre?



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Sorry to keep you waiting.  Great job as always! My Questions!

1. Can you pick a lock?

2. What is your favorite sandwich and what do you think would be the ideal "Jill Sandwich".

3. Have you ever met the face of Jill, Julia Voth?

4. Can you play the piano or any musical instrument?

5. What have you been doing? 

6. Are you working on anything your fans should know about?

7. Sorry that this isn't a RE question but do you have any stories about voicing Samantha from Killer7?

8. Are you aware that you are (arguably) apart of what most fans consider as THE best Resident Evil game of all time?

Thank you for your time!

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REmake was the first video game I played thru to the end and that was one night I wont be forgetting for a mighty long time. Now I get to ask the very lady who brought to life the one and only JV, the most recognisable and loved member of STARS. My question to submit is this:- 

Can you describe what it was like to work with Mikami and Kobayashi and how much guidance did you receive from either of the godfathers of survival horror?


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Sonny Bauer
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A couple of questions for my favorite voice of Jill Valentine!

1. Resident Evil has a tendency to have a character always calling out another character's name, which can become memorable. In Jill's case, that other character is Barry Burton. That being said, can you recall how much time you spent in the studio just recording variations of the line, "Barry!"?

2. Are there any charactistics of Jill that you see in yourself, or can relate to?

Thank you!

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Ada Wong
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My few questions for Heidi.

1) What trait do you like the most about Jill?

2) If you had an opportunity to voice another character in Resident Evil universe, who would it be?

3) Do you have any funny stories that happened during the recording process?

4) Are you afraid of dogs or snakes?

Thank you.


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Heidi,would you ever spend the night in a place like the spencer mansion if you were paid handsomely to do so? I know, not the best question but Halloween is around the corner!

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ReChic and Ada Wong I'm afraid you missed the deadline this one was recorded last night/yesterday afternoon depending on your timezone.

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Forgot the deadline,all good! Hope the interview went well
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Hello Crimson Head Elder Residents!

I am more than likely late with my question here, I had plenty of time to formulate good questions for this sure to be amazing Podcast, so if this doesn't go through then I completely understand. Thanks to "George Trevor" for keeping me updated on this and the deadline, sorry if I was late my friend, can't wait to hear this with everyone regardless of if my question(s) are answered here. Also thank you to the amazing guest Heidi Anderson Swan for her absolutely incredible & memorable performance as Jill Valentine in Resident Evi 1 REmake. You did such a fantastic job, REmake is a masterpiece, so thank you for giving your best for a game & series that mean everything to me.

My question(s) to you is...

1. After the events of Resident Evil 1 REmake, July 25th 1998, when the team is safely flying back to Raccoon City. Have you ever thought about what it must have been like for the remaining S.T.A.R.S. to return back after such a horrifc event happened to them? More specifically how Jill Valentine would have felt/handled life after all that? There are "un-used" scenes from Resident Evil 3's opening that show a little bit of that through pictures so I'd love to hear how you think Jill's character would handle life after such an event.

2. There were a number of Resident Evil novels made a while back, based off of the stories & characters of the games, written by a talented writer named S.D. Perry. Book 1 was titled "The Umbrella Conspiracy" which retold the events of RE1 with more story. Have you ever read any of them? If so would you be interested in reprising your role as Jill Valentine if Capcom or another company were to make an audio book version of the first book?

Resident Evil is my all time favorite series. Jill Valentine is both my favorite Female character in the series along with being one of my favorite characters in gaming. Thank you for doing her the proper justice and respect with your role in the REmake of Resident Evil 1. Thanks for your time and hope we see you again in the series one day.

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