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Bizarre Murder Cases

I was working on something and it occurred to me that the bizarre murder cases play quite an integral role in the series being the original setup for the mansion incident. I decided to compile everything in chronological order so I could get a good look at the entire incident. When I completed the timeline it seemed very bare to me. I always assumed there was more until I decided to add the SD Perry additions which I feel add a great depth to the events. The only problem with their inclusion only appears in the last entry dated July 21st the numbers seem a bit low to me and considering they reached anywhere from 30+ victims her tally is off. However up until that point I think they are great additions. Here is the finished product.

May 11th; The Keeper writes in his diary that the outbreak in the Arklay Lab occurs when the keeper is awoken in the early hours by a man in a hazmat suit. (Resident Evil – Keepers Diary)

May 14th; The Keeper neglects to feed the dogs for three days and finds that they have escaped. He does not inform anyone and hides it from the top brass workers. (Resident Evil – Keepers Diary).

The staff and animals are infected with the t-Virus due to a leak. The Zombies and loose B.O.W’s wandered around outside of the mansion in search of flesh and began causing the bizarre murder cases. (Kaitai Shinsho Remake Guide)

May 20th; around 22:00pm a 20 year old woman’s body is found by a passer-by.

May 27th; In the Scrapbook file found in Resident Evil there is a report on the 20 year old woman whose body was found on May 20th. The body was discovered on the left bank of Marble River in the Cedar district. Animal teeth markings on the victim. Identity of woman is unknown and they believe she was attacked and fell into the river. (Resident Evil - The Raccoon Times)

June 1st; 21:00pm Two joggers discover the body of 42 year old Anna Mitaki in an abandoned lot in Northwest Raccoon City. Chief Irons later makes a brief statement insisting that the RPD is doing all they can to apprehend the perpetrators. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

June 2nd; at 21:00pm Latham Weekly reports on the discovery of Anna Mitaki’s body. Anna was the fourth victim of the “cannibal killers” near Victory Lake in the last month. Human jaw bites were found on her body. Three other victims were found however the other three had markings of an animal attack. Bringing the toll of mysterious deaths up to 7. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

June 16th; In the Scrapbook file found in Resident Evil there are reported sightings of monsters in the Arklay Mountains. The monsters are described as a large dog and usually run in packs. The dogs are reportedly fierce and hard to hurt. The dogs reportedly don’t attack unless you awaken them. (Resident Evil - Raccoon Weekly)

June 21st; 02:00am the bodies of a young couple Deanne Rusch and Christopher Smith (both aged 19) are discovered on the west bank at Victory Park. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

June 22nd; Raccoon Times reports on the discovery of the young couple Deanne and Christopher and states they are the eighth and ninth victims to occur since Mid-May of 1998. The pattern of their death is similar to the previous seven victims however it has not been announced whether it was animal or human bites. The young couple spoke of breaking the city curfew to track down wild dogs rumoured to have been recently spotted in the heavily forested park. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

June 22nd; Mayor Harris schedules a press conference and is expected to make an announcement regarding the recent crisis. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy) *Editors’ Note: Mayor Harris replaced Mayor Warren shortly before the Bizarre Murder Cases*

Resident Evil intro “Outlandish reports of families being attacked by a group of about 10 people.” (Resident Evil – Intro Cut scene)

Somewhere in the Arklay Mountains along the West Mountain Path a camping family of three (father, mother, son) were attacked by an unknown assailant and all killed. The corpses had dozens of bite wounds each and the teeth marks closely resembled a human. In addition, most internal organs were gone. (Outbreak – Bizarre Case File)

At the Mendez River Tributary Boat Station a station attendant (Male, 39 Years Old) was brutally murdered. Most of the corpse was gone. Pieces of flesh were scattered nearby believed to be the remains of wild birds and rabbits. In addition, several witnesses spotted a suspicious individual in the vicinity wearing clothes with what looked like bloodstains. (Outbreak – Bizarre Case File)

Arklay Mountains Northwest, the Lindley Family an elderly married couple of two was killed. Both possessed traces of bites on the neck. In addition, something believed to be pieces of flesh were detected in each of their digestive organs. It remains unclear whether this was the subsequent work of a third party or if there is another factor. (Outbreak – Bizarre Case File)

A newspaper headline reads “Another unusual corpse has been discovered. Already more than 20.” (Outbreak)

The bizarre murder cases are described as having an effect equal to a direct hurricane hitting the city when it came to the industrial output. Due to the night curfew factories night-time operations were shut down, industrial production decreased by around 30% compared to the previous year. There was also a large decrease in sales in the distribution industry due to citizens refraining from going out at night. Sales at gun stores and video rental stores however showed a sudden increase. The impact upon the tourism industry which had a heavy focus on the forest and mountains surrounding the city was devastating. (BIO HAZARD  DIRECTOR'S CUT V-JUMP BOOKS)


July 9th; In the Scrapbook file found in Resident Evil there is an article regarding the city authorities who have decided to block the road leading to the foothills of the mountain. The RPD intend to begin a search for lost people with the help of S.T.A.R.S. They expect a difficult task due to the vast size of the Arklay Mountains. (Resident Evil - Raccoon Times)

July 19th; An Umbrella employee is riding as a passenger on board the Ecliptic Express writes about his concerns that every day Raccoon TV and newspapers seem to be reporting bizarre murder cases occurring in the outskirts of the city. The passenger is worried that it could be the virus that has somehow leaked. (Resident Evil Zero – Passengers Diary)

July 20th; Police Chief Brian Irons announces that the S.T.A.R.S. will participate in a search for the hikers and will also be working closely with the RPD until there is an end to the rash of murders and disappearances. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

July 21st; Chief Irons takes part in an interview with Cityside via the telephone. He informs Cityside that it is about time the talented individuals among S.T.A.R.S. made the city safe again. Considering all the murders/disappearance’s took place near the Raccoon Forest it has lead them to believe that the perpetrators may be hiding somewhere in the Victory Lake district. When asked why S.T.A.R.S. had not intervened until now Irons responded that they have been helping the R.P.D. with the case however now they will take over the case full time. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

July 21st; Cityside reports with the recent disappearance of three hikers in Raccoon Forest earlier this week taking the tally up to 9 victims and 5 disappearances (that are known of). The city has finally called for a roadblock on rural Route 6 at the foothills of the Arklay Mountains. (SD Perry – Umbrella Conspiracy)

The newspaper reports on the bizarre murders and how the police authorities are combining their efforts. Hence S.T.A.R.S. working alongside the R.P.D. It states that the massacres have now reached “30 cases this month”. (Outbreak – Unnamed Newspaper)

Post the Mansion Incident

It appears that civilians believed the bizarre murders to be “alien experiments” or “immortal killers”. Meanwhile certain high rank officers at the RPD did in fact believe the surviving STARS stories and were aware of the full details of the case. They understand that the bizarre murders were caused by Dobermans escaped from an Umbrella Lab. High ranking members of the RPD were willing to use documents regarding congressman K and the drug criminal organization perhaps as a black mail tactic to get information they needed. Due to the connections between the police and Umbrella the top brass police of the RPD and the surviving S.T.A.R.S. they were forced to create their own investigation team concerning the events of the mansion where as formerly they would rely on bringing in an FBI investigation unit. The members of this investigation unit were wiped out, the author of the R.P.D. secret document suddenly went missing and the document was found on his desk. In Outbreak 2 Desperate Times a special item “Attendance Sheet” which lists the officer’s names has been torn in half. Perhaps the sheet was used to track down the investigation unit. It is possible that Chief Irons wiped them out before they could cause any further damage under the orders of Umbrella. (Director’s Cut Inside of Biohazard guide - R.P.D secret document)

It is also possible that due to fear of the sudden disappearance of members of the investigation unit that any remaining feared for their lives and kept their mouth shut or fled. As Jill’s monologue at the beginning of Resident Evil 3 suggests “A city controlled by Umbrella, no one dared to oppose them. That and their lack of strength would ultimately lead to their destruction.” “If only they’d have had the courage to fight.” (Editors Notes)

Staying with Director’s Cut Inside of Biohazard here is an estimated list of the victims involved in the bizarre murder case. Due to insufficient evidence it is believed that the numbers are to increase on the missing persons within Raccoon City since spring. (BIO-HAZARD DIRECTOR'S CUT Inside of Biohazard Kōshiki Perfect Guide)



Raccoon City Residents - 4 families, 13 people (estimated)

Victims of attacks by Zombies or Cerberus escaped from the research facility.

Travelers from Other States - 7 people (estimated)

Thought to have been attacked by Cerberus while mountain climbing. All except two were lone climbers.

(BIO-HAZARD DIRECTOR'S CUT Inside of Biohazard Kōshiki Perfect Guide)

Contributors; Thanks to the following for information and guidance: USS Command, TheBatMan, News Bot


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" Meanwhile certain high rank officers at the RPD did in fact believe the surviving STARS stories and were aware of the full details of the case."

so there were some that believed what the STARS went thru at the spencer mansion.

Thanks for posting this, BSAArklay. I like going thru these things and rediscovering or learning new stuff. The lore of RE is a big one to explore and being a fan for so long, its really cool to keep coming across new things we may not have noticed before.

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It is possible that the RPD secret document was written with 1.5 in mind because in 1.5 STARS story of the mansion incident is believed by the public and Umbrella are immediatley shut down. However this still fits into the canon due to futher information regarding the investigation unit. Chief Irons played a large role in shutting down the STARS story and hiding any evidence. The investigation unit at the RPD who were working on compiling evidence on the mansion incident hit road blocks at every possible junction of the investigation and Umbrella/Irons made it impossible for them to progress. As the guide suggests one of the high ranking officers even dissappeared. Also the citizens of Raccoon City basically choose to subconsiously ignore the rumours due to most of the town being employed by Umbrella they ignorance was the downfall of the city as Jill suggets in her opening monologue in RE3.

I will leave this here as it is a fantastic read and I highly recommend checking it out. Credit to Project Umbrella for compling all this information.


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USS Command
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Looked around for anything else, there's not a whole lot. Here’s some other that I found.

From The Book/ The Beginning

Chris notes that the first murder happened “six months before” he found these two. He also notes that this makes the fifth deaths he has seen. The other 3 may or may not be related to the bazar murders.

Victim 1 Female

She was found on the road with bones sticking through her skin and visible ripped blood vessels. Her throat was also cut and stomach was ripped out spilling the internal organs onto the road.

Victim 2 Male

The driver of a convertible. Half his face was missing with one eyeball hanging from its smashed socket. His skull was half opened and the brain was visible. The rest of him looked like it went throw a meat grinder.

Becky and Priscilla, (Given the surname McGee in Umbrella Conspiracy) two little girls who wondered off from a family picnic and was found dead.

A newspaper Chris reads talking about the murders has the headline “S.T.A.R.S. OFFICER STUMBLES ON MURDERS.”

When Chris gets attacked from behind by a zombie, he sees the scars on its arms and is reminded of another victim found several days after death with similar wounds.

From Biohazard Café and Grill Nespaper

“Another man-eater case in Arkley: family brutally killed by a dozen of perpetrators.

[A Image from a security camera with the words, “A person of ‘great interest’ caught in a security camera”]

The whole town is gripped by fear, yet again. An entire family was slaughtered in the wee small hours, yesterday July 9th, in a suburb of Raccoon. About ten assailants suddenly broke into the house, a witness said. The city police has started investigation of this case, calling the crime scene “a horrendous act of evil.”

This is one of a series of bizarre cannibal homicides that happened in and around Arkley in recent months. In May, a dismembered body of a woman around twenty years old, apparently attacked by a wild dog, was found. Several witnesses said that the dog had a menacing look in its eyes and its body was half rotten, and rumors continues to have it that the dog is actually a monster. Could yesterday’s killing spree be an act of canine aggression? Incidentally, dozens of hikers and tourists went missing in the Arkley Mountains this month alone.

So far, the police investigation has thrown very little light on these cases. Citizens remain weary and sleepless nights continue.

Meanwhile, police released an image of a possible suspect taken by a security camera in the city park of Raccoon. The man in this hazy picture appears soaked in blood and, according to officials who saw the footage, “acted very suspiciously.”

Police also issued a statement calling on witnesses to provide information about this “person of great interest” and said that the highest priority for police is to do everything they can to find and capture this person as soon as possible.”

The family size is unknown, but the dismembered women could be one already documented, however it does note her as being around twenty.

In Umbrella Chronicles Side A, there’s two teens who die in the forest just before the story jumps to Rebecca. They may be considered some of the missing people.

In the Resident Evil Comic Dangerous Secrets an image of a dead hiker can be seen on the front of a newspaper. The name nearby is Carlos D’anda. It could be the name of the dad guy or just an Easter egg. Take your pick. There is also two people getting eaten by a pair of Hunters in the woods, but they’re probably fall under the missing category as well.


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