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I was rather intrigued by this game when I found out it contained files. I was very surprised that nobody had transcribed or taken screenshots to post online so I decided to do it myself. Believe me I wish I didn’t have to but I took one for the team so to speak. The game itself truly is awful however there is a nice story to be told in the games files and also a few interesting notes on the official website. I will start this off with my own thoughts on the game and my personal experience. Followed by the official website descriptions of the game mode, BOW’s and maps. Then finally my transcription of the files to finish it off.


These are not my biggest gripe with the game surprisingly. Don’t get me wrong they are very poor and damn near broken. However if the camera was not fixed on the back of the players head I would have had a much easier time with this game. If the camera was zoomed back more and gave us more of a view of our surroundings it wouldn’t be such a frustrating mess. If you have ever played Call of Duty Zombies this is very similar in terms of having to survive. If you stand still for more than a few seconds on some maps you will be instantly mobbed by all sorts of enemies. The crows on the RPD courtyard map in particular are annoying as hell. Constant bombardment and shooting these crows takes time and ammo so usually you are forced to switch to your Cronus Mk1 (melee weapon) swipe the bird and then switch back eight times out of ten by the time you have done this you have a group of zombies approaching fast. Headshots are easy to pull off from distance and safety however I found myself surrounded by so many from all sorts of distances that sometimes you have to retreat. Causing you to do so then means you are running into areas where other zombies who did not notice you now have and they join in on the chase. Several times I found myself circling the map with at least 15-20 zombies in an angry mod chasing me down. When you only have 30 bullets and you can’t stand and pick them off because you will be killed within seconds, the only option is to run which then means you are spawning more and more enemies. It is exactly like Call of Duty zombies but with rubbish controls and bad camera movement.

The Cronus MK 1 is basically a grappling hook which if you hold down a button will charge up an electronic current which becomes quite powerful. One on one this weapon is great; you are likely to always win even against together enemies. However when there is as little as two enemies unless you get a quick swipe animation with the Cronus you could easily die. The animation when 3A-7 uses the melee attack with the Cronus is completely random and you cannot control it. He has three variation animations. One is a quick swipe, the second is a side swipe which is also fast and the third is this STUPID! Run and jump superman punch style swipe which results in nothing but you getting your throat ripped out for milking it. Also a cod zombie’s reference here but this game’s enemies are the kings of double tap. Double tap is when an enemy hits you twice in a row even if they only really hit you once. It takes around 3 attacks to die and the attacks are basically them being near you. There is no animation other than them lifting their arms. So as you can imagine if two zombies are near you and one double taps and the other hits you with a single attack you are dead. There is no difficulty choice you have to put up with the games predetermined difficulty which feels to me like RE5 pro or more recently Mad House.


Garbage soundtrack filled with techno style music. The main theme is tolerable other than that I would not want to hear any of it again.


3A-7 is the main protagonist of the game and a mercenary. 3A-7 has a skill set similar to Hunk and survives missions even when the odds are impossible. He builds a reputation of being the new Grim Reaper by the end of the game.

Abraham Jackson is a researcher for an unconfirmed organisation. His role for the organisation is to inform and allocate mercenaries to quarantined areas so they can gather data and try out equipment. The role of a researcher is setting up the specifics for an experiment by choosing the BOW’s, weapons and circumstances the mercenaries have to face to gather the data. When the data is gathered the researcher will report this data to his superior. Abraham seems sympathetic towards 3A-7 and thinks of them as a team however after time, successful missions and the garnering of attention from the corporation Abraham is more concerned about his own goals.

Beatrice Bertrand is a researcher who replaces Abraham and is unhappy about being called back from her vacation to the Caribbean early. Unlike Abraham however her personality is a lot less sympathetic towards 3A-7. Unlike Abraham she doesn’t seem to have the same drive and goals for promotion.

Unknown Researcher Very little is known about the third and last researcher other than he/she is Beatrice’s replacement and they fear a similar outcome that their predecessors shared.

Honker is a nickname for Abraham Jackson’s superior. This name was given due to his nose. Honker’s goals are to insure mercenaries fail their missions to increase the price of the BOW’s on the black market.

The Commander is an unknown individual who wants to stay that way even to people within the company. The Commander is an individual who instils fear within those around him. He has an interest in 3A-7 and is responsible for The Experiments. He also is known for having a great knowledge of The Village.


CQBZ - Close Combat Battle Zone.


The game follows 3A-7 from his field test training up until his most recent mission. 3A-7 is mercenary who works for an unnamed corporation. 3A-7 works under the command of three researchers through the game. Abraham Jackson, Beatrice Bertrand and an unknown researcher whom gives him his final mission. His role for the corporation involves him being sent to different quarantined locations and collecting data as well as trying out equipment. Much to the surprise of the researches 3A-7 continues to survive his missions even with the odds stacked against him which leads to the researchers believing he has a similar skill set of the Grim Reaper (Hunk) and even at one point asking if 3A-7 is Hunk. Finally after three different researchers and 3A-7 surviving against all odds the researchers admit they fear him and dub him the new Grim Reaper.


The Organization


Tenenti Inc.

Suntech Nina Co.

Suntech Samurai Co.

Saurian Corporation

Aeolus Edge West

Aeolus Edge East

Akembe Chemical

Rashid Sahir Industries

Sheng-Ya Pharmaceutical

The Experiment

(From the official website)

The Experiment is a single player mode where you take on a series of missions. The next mission is unlocked after you complete the current mission. Your equipment for certain missions is pre-determined. Good item management is paramount; Think carefully about when to use the item drops around the stage.

DNA Hunter – Kill the creatures and collect their DNA samples.

Domination – Secure the specified location. You’ll need to stay in the area long enough to secure it.

Collector – Collect all 5 briefcases scattered about the stage.

SP DNA Hunter – Kill a special mutated creature and collect it’s DNA sample.


(From the official website)

One Life Match – Two teams battle it out over multiple rounds. Tensions will run high as no respawns make every encounter a life or death struggle.

Multi-Mission – Mission objectives change between rounds. This game mode features respawns, so it’s good for the casual players. Game modes include; Protector, Collector, DNA Hunter, SP DNA Hunter, Collar War, Domination, Respawn Match and Target Hunter.


(From the official website)

Zombies are infected humans who have fallen victim to the T-Virus. The zombies in Umbrella Corps are a mix of zombies left over from the original outbreak, plus new ones created from the conflict being waged within the quarantined areas.

Cerebus is an Umbrella weapon developed by intentionally infecting Doberman with the T – Virus. Whoever is behind the events of Umbrella Corps has brought them back as-of-yet unknown purposes.

Ganados from the Spanish |Ganado (meaning ‘cattle’;), are humans who have been infected with the Plaga parasite. After the evil schemes of the Los Iluminados were put to an end, the Ganados were eliminated and the village closed off. However, villagers wanting to return home broke through the quarantined zone, and it is thought that they fell victim to a wild form of the Plaga that remained in the environment

Majini is a Swahili word for devil and the name given to the inhabitants infected by the Plaga parasite. After the ‘accident’ the Plagas survived extermination by living in the body of survivors. The Majini in this game are a lesser version of the ones in RE5, lacking the awareness and intelligence of their predecessors, but they are just as fierce and dangerous.

Mutated Zombies are markedly stronger and more resilient than the standard type. Not only are these deadly foes unaffected by the zombie jammer, but also render the zombie jammer temporarily useless when they are near the enemy. Mutated zombies lurk within the Antarctic Base.


(From the official website)

Umbrella Lab – A secret, underground Umbrella Laboratory designed for the biological weapons research. It’s existence was known to only a handful of elite Umbrella executives. It was shut down after Umbrella’s dissolution and then promptly quarantined, making it inaccessible to the general public. As a battle arena, it offers cover in the form of doors, walls and air ducts, but the cramped environment guarantees multiple enemy encounters. Battles on this map will be fast and furious.

Tricell HQ – The secret headquarters of Tricell, a multinational conglomerate that appeared in Resident Evil 5. It still houses classified information on the development of bioweapons. This multi-level facility features lot of furniture, walls and doors that can be opened little-by-little, so efficient use of the analog cover system is crucial. Following a T-Virus outbreak the facility is now overrun by zombies and Cerebus dogs.

Village – An abandoned village in Europe that was featured in Resident Evil 4. This map features many classic set pieces from the game, including the sacrificial pillar in the centre of the village. There are also lots of buildings that can be infiltrated, and you can climb up to the rooftop to find a good spot for your next attack.

Kijuju Autonomous Zone District 12 = The autonomous zone of Kijuju, where the events of Resident Evil 5 unfolded. The settlement here was virtually wiped out by a bioterror Plaga infection. This map, with its open areas and webbed underground passages, is the biggest map of the game, allowing players to experience unique battle situations.

Raccoon City – A mid-Western U.S. city brought to its knees by a viral outbreak. Wide open city streets contrast the claustrophobic maze-like sewer system just below the surface. Utilizing vehicles for cover is critical to survival above ground, while cutting through the underground may be key to securing victory.

Police Station – Make shift barricades throughout the hall tell the futile story of the final survivor’s last stand. With no place to hide, split second decisions draw the line between life and death. Frequent close quarters require swift movement in and out of cover; they also provide a perfect opportunity to leverage the zombie shield for additional protection.

Antarctic Base – The Antarctic Base features the infamous Resident Evil – Code Veronica Umbrella Corp facility, and is perhaps the most tactical map in the game. Ducts and passageways run through three interwoven layers of the vertically expansive playfield, providing the perfect opportunity to take the completion by surprise.


(From the official website)

The Brainer – A powerful, close range weapon that can be used to take down zombies in one hit by delivering a blow to their spinal cords. Human opponents can be taken down in one hit too. The Brainer can also be used for climbing up walls.

Tactical Shield – Your Tactical Shield doesn’t just protect you from bullets, it also protects you from the infected. Once a zombie has bitten into it, they can be used as a shield.

Terrain Spikes – Special footwear designed for use in virus-infested quarantined zones. Also great for stomping on the infected and climbing up walls.

Zombie Jammer – This device emits a strong electromagnetic pulse that confuses the sense of the infected who hear it, making the wearer virtually invisible to them. However, if it’s broken the zombies will become aware to your presence.


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The Experiment Files





Transcribers note: The tutorial is pretty self-explanatory. It is basically an introduction for Agent 3A-7 to his equipment, environment interactions and controls. It is basically training before being sent into the field.


Basic Training


Dec 21, 2015


These experiments have been designed to weed out those who will be of no use to us. They will most likely die during the training. Well, Lab rat. Which one are you?


Advanced Training


Dec 22, 2015


The advanced training shows us the subject’s true potential. It also determines whether the lab rat lives or dies. Life of death…in this arena, they’re mostly the same anyway.


Transcribers Note: Regarding the files. I have changed around the order so you can enjoy a more continual reading. In game the files are presented to us in the form of the paragraph with the date (See below March 12, 2012) being given in-between the two paragraphs by Abraham Jackson. I changed it otherwise you would be reading a pre mission paragraph then post and then back to pre, which I thought would spoil the story for you.


Deadly Experiment


March 12, 2012


The zombies are very hungry, and they’ve been waiting for a long time. Do try to stay alive…but I won’t be holding my breath or anything.


March 2012


Abraham Jackson


The day is finally upon us. We’re resuming the experiments. Sure took their sweet time. But enough about that. We’ll start with the abandoned Umbrella research facility. You’ll find plenty of researchers there – or what’s left of them.


Hey…you’re still alive. Somehow, in accordance with protocol I’m raising the difficulty. So let me level with you, 3A-7. If you fail, you die. And I lose out on my chance to get ahead. We’re in the same boat here, buddy.


Spicing Things Up


March 13, 2012.


An area ravaged by the T – Virus. Truly hell on earth. To that end I’ve given you weapons to survive the carnage. Use them well and you may live to see another day.


Abraham Jackson


The survival rate for the experiments last year were far too low. That asshole with the huge nose from the inquiry board tasked me with making them more effective. I won’t make the same mistakes. Let’s start with the PDW. This should increase your odds.


The rapid-fire rate of the PDW helps to increase your survival rate. But what happens if the environment becomes a bit more… cruel? I can’t wait to find out.


Virtue of the Shotgun


Mar 14, 2012.


Happy birthday! Here’s a shotgun. Put it to good use. I’ll be paying close attention to the data you give me from it.


Abraham Jackson


According to the BSAA battle manual, the wide spread of the shotgun is more effective against the infected than high-precision weapons. Well… We’ll have to put that theory to the test then.


Looks like the shotgun is particularly effective at close range. No surprises there. Next we’ll have to test the subject’s physical vitality.


The Subject’s Potential


Mar 16, 2012


This is the hardest difficulty level in the simulator. Survival of the fittest. Once you run out of ammo…well, then it’s time for the brainer. Survival is adaptability.


Abraham Jackson


Even a third-rate mercenary could make it this far. The real test starts now. Survive this, 3A-7, and you will have shown yourself to be a cut above the rest.


I’ve received permission to begin a new round of trials. I’ve changed my mind about the subject. If he performs well, that bodes well for me too. So, onto the next stage. This time we’ll be going to a Tricell facility that fell victim to a bioterror attack.


Rest for the Weary


Mar, 2012


We’ve been given special access to this facility in order to collect valuable battle data. So do your thing. And try not to die.


Abraham Jackson


Never imagined you’d actually ask to be sent in. You must be one of those types. Even in training, you need to feel risk in order to find your motivation.


You’ve gotten bored of this place, haven’t you? Don’t worry. There’s a new trial waiting for you.


Hell Hounds


Apr 1, 2012


The nice thing about this bioterror incident is that it gave us the Cerebus. They’re fast and adapt at locating the enemy.




Abraham Jackson


Begin recording. After 20 long travel hours we’ve finally arrived at the Mediterrean Sea. Unfortunately Honker is here too. This asshole doesn’t want to acknowledge the validity of CQBZ. I hate him and his stupid nose.


Honker is busy trying to cover his ass. He’s proposed a change in mission conditions. I wonder how this is going to affect the survival rate? Is he trying to make us fail?


Secure the Location


Apr 3, 2012


Unlike before, now you won’t be able to run away. So I’ve secretly increased the locations of hidden weapons. The rest is up to you.


Abraham Jackson


Had to change the mission thanks to Honker butting in. You have to send us data from the specified location. It’ll require holding your position for awhile. That definitely complicates things.


The subject has easily adapted to the territorial missions. Oh I’d love to see the look on Honker’s face! But you know that asshole has gone and changed the mission again…I wouldn’t let him without making my own demands. Let’s use this to move forward.


Collection Training


Apr 4, 2012


This will be our final experiment on this island. Once completed we’ll be taken to the next quarantined zone. Before that you’ll need to collect all of the classified items.


Abraham Jackson


I can’t take it anymore. We have to do something about Honker. He’s all about BOW’s, and is actively making this experiment harder for us. He’s an enemy to us both. Stick it to him by clearing this mission, 3A-7.


I’ve told the organization about how well you’re doing. Not even Honker can stop us now. Next we’ll be heading to an infamous bioterror disaster zone. You’ll be encountering new creatures. That works for me.


Tidying Up the House


Apr, 2012


Here’s your chance to go nuts. Kill to your heart’s content. Exterminate any and all monsters you find.


Abraham Jackson


I don’t care anymore if you die or not. I’m already thinking about all the wonderful experiments I’ll get to carry out at the next stage.


I’m on the verge of accomplishing the tasks that were given to me. I will revive the CBQZ battle system. And then… Then I’ll be untouchable.


Village Where it All Started


May 21, 2012


These Ganado have been infected with the Dummy Plaga, a weakened form of the parasite. They’re not as strong as regular Ganado, but still more threatening than your average zombie.




Abraham Jackson


This village is where that organization started. The Plaga parasite hasn’t been fully contained. Good news for me. It makes for fertile testing grounds.


One of the bigshots at the top has heard about you, and is coming to watch. I’ve only heard rumours, but apparently he scares everyone in the organization shitless. Who could do that?




May 22, 2012


Given time even the Dummy Plaga will cause a mutation in the subject, creating strong Ganados. I would not recommend a direct confrontation with them.


Abraham Jackson


A certain…individual…from the high ranks in the organization will be watching. Be sure to put on a good show for him.


The commander seemed more interested in the subject than the mutated Ganados. His facial expression never changed but he asked a couple of questions. I guess this is my chance to talk you up.


The Commander


Mar 23, 2012


As requested from above, you’ll have to obtain data briefcases from Ganado-infested territory. And I hate to break it to you, but not only will supplies be short, but were reducing your ammo as well.


Abraham Jackson


The organization is watching. And that man seems very interested in this village. The way he talks about it…it’s almost like he was there when everything went down. Just who is this guy?


I promised the commander that I’d move on to the next level of trials. He made sure to let me know that he’s the one responsible for these experiments. I don’t think he came outta nowhere, he seem’s very familiar with everything. I’d better get on his good side.


Scorched Earth


June 18, 2012


The Plaga is spreading once again at the site of the Tricell incident. We’ll be collecting battle stress data through multiple missions. Better strap in for the long haul.




Abraham Jackson


I’m fascinated by what happened in the past. And with this guy. It seems like he’s trying to make a show of his own strength. And with that my suspicions increase tenfold. I have to figure out who he is. If I can just access the DNA data that’s in the archives…


Just who is this guy, and why is everyone so terrified of him? The more I see him, the more questions I have. I’ll do my own background check. In secret of course. I managed to get one of his hairs…


The Vanished and the New


Jul 6, 2012


The Plaga has even found it’s way to the regional wildlife infecting a type of African wild dog. The natives called it Adjule. It’ll rip you to shreds if you’re not careful.




Beatrice Bertrand


The lead researcher in charge of this experiment has mysteriously disappeared. Useless prick. Thanks to him they called me back from my vacation. Well, let’s get this over with. There’s a shot of tequila in the Caribbean with my name on it.


The lab rat has completed the experiment. He doesn’t know anything about what’s going on, or just how fucked up the previous researcher running the experiments was. I was hoping the rat would die and that’d be the end of things.


The African Gate


Jul 8, 2012


This will be the last test. There will be a mutant Majini, so prepare for a hard-fought battle. You’ll need your battle skills and a lot of luck.


Beatrice Bertrand


There are plenty of rumours flying around regarding my predecessor’s disappearance. But I don’t care. I’m just here to finish what he started. Not gonna dig any deeper than that. You know what they say after all – curiosity killed the cat.


The lab rat has broken through to the next level of experiments. The next location as well as the route to get there is highly confidential. We’ll be put to sleep and then taken there. I know what we’re doing is fucked up, but I still don’t have the big picture.


Bonus Lesson


Jul, 2012


This is an additional mission for the 12th Kijuju district. Try to see how fast you can kill those Majini.


Beatrice Bertrand


I’ll continue the experiments using the data from 3A-7. To be honest with you, I don’t really care what my predecessor was trying to do. But it seems like some very powerful people do care very much. So I just gotta do it.


I don’t care all that much…but the subject’s battle abilities are off the charts. Very reminiscent of the U.S.S. soldiers.


Where it All Began


Aug 7, 2012


There isn’t a soul alive who hasn’t heard of what happened to this city. Now it exists as a phantom, a recreation of that fateful day. Your ammo has been limited in homage.




Beatrice Bertrand


When I woke up I found myself here. In Raccoon City. Well, a recreation of it at least. Right down to the zombies. Who’d make such a thing? …Nope. No questions. That’s just asking for trouble. Just do what you’re told.


Seems that even this town posed no threat to you. Not surprising. They say the man known as the Grim Reaper survived this calamity. He’s a strong advocate for CQBZ. Maybe this is why.


A Dependable Weapon


Aug 20, 2012


We’re going to mix things up today. In order to test the equipment we’re giving you new weapons and ammo. The cute little doggies will be there as well. Wonder how that will affect things?


Beatrice Bertrand


We’ve received the prototypes from the weapons makers. Time to put them to the test. After all, we’ve got sponsors watching this thing. Have to keep their interest in mind as well.


These weapons have been customized for CQBZ use. Effective, eh? I’m sure the sponsors will be pleased with the report.


Walking Threat


Aug 24, 2012


This mission is a pure test of survival. Who will be left standing – the mutant, or the subject? I can’t wait to find out.


Beatrice Bertrand


Well it’s the moment of truth. The experiment will be using mutated zombie variations. They fight just as fearsome as they look. Time to see if CQBZ is up to the task.


Unbelievable! The subject survived. I have to think that the next area we’ll be taken to will be tailored to close-range battles. Then we’ll find out the true power of CBQZ.


Confined Struggle


Sep 3, 2012


Another splendid replica. Very high quality. Though it does differ from the RPD in a few ways. The zombies are authentic enough. Watch your step.




Beatrice Bertrand


If we’re going to test CQBZ to it’s limits, there’s no better place than here. One room, plenty of zombies and places to cover yourself. Let’s start off with reducing your ammo, shall we?


So I got called in by my supervisor. He told that they were going to triple my contract payment, and upon successful completion of the trials I’d get a special bonus. I wanted no part of this, but it could end up being my big chance…


Zombie Jammer


Sep 15, 2012


Here. I’ve got a new toy for you. With this you should be able tidy up this cesspool of infected in no time.




Beatrice Bertrand


Plenty of noisy ‘guests’ today. The engineers have the various pharm companies breathing down their necks. So they came to check up on things personally. That’s to be expected. After all, today we’re going to be testing the results of something very important…


The Zombie Jammer has been completed. It robs the infected of their perception senses. However we haven’t explored the possible side-effects on regular humans. It’s not a stretch of the imagination to think it could cause brain damage.


Beginning of the End


Oct 13, 2012


We’ve perfected the zombie jammer. So we’re done with you. The final quarantine zone is the Antarctic Base. The mutated zombies here don’t give a shit about your little jammer. A fitting burial ground.




Beatrice Bertrand


So…things have changed. My newest order is ‘Kill 3A-7 within an experiment.’ Two reasons for that – we’ve perfected the zombie jammer. The second is that we can’t have you lowering the stock on BOW’s. Don’t take it personally.


That experiment was supposed to kill you! Just what the hell are you? I begged my superiors for another chance and they gave it to me. But if you don’t kick the bucket, then it’ll be my head on the chopping block.


The Final Battle


No 20, 2012


So, 3A-7. What happens when you kill monster after monster? Eventually you become one of them. But it ends now. You’ll be joining Alexia in eternal slumber here.




Beatrice Bertrand


Commencing experiment. Survival emergency is 0%. We’ve got to show just how threatening BOW’s can be. After all, there are those who are banking everything on them. So…all you have to do is die.


Fucking hell! Why won’t you die! Are you human? You’re not…the Grim Reaper are you?


Endless Game


Jan 2, 2013


This experiment…It was the most difficult one I could create. It wasn’t supposed to matter what equipment you had. Survival expectancy was supposed to be zero. And yet…! Why…


January 2013


The previous researcher was…dismissed. I’ll be taking over regarding the further experimental trials of subject 3A-7. Guess someone upstairs hates me.


You’re still alive. Of course you are. The researchers…they’re all afraid of you. They’ve started calling you the new Grim Reaper…





Jun 20, 2016


Continuous missions test your mettle. Changing objectives test how adaptable you are. If you are truly an elite unit, then show us what you’ve got.


Jun 21, 2016


These experiments are designed to test your teamwork abilities. In small cells each individual plays a vital role. Surviving for just a second longer can help your team achieve victory.



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USS Command
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This is really good work. Besides me, who doesn't have a PS4, I don't think anyone else would bother with this task. You did a damn fine with this!


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Bravo for compiling everything! I still don't know where in the actual game the other companies are referenced. Could someone point that out for me?

Also, your meme skills are impressive, most impressive, USS.


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Thanks both much appriciated. Makes the time I spent constructing this worth while. It wasn't an easy task forcing myself to play this game as I said above it is a very poor/broken game and was extremley frustrating. However these files are worth taking note of and should not be ignored. Any title that is canon can add something to the series. Wether it be character development, BOW or Organisation information. I feel like this game gives us a nice in depth idea of who Umbrella Corps are and their motivations. If not for this game you could consider Umbrella Corps in RE7 as an organisation with good intentions. BUT based on their data collection from quarantined zones as well as the elemination of their own staff we can safley assume their intentions are not good.

M Greg, the organisation names come from multiplayer where you can select an icon for your player's badge. Can I just add I tried to play this game online only two days ago and I couldn't find a single person online. I tried every game mode and waited sufficent time. There was not a single person to be found online.


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Hunter Alpha
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I actually found the game quite enjoyable (while the multipalyer was alive that is), even though it does have many glaring flaws.

I do want to point out that there are some translation issues in the official site and the game itself. For instance, the japanese version talks about a Recessive Plaga, but the english version refers to it as wild Plaga in one instance and dummy Plaga in another. Also, the CQBZ gear has different names in the japanese trailer:

Brainer - Zombie Beil

Terrain Spikes - Zombie Eisen

Tactical Shield - Zombie Shield (the wikia claims that the japanese verison calls it Bite Guard)

As you can see, the japanese version tried to keep the names of the gear more closely tied to CQBZ.

Moving on, the multiplayer files actually simply use the current date, so I guess we can assume that it means that those battles are taking place in the present. On the other hand, the new mode, 4 Survivors, uses the current day and month, but set two years earlier (if you palyed tod ay the date would be Feb. 9th 2015). In this mode you are not given a zombie jammer or any CQBZ gear (you can't climbe or block zombies), with a combat knife replacing the brainer. You do cna find a zombie jammer, but much like the single player campaign's, it only lasts for a while. This do would point towards this particular mode taking place before the CQBZ or the zombie jammer were perfected and became streamlined.

By the way, the corresponding file to this mode would be:


4 Survivors

Four Test Subjects were introduced to a group of the infected. All subjects were slaughtered. Again, no promising candidates. We can’t give up. We’ll repeat the experiments as much as needed.

If you want to take a look, simply set a private match and you'll be able to play multiplayer mode by yourself.

Regarding the Mutated Zombie, given that it first appears on August 24th 2012, I'm inclined to think that it wasn't created with the C-virus.

Finally, I have already made a couple threads related to this game, one about the pharmaceutical companies that hire the Umbrella Corps, and other about the particular type of Plaga that reappeared at the RE4 village:

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Interesting stuff there Alpha. Again with the translation discrepencies. So it is infact the a recessive plaga and not a wild plaga? Well that changes the meaning of it completley. So what does this mean exactly? In order for it to be a recessive gene usually it involves two of the same creating its own? Am I wrong here or is it possible that the plaga mated?

Oh thanks for the tip on multiplayer. I will have to try that as clearly nobody is playing this game anymore. Thanks I'll check those threads out now.


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Hunter Alpha
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The USS, which the Umbrella Corps seems to be based on, iare mentioned a few times and are essentially implied to be the ones that came up with CQBZ:

-Abraham Jackson speaks of "resurrecting CQBZ".

-HUNK was mentioned as a strong advocate of CQBZ.

-Of the DLC weapons, the Talonhawk brainer, is implied to have been a weapon used by HUNK:


A hatchet-shaped brainer a hero of the past once favored. Prolonged heat charging and activation.

The DLC promotional images showed a character customized as HUNK wielding this same weapon:

Speaking of brainers, besides the DLC one, there's 3 brainers available for multiplayer, starting with the Cronus Mk. II, which is the standard issue model, the Cronus Mk. I, which is the prototype and the Hoghammer, which shouldn't be useful for climbing and rather seems to be solely for melee combat. The interesting thing about the Cronus type brainers is that during The Experiment, A-37 uses the Cronus Mk I until the Raccoon City Map trials and by the time he begins trials at the RPD building, he's given a Cronus Mk II.

As an interesting detail, the melee weapon of Lupo from Operation Raccoon City could loosely fit the concept of a brainer, namely the combat-focused Hoghammer.

Likewise, there are at least two main types of Zombie Jammers for multiplayer: the shell-type, which is the standard type, and a smaller side-strap jammer, which seems to be a more compact model. On the other hand, the prototype zombie jammer that you can pick up during the last mission in the RPD building is a small device that you strap on your right forearm and which only lasts for 1 minute before breaking down. Still by the time the trials begin on the Antartic Base, a standard shell-type jammer is already available.

By the way, the same disposable prototype jammer is available in 4 survivors mode as a pick up that also last only for a minute. My take on that mode is that it is meant to depict the selection process, or narrowing down of candidates, for the Umbrella Corps, which is why the matches are set "2 years ago", putting them after the end of The Experiment trials with A-37 and before the tutorial training missions taking place on December 2015.

Lastly, there's a couple of custom shotguns in the game: the Doberman Pincer USS, as well as a Waltham BSAA.

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Good catch on the CBQZ resurection that one went completley over my head. Make's sense that they are using USS tactics, equipment and maybe even USS merc's since they would have the information after aquiring Umbrella's data.


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The Zombie Beil and Zombie Eisen appear to be named after the German terms for axe/hatchet and blade respectively. The choice of German is interesting, considering Umbrella was based in Germany.

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Here's a list of the game's real world weapons:

Samurai Edge/Samurai Edge SP - Beretta 92F

TN-12 AX Falco - Beretta 93R

418 Matilda - Heckler & Koch VP70

Wolfsbane - Luger Pistol


Lightning Hawk - IMI Desert Eagle

Blackjack -> Glock 17

K-12 AX -> Kriss Vector

JP Granate AZ -> H&K MP7

Warthog -> Magpul PDR

Lancer CQBZ Ver. -> KAC PDW

Doberman Pincer -> Kel Tec KSG

Waltham -> Atchisson AA-12

Grey Fox -> Sig Sauer P320

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James Marcus
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News Bot at March 19, 2017 at 2:45 PM

The Zombie Beil and Zombie Eisen appear to be named after the German terms for axe/hatchet and blade respectively. The choice of German is interesting, considering Umbrella was based in Germany.

What is the source for Germany being the location of main Umbrella HQ? Wasnt it the Paris branch seen at the start of Code Veronica?


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James Marcus at April 5, 2017 at 1:28 PM

News Bot at March 19, 2017 at 2:45 PM

The Zombie Beil and Zombie Eisen appear to be named after the German terms for axe/hatchet and blade respectively. The choice of German is interesting, considering Umbrella was based in Germany.

What is the source for Germany being the location of main Umbrella HQ? Wasnt it the Paris branch seen at the start of Code Veronica?

Umbrella is identified as a "konzern" (concern), a type of German business group. This would have been revealed outright in CODE:Veronica if not for Nazi censorship. There's a few other reasons that I can't recall right now but I've compiled them before elsewhere.

The Paris Laboratory is just a laboratory.

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Translated The Experiment.

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Capcom said that this game is considered canon in the RE universe. All the talk about the bigshot watching leads me to believe wesker is still alive in some capacity. Especially given the possibility of mind transference and cloning that we have been introduced to. Some people I've talked to refuse to even consider it but all the evidence points to him. People being afraid of him, being more interesed in the subject rather than the monsters, knowing everything that went down in Europe during RE4. Wesker is the only person that could fit all of this.

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BIohazard Umbrella Corps voice dialogues:


D.C. Douglas (3A7)

"Go on."

"Rest in peace looser."

"Time to go to work."

"Stay sharp, focus."

"Fucking hell."

"One to go."

"This one's mine."

"I'm marked cover me."

"Let's do this."

"Commencing operation."

"What a pain."

"Almost wasn't even worth it."

"Thanks for the tip."

"Let's take them down."

"Proceeding with retrieval operation."

"Let's do this."

"This is useless."

"Let's cut off the snake's head."

"Huh, interesting."

"One more thing to worry about."

"Shit, that complicates things."

"Come get me assholes."

"One down."

"You've been sterilized."

"Less than ideal."

"This one's mine."

"You are pathetic."

"[Mihawk?] ok then, come and get it."

"Proceeding with caution."

"Transfer point located."

"Enemy data obtained."

"Target selection confirmed."

"Target confirmed, proceeding with elimination."

"Huh, laughable."

"Don't let the sample fall in enemy hands."

"There it is."

"Proceeding to first transfer point."


"See you in hell."

"Let's get them."

"I'm still better than you."

"Objectives confirmed."

"Commencing search."

"That'll make you more popular."

"Going after the target."

"You want mine come and get it."

"Sample obtained."

"Could be useful."

"Let's find that sample."

"Which one of these things has what i need."


"Useless idiots."

"All or nothing."

"Nice, just what i needed."

"Roger, moving out."

"Don't get in the way."

"Search and defend."

"Kill anything that moves."

"Thanks for the boost."

"Stupid scrub."

"Nothing personal."

"Targeting the infected."

"I'll take that."

"Mine now."

"Beginning transmission."

"Piss out asshole."

"Objective complete."

"Securing transmission point."

"This is how professional does things."

"Have a dirt nap."

"Understood leave it to me."

"Transmission complete."

"Finished here."

"New points for you assholes."

"Great, what now."

"He, have fun with that."

"I'm the only one left."

"Zombie feeding time."

D.C. Douglas (The Executive):

"Indeed, your resilience is... commendable."

"This is more than a life or death battle, this, will decide mankind's future."

"Truly a... disappointing performance indeed."

"Only the chosen ones are worthy of survival."

"Nature's way of calling the rubbish from the gene pool."

"Good, now bring it to me."

"Not bad, for mere mortals."

"I have no interest in honest effort, only results."

"Congratulations, you are still alive."

"My resurrection is at hand."

"Put your survival skills to the ultimate test."

"You will bring me good news or you will bring me your own obituary."

"You have a handgun and your wits to keep you alive."

"Biohazard Umbrella Corp."

"Do not concern yourself with events you can not hope to understand."

"Survival is a right that only the worthy may claim."

"Good, now we will proceed to phase two of the plan."

"Resident Evil Umbrella Corp."

"Indeed you'll do, bring it to me at once."

"Got some determination, good show."


"I don't need your excuses, you are hereby terminated."

"You show promise, there may be a place for you in the new world order."

"That was... satisfactory."

"Indeed, continue to be useful to me and you may be compensated for your efforts."

"I had such high hopes for you, a pity you couldn't deliver."

"Resident Evil."

"Good, have them bring the samples to me at once."

"CQBZ is the future of modern warfare."

"If you are worthy, you will survive."

"Rumors of my demise have been... greatly exaggerated."

"Perhaps, but the real task is yet to come."

"Umbrella Corp."

"This is a true test of your survival skills."


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Beatrice Bertrand:

"Data transmission is complete, thanks for your efforts."

"Awesome! You guys are the best!"

"No pressure, but you're runing out of chances here."

"Nice! show up those skills."

"Nothing better than a good old fashion throw out."

"Remember, sometimes just shooting everything isn't the right choice."

"Whoo this data is very informative."

"Your failure has put everything in jeopardy."

"With this data and your skills, even the B.S.A.A. won't stand a chance."

"You've got the data, great, now let's put it to use."

"You still have a chance, come back strong."

"We need all the cases people, stop at nothing."

"Efficient and lethal!"

"A flawless effort, as expected."

"Those other guys don't stand a chance."

"Oh, did i forget to tell you to start fighting?"

"Yes! Gentlemen it's payday."

"Nicely done report back as soon as you can."

"It's survival of the fittest, or, something like that right?"

"Oh, this simply will not do."

"The target has been specified, take him out."

"Data upload has failed, sorry guys that just wasn't good enough."


"Good luck, may the best team win."

"Kill everyone in five, four, three, two."

"Samples have been obtained, things are falling in place now."

"Looking good! Keep doing that!"

"Objectives complete, great work out there."

"Mission complete, now bring that back to HQ for analysis."

"We really needed that sample and now we are screwed."

"Watching you guys is like poetry in motion."

"I'm looking for a special something, your orders are to find it."

"This will help to evolve our CQBZ tactics."

"Oh that was a big time failure, not good."

"Rest assured, this is all for the greater good."

"You guys will make a fine adition to our battle forces."

"Yes, however the real test is yet to come."

"Who's your next akin? I have some phone calls to make."

"Nice work! My adorable little lab rats."

"We don't have nearly enough for our CQBZ analysis."

"Oh oh, that didn't go so well huh?"

"Killing each other's harsh, you guys are so good at it!"

"Protect your leader at any and all cost."

"We needed much more than that."

"Find the briefcase and protect it at all cost."

"A well oil machine if i ever saw one."

"You sure you are cut out for this?"

"You are true professionals!"

"Research data has been obtained and analyzed as per request."

"Oh, that was like seeing an old woman get slaped in the face."

"Yes, just like that i knew i could count on you."

"This is the first step towards advancing our goals."

"Maybe today just isn't your day."

"Outgunneds, outclasseds and out of luck."

"That looks painful, need a bandage?"

"We needed those samples, i hope you won't be too angry."

"Don't falter, don't fail again."

"Show no mercy, bring back their battle data at all cost."

"Wow! You guys rock, way to go!"

"We can't even get this right."

"I'm trying to stay positive, but you are not giving me much to work with."

"I would say you can do better, but i'm honestly not sure."

"You guys are owning it out there!"

"Wake up folks, this is no time to be napping on the job!"

"Huuh, very nice, good stuff."

"Come on guys, show me what you've got."

"We don't get second chances around here."

"We need your data, secure the specified upload point."

"War is a cruel mistress, but you seem to have her tamed."

"Top notch battle data, don't you agree?"

"Kill the oposition and take their colors."

"Seem to like getting your asses kicked."

"Mision acomplished, excelent job!"

"Man, you guys are getting wreckt."

"Did you not understand the rules of engagement?"

"That win them all, or in your case any of them."

"We've got all the data, it's even better than we hoped for."

"Ugh that is it not going to cut it."

"Almost...though... not really."

"Data analysis failed, mission failed."

"Ohh wow that's embarrasing, you were so close."

"Ever feel like you just squanded your life away?"

"Umbrella Corp."

"I could have done better than that."

"This data is fascinating, you are a real professional!"

"Just remember than when the ship goes down, is all your fault."

"This is for the future of mankind."

"I guess you like being on the recieving end."

"You are kings of the hill, rock the throne!"

"Now you gonna have to do better than that."

"These guys are pretty good."

"You lack a certain... agresiveness."

"Alright hang in there it's not over yet."

"A job well done! You will be rewarded for your effort."

"No no, this won't do it all."

"Proceed with Operation Anahilitation."

"Focus people, don't forget your objective."

"Kill the enemy team, remember, is just business."

"We've got it, good... what is it?"

"Standing by for data transmission."

"Disapointing doesn't even begin to describe it."

"Get ready for the fight of your life."

"You guys are getting murdered, literally."

"Mission incomplete, sorry, though break."

"Go after the target ignore everyone else."

"You are going to make for some excelent Corp soldiers."

"A lot of people are depending on you and you failed that."

"Ugh no we really needed that."

"Your orders are to retrieve samples from the infected."

"Well, it was either them or you, no regrets!"

"Not exactly what i was hoping for."

"Your mission was a success! Bring those samples back to HQ!"

"I'm impressed! You don't see that kind of ruthlessness every day."

"Resident Evil."

"Take good care of that sample, is of the upmost importance."

"We need a specific biosample, retrieve it."

"That's the spirit!"

"Mission complete! Now let's bring you back to HQ."

"The lab rats are reporting succesful retrieval of the samples."

"Find the specified location and secure."

"Someone is (work or worth?) on their teamwork."

"Wow! Way to tough it out! You are the true competitor!"

"Ohh this data is very, very interesting.... Ouhh, and you'd like to know."

"Were the rules somehow unclear to you?"

"This is exactly what we need."

"A new age of biowarfare is upon us."

"You are on point."

"I like the way you guys work."

"I love how you raise the challenge, true professionals."

"Don't forget your teamwork people."

"Your orders are to retrieve all the briefcases."

"This is what you were born to do."

"That little sample is going to change the world."

"We'll need time to analyze the data in the briefcase."

"And the victory is yours."

"Ouch! That was painful to watch."

"Well? maybe bonus points for an honest effort?"

"Ohh what an incredible virus, all of the posibilities."

"I hope i don't have to remind you of the price of failure."

"I guess that the other team just wanted it moore."

"You completed the upload in those conditions? Impressive!"

"Remember, it's all or nothing."

"That was... ugly, you can do any better than that?"

"That wasn't brave, you can do better."

"My apologies Sr., we failed."

"It's time to show us what you can do."

"Just when i thought you were toasted, wow!"

"Resident Evil Umbrella Corp."

"You got all of them? You lab rats are tough nuts!"

"Nice try, but there's no consolation for second best."

"Nice effort, but it simply wasn't good enough."

"Ohh, no, see, we did it all of them so you failed."

"You'll need a strategy if you want to win this one."

"Seems like you are destined for greatness!"

"I like what i see out there!"

"Mission report... i have some bad news."

"Bring that viral samples from those... things."

"And that's a rat, show's over."

"You know what they say, is at first youn don't succeed."

"I love watching professionals do their thing."

"Biohazard Umbrella Corp."

"I thought you guys were supposed to be good."

"AS expected from soldiers from your calibre!"

"That was exciting! Great job!"

"Surgical precision, just as expected!"


Male voice (Abraham Jackson?):


"Your [complasency?] was your downfall."

"Our sponsors are not pleased and neither am i!"

"Data transfer points have been established."


"Our plans don't include failures for soldiers."

"You are going to make our sponsors very unhappy."

"Susch bloodlust... I like it! Good job!"

"This was clearly too much for you to handle."

"Samples have been obtained as per your request."

"Pathetic, absolutely pathetic."

"Yees... survival of the fittest."

"You're done here, be gone!"

"You're boring me to death!"

"Our sponsors are pleased."

"You win, you live, simple, really."

"I misjudged you, i thought you were a soldier."

"You are proving your worth as an elite unit."

"That sample is worth more than you can posibly imagine."

"Get all of the cases or consider yourselves finished."

"Let the unworthy die at your feet!"

"Obtain all the cases, or don't bother coming back."

"You got exactly what you deserve."

"We needed all of them, you came up short."

"My mistake of thinking i can trust you to do anything right."

"Shall we begin the slaughter?"

"With this our resurrection is at hand."

"Find the infected with the advanced mutation and obtain it's DNA sample."

"You imbeciles, you have doomed us all!"

"I guess that's the best you can do."

"Only one team comes back alive."

"Domination? More like bad comedy."

"These samples are more valuable than i predicted."

"Was it too scary for you, need your mommy?"

"Not bad, so far."

"Snatching defeat from the jaws of victory i see."

"Good, keep retrieving the samples."

"Clearly you know what you are doing."

"Mission failed, don't bother coming back."

"An easy task and yet, you failed."

"Your incompetence disgust me."

"Yes, we needed that."

"Eliminate the target, the others are irrelevant."

"Focus on the infected, we need viral samples."

"Retrieve viral samples from the infected."

"Data upload was suscessful, mission complete."

"Not even the B.S.A.A. will be able to stand up to us."

"A new age of war is upon us, and you are the first victors."

"Excelent work, keep it up."

"Impressive performance."

"Data analysis is preceeding nicely."

"You have proven that you deserve to die."

"Everything depends on this, you can not let us down."

"Excelent, bring me the samples at once."

"You have performed well, you are earning your keep."

"Keep it up, we like what we see."

"Fight harder you feckless loosers."

"Terrible performance."

"You are earning your elite status."

"Sr. we've got it."

"A satisfactory effort, you may join our ranks yet."

"Excelent, i'll tell our sponsors the good news."

"Death to all who opose us."

"With this, our CQBZ tactics will be further revived."

"We no longer have any business with you."

"You are truly an elite soldier."

"Is that all you've got?"

"We need the data contained in that briefcase."

"I do enjoy watching you work."

"You know what to do, get to work."

"This is clearly out of your league."

"If you fail, don't bother coming back."

"Your performance is... lacking."

"Sample obtained, proceeding to the next phase."

"Another step closer to achieving our goals."

"The lost research, we have finally recovered."

"I believe we have separated the weed from the chaff."

"Secure the specified locations."

"Time is key, hold on to the case for as long as possible."

"You couldn't protect a puppy!"

"The final puzzle pieces are falling into place."

"Data upload incomplete, mission failed."

"I laugh, but your failure has doomed us all."

"Mission complete, prepare for extraction."

"We have what we were looking for, nice work."

"Data analysis is complete, nice work."

"Awful, were you even trying?"

"We need the enemy forces battle data, take it by force."

"Our faith in you was obviously misguided."

"Your weakness will be the end of you."

"Protect that case, at any at all costs."

"Anihilate the oposition."

"Impressive, you've earned your victory today."

"You are quite as good as i hoped."

"Dependable soldiers are useful ones."

"Get back out there and get that sample!"

"Mission complete, return for CQBZ data analysis."

"In every battle there's winners, and then there's... you."

"Commencing data collection, the lab rats are in position."

"Do not fail us again."

"Excelent, you have served our purposes well."

"Deleting useless battle data from the CQBZ system."

"You know what it takes to be a super soldier."

"This data is no good, we need to find better soldiers."

"This does not bowed well for our future."

"Clearly you are the inferior team here."

"Nothing worse than a dog with no bite."

"Targets adquired, kill them at once."

"Wel Sr., what did you think?"

"Insuficient time for analysis, again!"

"Failure is unaceptable."

"Take no prisoners, leave no survivors."

"Cry havoc, and let's slit the dogs of war."

"An excelent display of surgical precision."

"Leg your wounds and try again."

"The road to victory lays before you."

"A failure in every way possible!"

"Good job, keep it up."

"Data analysis failed, terminating mission."

"There's no room in our organization for failures."

"Umh, i'm embarrased for you."

"Changes in the winds, our time is at hand."

"Ohh look, a headless chicken!"

"We have all of the data you specified."

"The sample has been obtained, and is in good condition."

"This data is turning out to be very useful."

"Maybe is time to consider a new line of work."

"Your mettle is impresive."

"I asked for soldiers and instead i'm giving clowns!"

"You not know what's at stake here?"

"Your orders: Kill them all!"

"Excelent, your skill will be very valuable."

"Your objective? Eliminate the enemy forces."

"Collect the enemy forces's collars if you can."

"The lab rats came through, we got the research."

"Biohazard Umbrella Corp."

"My tolerance for your screw ups wears thin."

"Retrieve all of the cases, no exceptions."

"The sponsors are... not pleased."

"Are you just gonna take that?"

"Resident Evil."

"You aren't even fit to fight B.S.A.A. rejects."

"I've always liked ruthtles eficiency."

"A top notch effort."

"Yes, keep it up, excelent!"

"That was quite a performance wouldn't you say?"

"Crush the backs of those who would stand in your way."

"Objective complete, well done."

"Upload your data from the nearest Comms point."

"Prove that you are worthy to survive."

"Lab rats? More like [temot?] field mice to me."

"This would be a birth to a new breed of bioweapon."

"Very well done."

"Resident Evil Umbrella Corp."

"Ths data is more valuable than your miserable lifes."

"Show them no mercy, stop at nothing."

"That research has now fallen into the wrong hands!"

"The sponsors will be pleased."

"Umbrella Corp."

"I need a specific viral sample, obtain it at once!"

"Perhaps i should have sent a team of well trained monkeys instead!"

"Surely you can do better than that!"

"Good, now we can proceed to phase two!"

"That was offensive! Were you even crying?"

"You can't do anything right?"


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Fantastic extractions and contributions here 3A7! Thank you so much for sharing with us. It really does look like they are hinting at Wesker here, what exactly the purpose of that is I really don't know but it's quite clear that was their goal. It's blatantly obvious.


"I've had enough of your bullshit! Your just another one of Umbrella's leftovers"

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Much appreciated BSAArklay! Well aparently UCorps was delayed and i've read somewhere that those Albert dialogues invoking resurrection were cut. Maybe they planned a much larger story but due to time constrains we ended up with what we have?

One more thing that has been bugging my head is if UCorps was meant to be Biohazard 7's multiplayer at some point in development?


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The larger plot for Umbrella Corps was discarded right at the beginning of development in favour of bringing in classic maps such as the village from RE4.

All lines referring to Wesker's resurrection have been removed - likely to prevent the kind of speculations that have been going on this last year. Some believed references to 'our resurrection is at hand' and suchlike was a meaning for Umbrella's revival, but the file in NAH put paid to that and only hammered another nail in the coffin for the argument that the specific aspects of UC mulitplayer meaning anything at all. 

All of these multiplayer responses are just dramatic variations of basically 'you win' or 'you lose' and mean absolutely nothing to the larger plot moving forward. It is exactly the same as the role Ozzy Man does in the new Call of Duty multiplayer.

This is a multiplayer shooter Capcom have consistently said has no story. You have The Experiment and that's about it, coupled with the overall multiplayer premise of corporations using mercenaries to infiltrate quarrantine zones for combat tests and to steal data. That's it.

Wesker is an easter egg, evidenced even more by the 2007 revival date for Umbrella PMC in 7. He's about as relevant in this game as the RPD patch you can stick on your helmet.

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