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Thanks to CVXFreak over at Biohaze he was kind enough to give us permission to post his transcription of the Biohazard 7 Inside report. Please give any thnaks to CVXFreak or Alex for the following post.

So if you were fortunate enough to have ordered the Japanese Complete Edition of Biohazard 7 for the PS4 you  would recieve the Inside Report which features artwork as well as a behind the scenes of how Biohazard 7 was created. CVXFreak gives us his transcription of this book which he has translated from Japanese. Again a big thanks to CVXFreak for all his work.

Scroll down to related posts for his follow up's File 02, 03 & 04


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This is amazing and awesome, thank you so much for sharing this with us CVXFreak. :D


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It reads like a hollywood movie script, a truly inspirational, not to mention heroic story! (to me it reads like a Saturday Night Live skit :) :) ..)

The translation is great. Awesome work, it's always nice to read Japan-exclusive files


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Fuck yes been waiting for this to be posted by someone!

Edit: was hoping for in universe files... Not something that could've been a Vidoc


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Something in universe would have been a fantastic addition however I never really expected such a thing from Capcom. I dont think RE7 has a rich enough story to have something like V-Jump. There is not even a guide book for gods sake.


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This report has now been officially translated into English and published with both Japanese & English counterpart pages, together in one book, entitled 'BIOHAZARD 7 resident evil Document file'.

Scans of the English pages will appear here, later this week.


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