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I was considering writing an article on the sinister research behind and that lead to the secret Tyrant program, on Sheena Island, managed by Umbrella employee Vincent Goldman. I have always adored the narratrive and files of Resident Evil Survivor, irrespective of its gameplay faults. For those that don't know, and there are many Resident Evil fans that sneer at Survivor (as I did untill I fully appreciated its narrative and limitations of the day), here's a very breif overview:

Vincent Goldman worked as a high level Umbrella Corporation employee, in upper management. Thanks to News Bot of Project we have a detailed profile of his character from the translation of the BIOHAZARD GUN SURVIVOR OFFICIAL GUIDEBOOK:

Vincent Goldman: A young elite of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals assigned as commander of this island in succession to his suddenly deceased predecessor. An exceptional leader and all the while an ingenious scientist, he commenced top-secret organic experiments for the company using the island's facility. With an extremely cruel personality, he disposed of a colleague for personal success and had no hesitation in expending numerous humans as research material. By his own hand, he even fatally shot test subjects who escaped from the research facility in order to completely kill the worms. For his overwhelming cruelty, even Umbrella employees themselves, not to mention the townspeople, feared him, and citing excessively brutal acts, they attempted to displace his commander position. However, he obtained that news beforehand and disseminated the T-Virus throughout the entire town before it was reported to Headquarters, causing all of the inhabitants to transform into Zombies and concealing the truth. Naturally, dead men tell no tales. However, even the top-secret experiments he was conducting were well-known information to Umbrella Headquarters, and in their bold connivance, they were allowing him to continue his research.

Goldman was appointed commander of Sheena Island, responsible for the development of a new line in Tyrants, the Hypnos-T Type model. At the main facility for this program, under Goldman's direct management, a team of Umbrella scientists would conduct the most sinister, insideoulsy brutal experiments in the series canon; adolescents from the island's civilian residents were kidnapped, to be test subjects in the live extraction of 'β Hetero Nonserotonin' hormones, essential for the development of the Hypnos-T B.O.W.

Factory Worker's Diary (Project translation)

Every single day, we tie innocent young people to an operating table and, without anesthesia, cut open their skulls and excise part of the brain, over and over again... Even when I go to bed, the wailing, screaming and crying of their death throes remain in the depths of my ears and never go away. Commander Vincent always coldly says "Don't think of them as human beings. In the end, they're merely raw material to create the Tyrant." August 5th 1998.

The biological hypothesis for this upscaled line of Tyrants, was a theory that the procedure of sergically opening skulls of teenagers without administering anesthesia, therby placing them in a high anxiety state of fear, was necessery to produce high purity, large amounts of a particular chemical, secreted solely in the pituitary gland of teenagers, in second stage of sexual development. It was this chemical that was theorised to be the fuel behind an increased level of aggression in the fully developed B.O.W. Goldman instructed Umbrella Headquarters to abduct additional teenagers from across the world, to be transported to his Sheena Island Tyrant plant, as live donars to this program:


How to extract Beta Hetero Nonserotonin (Project translation)

In order to establish the Tyrant's mass-production system, it is essential to inject β Hetero Nonserotonin with a high level of purity during gene culture. Research has proven that this material is a substance most secreted with material within the brain of the human body from the pituitary gland of adolescents in the final stage of the secondary sex-characteristics period (healthy subjects from 16 to 19 years old).

Furthermore, it was discovered according to medical data that this substance reacted to excessive secretion of noradrenaline produced from the locus coeruleus of the brain stem. Noradrenaline is a substance within the brain secreted when a human is placed in excruciating states of stress or fear. β Hetero Nonserotonin cannot be extracted from a brain-dead human body because the substance only exists in stimulated cells. Thus, for adolescents who become raw material, the best extraction method is to surgically remove the pituitary gland after stimulating superfluos secretion of noradrenaline due to fear of dying and the severe pain of the skull being opened without applying anesthetic.

Sheena Island Tyrant Plant Commander. Vincent Goldman

I intend to post further notes in this thread as I investigate deeper the reserach of Vincent Goldman, using series sources and uncovering real-life parallels, such as the following:

Yesterday, I discovered in a Biological Journal, not disimilar to ones found in the Spencer Mansion first floor Study, a scientfic report detailing a process similar to the one used in the development of Hypnos-T Type model. New Scientist reported that the blood plasma of teenagers would rejuvenate old mice, improving their memory, cognition, and physical activity. This biological process had the potential to be developed into human level.

Blood plasma, the liquid part of blood, when injected from young mice into old mice, was found to rejuvenate brain, liver, heart, and muscle mass. But could this biological process be directy transferable to humans, seeing the blood plasma from young people having the same effect? To that end a team of researchers took blood samples from 18-year-olds, and injected them into old mice, of equivalent human age 50. The mice were given twice-weekly injections of the human plasma. After three weeks of injections, they were submitted to a range of tests. The treated mice’s performance was compared to young, 3-month-old mice, as well as old mice who had not received injections. The results of this research did find that human plasma had rejuvanating properties. Treated mice were found to have matching endurance levels to that of young mice. Improvement in memory was also found, having a greater capacity when compared with untreated mice. The same research team would go on to conduct trials of administering teenage blood into elderly Alzheimer’s patients.

However, these lines of reserach into the rejuvanating effects of teenage blood, in the study of memory loss and degeneration of other cognative/physical functions in the elderly, are not new. So I will endeavour to find those with further links and comparisons to Vincent Goldman's research.


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Very nice post here GT, although Survivor is not my strong suit I do enjoy the game.

“For those that don't know, and there are many Resident Evil fans that sneer at Survivor (as I did untill I fully appreciated its narrative and limitations of the day)” Having only played this game in the past few years for the first time myself I have to admit I too was quick to judge this game but once I played through it I truly enjoyed the story. See how a great story can save a game….


“A young elite of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals assigned as commander of this island in succession to his suddenly deceased predecessor.” Thought this was worth adding. From Janitor Andy’s diary. “he's got no concerns about killing his colleagues to advance his career.” Guess it’s safe to say his predecessor didn’t die from natural causes.


Hypnos Tyrant was basically a creation of survival of the fittest when they threw in different types of cells to fight with the winning cells then facing off against each other. This sounds awful familiar. Heavenly Island anyone?


The game is essentially about the butchering of young individuals to create fear and hormones they can use to create/enhance their Tyrant project. Jesus, they don’t make them like that anymore. Very dark indeed. Did nobody question this guy’s sanity? Umbrella even went along with kidnapping teenagers to send to Vincent as test subjects. That’s a new low even for them. Considering how the Chimera was made though I think I would take my chances on Shena island.


What is the source for the last file? “Yesterday, I discovered in a Biological Journal, not disimilar to ones found in the Spencer Mansion first floor Study.”


Great research here GT, keep it coming.


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Just to make a small correction GT, the island residence was employees of Umbrella and their families. The only teens they used on the island was the ones kidnapped and held in prison.

Look forward to seeing what your research finds! Hopefully you'll find stuff easier than what it took me when reaserching the X-Virus.


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"Commander Vincent always coldly says "Don't think of them as human beings. In the end, they're merely raw material to create the Tyrant." August 5th 1998."
Vincent certainly sounds like a jolly nice fellow:D,yikes.
This really interesting stuff though, I haven't really gone thru Survivor stuff before so this is definitely something I really need to delve on into and read up. Nice work! I say go for it on writing that article.

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