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George Trevor
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The force of nature that is SARA COATES, fighting her way through a zombie apocalypse in Syfy hit show ZNation as 'Sister of Mercy' Serena, and cooking up the most gruesome family meal in video game history, as matriarch of the iconic Baker family, Marguerite Baker, will be our very special star guest on the next Crimson Head Elder podcast.

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Residents are invited to submit their questions here, for Sara to kindly answer during our Podcast Interview, to be released next weekend, together with our comprehensive review of Resident Evil 7.


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USS Command
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1. How was your experience with voice acting for RE7? 2. Have you been exposed to the series before hand? 3. Do you watch ZNation?

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1: What was your first reaction when Capcom contacted you to be the voice of Marguerite Baker?


2: Was it difficult voicing this character?


3: Did you enjoy your time working with them on a character many started to come to fear?


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Kudos on this awesome guest CHE. RE7 sets the bar for V/O work, the cast did an awesome job, this was the best example of the art the series has offered up to date. Sara Coates you did an insane job producing the most hideous scary voice, I loved it to death! My question simply is where the hell did you find those tones, they sound like they came from an actress much older and with video game experience - I noticed this was your first time voice acting?



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1.- Any unsued lines you can to share?

2.-  What inspired your performance?

3.- Have you played any previous games in the series? If so, what's your favorite?

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1. Not a question but well done, very well done. Marguerite gave me more chills than any other antagonist in the game. You owned this role.

2. We never got to see the human side of your character, unlike the rest of the family. How do you think Marguerite would have been in the scene where Jack sanely reveals the truth to Ethan? Would you be willing to do a voiceover of this part with a sane Marguerite talking to Ethan instead of Jack?

3. Have you played the game? If so what was the hardest part for you? The scariest?

4. Is Marguerite your favorite character? If not, who is and why?

5. If you are a gamer in any capacity, what is your favorite game? Favorite genre?

6. If you have played BIOHAZARD (or Resident Evil) before, what are your thoughts on this game returning more to the horror roots of the series as opposed to being more of an action game?


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James Marcus
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I'm a big ZNation fan and yet I would never have placed that voice coming out from Marguerite Baker as the same lady behind magnificent Serena! I have to ask Ms Coates how much did her time on ZNation help with her role as Marguerite? What crossovers did she encounter between a TV show zombie fest and a video game zombie fest?


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February 5, 2017 at 10:46 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Marguerite Baker is one scary SOB!!!!

1. How did you prepare for the voice of Marguerite?

2. Did you have any experience with the Resident Evil series at all before going into the role?

Thank you

February 6, 2017 at 1:24 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Were you given any reference materials by Capcom, like maybe The Texas Chainsaw Massacre or the new Trump administration?

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1. Did your work on the Troma masterpeice, Junk Bonds: The Return of Junkbucket prepare you for your roll in a cannibalistic, backwoods family?

2. Was there any mocap work involved with RE7, or is it just voice?

3. Have you played the game yet?

February 6, 2017 at 3:37 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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This is is awesome I cant wait to hear from the actor behind that voice! I'm not kidding around guys I had to turn my lights on all the way thru the scenario with Marguerite. I still cant get her screaming out my head, it haunts me to this day lol :mad: Pleeeeeeese would Sara consider reading Marguerite's files, to hear that voice again bringing her files to life would be fucking intense.


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February 6, 2017 at 3:41 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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Let me start by saying bravo, you did an excellent job as Marguerite Baker. Resident evil has a new way of photo realistically adding actual people into their games rather than just voice acting, creating a more life like experience. With this addition comes the need for not only voicing the character but also becoming the character. What has this experience been like for you? Did you find it difficult acting in motion capture or did you enjoy the experience. Thanks! -JJ / RESIDENCEofEVIL

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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Awesome job voicing Margureite Baker! I would not have guessed that this role was your intial role into voice acting just by listening to you.

1. Did you see any Resident Evil movies and did the movies help you with your role in RE7?

2. Did you have to draw on other influences to help you with voicing Marguerite Baker?

3. Did the producers of Capcom have sometime in mind when they wanted you to voice Margureite?

4. Did you met with the other voice of RE7 together or did you record the lines separately?

5. Does Capcom want you to do any more voice acting? It would be awesome to hear more of your voice acting! :D

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Hank Foreman
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1. Were there any films to watch, games to play, and/or books to read to prepare yourself for the role?

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Albert Wesker 187
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I want to start off by saying it is an honor, privilege, and a blessing to have the voice actress of Marguerite Baker in a podcast and I know we are all looking forward to hearing what she has to say. A big thank you to George Trevor for making this podcast possible and an even bigger thanks to the very beautiful and talented Sara Coates for taking time from her busy schedule to answer our questions. 

1. What changes do you predict for your future?

2. What are the most common mistakes do you believe aspiring actors or actresses make?

3. What is your favorite show/project/character that you have played or been a part of over the years?


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February 8, 2017 at 4:07 AM Flag Quote & Reply

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Fantastic work GT and a big thanks to Sara for giving us the time out of her schedule to talks with us. May I just add that your performance in the family dinner scene was fantastic.

1. (I know this has been asked several times already but i'd like to add to it) During the family dinner sequence the Baker's have a very close resemblance to Texas Chainsaw Massacre. During the Bedroom DLC there is a very strong vibe of Kathy Bates The Misery. Did you realise this or use it as a part of a foundation for your performance?

2. From the information I could find on your resume this would appear to be your first role in a video game as a VA. Could you tell us about the experience and did you enjoy it compared to the likes of being in a movie or on a tv show.

3. Did you get the oppourtunity to ad lib any dialogue or was it a case of sticking closley to the script. Whoever came up with the line 'Show yourself you fucking shitcock' deserves props for making me burst into laughter.


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Good work George Trevor getting Sara Coates who did a pretty damn good job of voicing a killer cook of woman, to take the time to talk to CHR!

Guess my questions here would be what is Sara's all time favorite female villain, and it can be from movies,books,games. etc...?

Is Sara a better cook than Margeurite? Just adding some lightheartdness here.

Would Sara ever participate on a ghost-hunting trip (something like Sewer Gators)?

February 8, 2017 at 11:31 PM Flag Quote & Reply

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1. Marguerite uses the most profanity out of any character in the series. How do you feel about this?

2. Do you get mad when you make/buy food and no one eats it?


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