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Hunter Alpha
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Checking around the RE wikia, I ran into a page that depicts the emblem of the 10 corporations involved in the conflicts of Umbrella Corps:

I'm trying to further narrow down where these corporations are based:

Medvedev - San Petetrsburgh (birthplace of Dimitry Medvedev, former prime minister o Russia)

Suntech Samurai - Tokyo (Tokyo Tower on emblem)

Suntech Ninja - Osaka (Tsutenkaku Tower on emblem)

Aeolus Edge West - San Francisco (Golden Gate bridge on emblem)

Aeolus Edge East - New York (Liberty Statue on emblem)

Tenenti - Italy (name of a modern historian)

Saurian - Peru (likely named for an andean lizard, plus it has the Nazca lines on emblem)

Akembe Chemical - Uganda (name of a dance from the region)

The ones I haven't been able to further pinpoint are:

Rashid-Sahir Ind. - according to the wiki on Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Sheng-Ya- China

Anyone knows if there's info on the location of Sheng-Ya on the Heavenly Island manga?

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I completley missed this thread somehow. There are links to Sheng Ya in Heavenly Island although you probably know this now. Shame there is no Tentsu on this list that would link RE7 perfectly.


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News Bot
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It turns out the Greek Aeolus is actually three distinct entities representing land, sea and air. UC shows us land (East, Son of Hellen) and air (West, Son of Hippotes). There's actually some contention about the latter, that the Son of Poseidon may in fact be the the same figure as the Son of Hippotes, which would mean air and sea come under West. Explaining why the the third is missing, though it could also represent the parent company.


So the name of this company essentially represents "We have the edge in land, sea and air." Even though it's taken from a Street Fighter move, they've made the context fit in BIO. Not bad.

Incidentally, "Tenenti" is Italian for "lieutenants", so it's most likely a PMC inspired by Italy's history of condottieri. The use of the high rank as the name (pluralized too) may be trying to imply that they're elite soldiers. Probably where Umbrella Co. sources its guinea pig mercs from?

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