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So I haven’t had a chance to properly play Resident Evil Gaiden in YEARS. Some funky looking blue mold started growing in it and it was damaged beyond repair. Thinking back on it, I was wondering, how does the tyrant work exactly? It pops up, you beat its ass, and it melts into a liquid and retreats… How?

Well I got a buddy of mine who was (a big WAS here) working on becoming something big in the scientific filed, until he had a kid and asked him about it. The question was “would it be possible for any organism at all, even cellular stuff, to go from being a solid to liquid, and back again?”

I showed him through YouTube videos how it "dissolves into an amoeba-like form" only to return like nothing happened. I assumed it would be something that can change stats of matter, if such a thing even exists. He told me that IF an organism could do that then IT couldn't support itself molecularly, and would “be at best a jello.” So there it was a dead end. But then I remembered! Lucia had an egg in her! She also was able to feel the Tyrants presence because of this. Which means there’s a connection. Plus, looking at the final boss fight, we see that the parasite becomes very similar to a Tyrant. With that in mind, I believe the Tyrant in Gaiden is also a parasite, perhaps an early version.

This leads to my theory on how its works. The parasite is injected to a host, be that a T-103 or a test subject. When the body becomes too damaged, the parasite dissolves the body, possibly even consuming its nurturance in the process, and retreats to find a new host. Where would it get a new host? The zombies. I can’t remember the source,  maybe one of Wesker’s Report or a file that mentions him, it’s said there’s a chance that a person infected with t-Virus will become a tyrant naturally. So, it could be possible that the amoeba-like form of the parasite would latch on to a zombie and then change its body to mutate into a tyrant allowing it to have a new solid body. It's the only way I think it can work with science. So what do you guys think? Seems possible? 


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