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【Dengeki PS】 "Resident Evil 7" is motivated by the "evil spirit"! Reports development confidential full GCC sessions

Sentence: Dengeki PlayStation

 A large-scale study meeting "GAME CREATORS CONFERENCE '17" aimed at gathering a lot of creators and learning about game development was held at the Osaka Prefectural International Conference Hall on Saturday, February 18.

 At this event, the session "All About biohazard 7" of PSO / XboxOne / PC software " Biohazard 7 Resident Evil" currently on sale is held. Below I will report on this session.

"Biohazard 7" is a movie "The evil spirit" motif

 In the session, Mr. Akifumi Nakanishi, Director of "Resident Evil 7", will be on stage. First, Mr. Nakanishi reported that although this work was developed with a direction different from the previous series work, it got a positive evaluation more than imagined from each direction. In addition, I began to talk about the purpose of changing direction and what kind of thought was made.

▽ Nakanishi Akiraga Director.

 In February of 2014, Mr. Jun Takeuchi of CAPCOM assumed office as Chief Development Dept. and General Manager of the first development department, and it decided to be in charge of "Resident Evil 7". When Mr. Nakanishi summarized the product vision he heard from Mr. Takeuchi, "Horror of a subjective viewpoint expressed in photoreal". And as soon as the motif is "The Evil Dead" of the movie, she shows off her story behind her.

 "The Evil Dead" is a Japanese name "evil death". It is a masterpiece horror who produced a boom of the splatter movie of the 1980s, in a debut produced by Sam Raimi more than 30 years ago.

 In this work, nearly two hours of movies have been established in a narrow range of only five characters, and a small scum called the stage. It is said that it was optimal to direct the direction to "narrow and deep" instead of broadening the game nature of "Resident Evil 7".

 This concept of "narrow and deep" is also a tactic for winning overseas major games and competing, which is produced by putting in large amounts of funds.

 Regarding the subjective viewpoint, in response to the fact that "1 · 2 · 3" is a fixed camera in the past series, "4 · 5 · 6" was TPS, it is sometimes a break of 3 pieces, introducing a new system He said that he did.

 Also, instead of letting out the series characters, for single play, to focus on the horror experience , it was adopted under the intention of "I want to make it an interesting game anyway fearfully" in order to focus on the horror experience . Mr. Nakanishi heard such a story from Mr. Takeuchi, saying that development tension has risen, "You can do what you deserve!"

 The vision of change of direction like this did not come out suddenly. Because, after the release of the previous work "Resident Evil 6", there is discussion inside the company as to what "biohazard 7" should be done, and "Personally," Next is to show the brand image of the series firmly He said he felt that "You should do it better."

 It certainly is fun to kill a zombie, but recently it is everywhere. Mr. Nakanishi insisted that we should aim to experience only "biohazard" that " it is awfully scary and funny" than that .

 In addition, it talks about the impact as experienced in the original "Resident Evil", confined in a closed space that I do not know well, and mysterious zombies in the surroundings. Chris of the hero does not understand what kind of person at that time, the situation that I do not know whether it can survive strains anxiety, and it causes terror.

 It was the first time that there was a motivation to unravel the mystery while having such a sense of fear, so that the experience can be done, "Biohazard 7" as the motif of the first generation as a motif, setting as a new hero, mystery and He said he prepared an enemy.

"Family" gave different horror themes to each

 Next, mention the challenges of horror games. As Mr. Nakanishi say, horror games escape from fear and catharsis is in defeating enemies, but when the threatening threat comes from "unknown" to " correspondable existence "it is not frightened .

 He gave each family a different horror theme to keep it even a little. Here, the initial settings of the Baker family are released. The audience's ears became nailed to their appearance, different from games, such as Margaret manipulating various insects, and Jack torturing maniacs.

 Next, the story ranged to stories and characters that followed the traditional series that did not enter this work. As a reason for not entering Mr. Nakanishi, "By putting everything, even if it is not hated by anyone, it will not be liked by anyone as a result," "What you decide to do something It is also deciding whether to not do it . "

 Fortunately, the project itself was taken positively from marketing, and furthermore it was supported by Mr. Kenzo Tsujimoto, president, and development was proceeded without problem.

It is also important to develop "momentum" and "budding" for development

 Subsequently the topic shifted to actual game development. In development, he told staff first that he watched horror movies and explored spiritual spots. It is said that it was done with the idea that the staff who makes a scary game would not be unaware of the scary experience.

 Also, although the new "RE Engine" was used for the development of this work, "UNITY" was used at the prototyping stage before this was completed. This development period is called "gray box" in the staff, and it says in any way to make it understand what kind of game is making.

 Also, in the management of the team during this period, I will take a minimum stance to the specifications etc, but I will try to do what I thought was interesting for the time being. The section was also abolished and it made it possible to develop it interesting not only in the area of my work.

 By setting this development environment, I could raise the team and the work also got momentum. Mr. Nakanishi insisted that this momentum, sometimes thinking about the future is important as well .

 For example, in the beginning of the story, there is a scene where the hero is slaughtered his arm, but this is adopted in the opinion of Mr. Takano of art director. By inserting this it says that he wanted the user to have an impression such as "What will happen after this?" Or "This game can not be read!" Thanks to this scene, it can be said that we succeeded in drawing more users into the game.

 After that, I will explain the process of this development after completion of "RE engine". The process was divided by several milestones, and it was said that it reviewed reviews made for each milestone and raised the completion rate. For the review, Mr. Takeuchi's hurdle is very high.

 Mr. Nakanishi emphasized that it is important to consider critical opinions and think about how to improve. In fact, the options and choices in the game were reviewed and adopted, and stated that the way they looked pretty changed even in the same scene by putting them in, "Various constraints create new ideas. At any time It is important to develop prospectively without stopping thinking . "

 The scene of the above picture is said to have been added at the request of Mr. Takeuchi.

 In addition to raising the quality of the game, in addition to mentioning the importance of user testing in order to eliminate anxiety during development. "Resident Evil 7" gathered people outside the company and frequently conducted test play.

 The development side objectively confirms how the user made it is received. At the same time, it also said that pacing of user's tension and relaxation, the feeling of depletion of items and the timing of acquisition are also verified.

 In addition, we introduce the basic stance of CAPCOM and the first development room. That means "Let's have fun and make it" and "Laughter is important". "We must also do ourselves well to make something to entertain people, too," he insisted.

 At the end of the session, the DLC information, the development team of this work, a special movie reflecting the trajectory of the code name "HARAWATA" are released. The audience got much boost to the video full of spoilers such as the concept of the game, appearance in the middle of development, Chris which appeared in the free DLC "NOT A HERO". Finally I will post Mr. Nakanishi's comment and finish the report.

Akihisa Nakanishi Mr. Akifumi Nakanishi

 thinks that the goal and vision at the beginning of comment developmentwere achieved, I am spending my days with a sense of fulfillment as a creators. After all I think that whether viewpoints of the public's "biohazard" has been changed certainly depends on whether "7" is issued or not. "7" itself is also true, I think that it was very good, feeling that it was able to raise for the brand in the expectation of what to give out next. thank you for your attention.




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Great work on the translation Oracle.

Well I know that the opening of the game had a very ‘Evil Dead’ vibe but I didn’t know the whole game used the movie as a basis. Much like RE1 did with the Romero trilogy. It is nice to see them give props to Sam Raimi.

They compare it to RE1 and how it should be about the unknown but I don’t quite think they nailed that. Sure RE1 didn’t give us many answers much like 7 but I don’t think they should have used that type of formula here. This is the seventh main game and as it is not a complete reboot it should have previous story links and it didn’t quite have enough for me. Setting up the series to continue forward? Sure it did that but nowhere near the terms of quality that RE1 pulled off. It is a very similar situation as RE1, in terms of where the story goes from here. Like RE1 the location (Mansions) are destroyed and now the focus shifts to the organisation behind it all.

Judging from one of the images it looks like co-op was discussed (obviously they would have). I actually think co-op might have enhanced the experience in this game. Separating to get tasks done and working as a team. It would have required a much longer game though.

In the second image after they discuss the RE ENGINE. There appears to be an image of Mia in a dress? Perhaps a scrapped attire?

I don’t quite think that I felt the way they described when Ethan had his arm chopped off, I kind of knew it wasn’t going to be permanent but I have heard people say that they felt like ‘oh crap what am I going to do now?’. So I guess it worked.

So the whole choice scenario was Takeuchi’s idea. I can’t be too mad at him, he did give us RE5. That choice was pointless/unnecessary though.



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