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I think everyone here knows that the first Devil May Cry was supposed to be a Resident Evil game during its early developing phase and I’m sure some things I’m going to mention in this post are nothing new to you - but I’ll give it a shot anyway ;) I want to talk about the similarities, crossover elements, eastereggs and re-used materials from both RE and DMC (in a few cases even Bayonetta, but more on that later).

I have both RE Archives (German versions) and the DMC 3142 artbook (Japanese version) and will base most things simply on pictures found in those books. It’d be nice if anyone who knows Japanese could figure out if there are more story similarities apart from what I mention here. Especially the whole RE4/DMC-beta thing would be interesting. I can provide scans if necessary. I also used the DMC Wiki as a reference, the German version of the novel and of course all DMC and RE games. Feel free to add info and/or correct me :)

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Let me start with the enemies:

• The “Nobody” (DMC) and the “Licker” (RE) share a striking similarity. Both walk on four legs and the Nobody even has the typical “G-virus eye”. They also have stronger versions which are more difficult to battle.

• Then the “Blade” (DMC) and the “Hunter” (RE), you can’t deny the similarities. Blades are basically Hunters with a helmet and a shield. They are also described as “elite soldiers”, same as with the Hunters which are stronger than the normal enemies.

• “Phantom” (DMC) and “Black Tiger” (RE) (or several other spider-like enemies), the picture speaks for itself. Both are also bosses and not normal enemies - but later on, smaller versions of them appear as normal enemies.

• “Beelzebub” (DMC) and the “Novistador” (RE) – both appear in a sewer level for the first time. The version of the DMC artbook nearly looks identical to the final version in RE4.

• “Sin Scissors”/”Sin Scythes” (DMC) and the “Zealots” (RE), they both share similar weapons and skull masks.

• The “Marionette” (DMC) and the “Ganado” (RE) - I’m basing this point on the Ganados from RE4 because of the whole DMC/RE4-beta thing, but you can also interpret the meaning for any other zombie-like enemy in RE. Both are being controlled and don’t have a free will. Mundus controls the Marionettes and Saddler the Ganados, the Ganados really are his “marionettes” if you think about it. Both are also the standard enemy and usually show up in larger groups and they can use weapons.

Other enemies:

• Crows, dogs (a “Cerberus” appears in both franchises) and snakes are all well-known from the classic RE games, but the “Leech” first appeared in RE Zero and it also appears in the DMC 3142 artbook as an unused enemy.

Bats are a part of RE Code Veronica and (a bigger version) RE Zero, the DMC artbook has also material about a (infected/demonic) bat.

No idea about the enemy on the right, but it walks on the ceiling like a Licker. Also notice the “G” written in the text. Those were probably concepts for G-virus enemies. 

Characters and story ideas:

• Dante’s name was supposed to be “Tony Redgrave” in the beginning. The name can still be found on his guns, Dante used it as his alias in the first DMC novel and it is also referenced in the DMC anime (episode 8 ).

An “Antonio Redgrave” also exists in the Bayonetta universe, also a game by Hideki Kamiya (RE2/DMC1).

Unfortunately, I don’t know any more about the original idea behind the RE “Tony”. Some concept art suggests bioengineered twins (maybe similar to Alexia and Alfred; Dante and Vergil in the DMC universe, respectively) and maybe an early version of Spencer that later became Sparda (notice the Umbrella amulet and the purple clothes – Spencer also had purple clothes in RE5).

(I just love the Umbrella-twins picture!!!)

• The Umbrella logo can still be found on doors and a flag in the first DMC game. It’s blue in the DMC artbook and not red (… well, it is blue in RE7 now). The Latin text means something like “Fortune favours the bold” (thanks Google & Wikipedia).

• That Leon and Dante share similarities is nothing new… (snarky remarks, bad luck with women, similar looks, etc.)

… but Claire and Dante surprised me:

Blue pants, red/black shirts and jackets, a red-pink-beige color scheme, the boots and leg holster in the early CV design… and in the end, both are usually associated with red and black clothes.

• A “Claire” is also referenced in the first DMC novel: (source: DMC Wiki, and I’ve read the German version of the novel myself). The whole “Redgrave” and “Redfield” thing is also interesting.

• Claire was also the first character to dual-wield guns in RE CV, similar to Dante.

• And maybe it’s just me, but Eva looks pretty similar to Claire in the DmC reboot (the face… or am I seeing things?!)

Other, random things:

• The shotgun/Hydra is used with one hand,

and the Nightmare/Artemis guns look similar to the Plaga Removal Laser (the arm is covered and all are laser-type guns).

• RE4 and DMC1 also share smilar music, just take the main castle theme for example

Starting from 0:55 you can hear “Serenity” from RE4

• As mentioned before, Bayonetta also references both games (this is probably because Hideki Kamiya is or has been involved). The character Luka from Bayonetta mentions a group of girls at one point in the game, a “Claire” (RE) and a “Trish” (DMC) are among them (plus other well-known ladies).

The Bayonetta artbook also features an art referring to this scene, the “Claire” cat with reddish-brown fur and a red bow, and the “Trish” cat with black fur and a yellow bow - the same color schemes the two have in their respective games. “Claire” also has a green herb and “Trish” a pizza, again references to RE and DMC.

• Speaking of color schemes, Bayonetta is full of that. Red and blue (DMC3) are all over the place, Jeanne has exactly Dante’s hair and clothes color, etc. Bayonetta has so many DMC references, that alone would be worth a whole thread… If anyone is interested in that, I highly recommend checking the artbooks :)

• The Los Illuminados symbol is on Dante’s chest when he’s using his Devil Trigger in DMC4.

• RE4 also features similar story elements to the first DMC game. The bad guy corrupts a person from the hero’s past and they have to fight each other (Leon & Krauser, Dante & Vergil), a female sidekick works for the enemy’s side but still helps the hero (Ada, Trish), the “escape the island” sequence through a cave (with a jet ski in RE4 and a plane in DMC), …

I’m sure there is a lot more and I really wish there would be an English version of the DMC 3142 artbook. You can clearly see the [G] or [Biohazard] notes under the pictures, but that’s all I can read. Feel free to contribute to this topic and thanks for reading :) I hope there were at least one or two new things never mentioned before.


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Holy heavens, the observations in this is amazing, I knew that DMC was created from the RE4 beta but heavens, you point out a ton of details that not many have noticed about it before. This is amazing and I have to give you praise in sharing this with us, I love the read!


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USS Command
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The lizard is called Uroboros, Ii remember someone on Project translated. As for the G eyeball thing, take a look at these ghost things from DMC:

See the eye? I think the origanal idea was they were workers and the G eyeball hoped on their face and took control like a parasite. then when they decided not to make it an REgame they just changed the textures.


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Excellent observations ChaoticClaire! (nearly called you CC then but that name is already taken here) I cannot speak for everyone here but I am pretty sure that some of this stuff has never before been noticed. There are definitely firsts here for me. That Licker and Novistador observation is bloody brilliant. I know that Uroboros was discussed for the original Resident Evil 3.5 (DMC version) however they found that the enemy was too difficult to create due to the limitations in technology at the time, the advances made for Resident Evil 5’s Uroboros actually depended on them creating new software and a pattern just for that enemy. Also the Revenant from Revelations 2 seem to be inspired by the Marionette’s.

The red creature that crawls on the ceiling that you mentioned “No idea about the enemy on the right, but it walks on the ceiling like a Licker.” Sort of resembles the Albinoid from Code Veronica.

Those Claire attire comparisons are crazy. Nothing goes to waste at Capcom. Recycling for a friendly environment since 1996. As well as the further additions of her name appearing in the novel, her facial resemblance to Eva from the reboot and the duel wielding guns/hydra. Even their stances with the Hydra is identical. Masami Ueda created both soundtracks and also worked on many other Capcom titles.


This is fantastic.

I believe Spencer was going to feature in the game. He was over 100 years old and was the father to the twins. Here is some early concept art.

Here is everything else I know on the plot.

(Sources for the following information come from Kamiya’s Twitter account, Welsh and CHE’s 3.5 article)

Based in Umbrella’s HQ facility on Mallet Island the story centred on a protagonist Tony Redgrave (initially Leon who was to be Spencer’s son, evolved into Tony and then Dante). Tony and his brother Vergil were somehow infected by the Progenitor virus and became super humans much like Kawamura referred to in his interview at Project Umbrella.

Controls were originally intended to be very similar to that of the early series titles however Kamiya didn’t think that the pre rendered backgrounds and fixed camera angles did the character justice and changed to a dynamic camera system. It is believed that the game would have been very similar to the retail Devil May Cry aside from trading the sword for a gun.


Excellent compilation of crossovers there ChaoticClaire thanks for sharing them with us!


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Wow! I mean all the observations on this are really cool.Never noticed all this before and its really neat to see the connections,parallels, and similarities between these beloved series. 
The similarities b/t Dante and Claire's outfits are my fave on this so far (and the Claire and Trish cats too!).
Really superb job there,ChaoticClaire, noticing and putting all this together and bringing it to everyone's attention. We love these kinds of things here! Thank you so much!

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Ha i never knew any of this, that's pretty cool and a great essay, really nice putting all of this together. Hey maybe in not a hero "Redfield" is actually Dante?

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George Trevor
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I love this post, or should I say mini-article as it's so insightful, not just because of its wonderful observations, but because it proves that even after all these years, some of the most intently discussed Resident Evil topics still have popularly unknown information, ready to be unearthed by the most passionate of fans I know Welsh and News Bot have contributed & researched much on this subject, but I am sure there are a few observations here that will pique their interest too.

Anything Japanese in those scans that you feel could reveal some fascinating parallels with an English translation you must send me so that (at my expense) I can pass them to Yuki, our native Japanese site translator.

I adore Bayonetta, clearly I have not been paying any attention whatsoever, as I had not noticed these similarities. I have scheduled a play-through and intend to take you up on that offer of a separate article! I'll look out for some art books too, do you have any Bayonetta recommendations?


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Thank you guys so much for all the responses :)

@George Trevor

Check this wiki article on DMC and Bayonetta similarities, it covers everything I also noticed while playing the game:

Not so much on RE though, although Rodin quotes the RE4 Merchant here and there on special occasions.

And I totally forgot that the evil corporation's name from DMC2 is "Uroboros" - sounds familiar, right ;)


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