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I ordered the DVD about a month ago. Arrived a couple of days ago and watched it with my brother. What are your views to those who have seen this? The DVD only had Chinese subtitles. No English at all so couldn't understand anything. Read a brief story overview online. Haven't seen much discussions about this.

Biohazard The Musical offical site


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Voice of Gaia is now available with English subtitles. This one seem's to be translated by a native Russian. Huge props to the YouTube channel ReLiveRu for getting this done for us all to enjoy.


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I actually find myself considering how i am towards musicals in RE. Interesting music protects the survivors from "Them" aka zombies. Kind of goes with the saying of "music soothes the savage beast".
Also interesting catch with the whales at the end there. I liked the lead, Lisa Martin, I thought she was pretty good. Thanks for the english subtitles on that video!

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I'm happy for subtiltes to help explain what's going on and it was interesting. When they said to keep singing to keep them calm, I instantly reflected on the saying about music calming the soul, or beast. Which is a nice touch and yet perhaps a frequency is sensed to help stay their violent behaviors. 


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I am struggling to see why this should be considered a legitimate canon entry. I'm not trying to impose my perception of canonicity on anyone, and I welcome anyone to change my mind, but this has absolutely zero relevance or references to anything RE, and actually conflicts with the lore. Even ORC and Gaiden are obviously based around RE, while this has nothing, from a simple name drop to themes. I appreciate the people who translated this, though. The actors gave a great performance.
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