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Will Smith Zombie
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Hey Guys. First time posting, I was told about the site from an old friend who I had been discussing the upcoming RE7 game with. So I know there will be alot of people here who know a lot more about the series than me but I have played and completed all Resident Evil games on Playstation (and Code Veronica on Gamecube maybe) Resident Evil 2 and 3 by far my favourite. I would probably say I am a res enthusist. So anyways I have had big concerns about the series for sometime....

My starting point is after playing Res 2 loving it believing Leon and Claire are off to Europe to take on Umbrella HQ, Res 3 ended with Raccoon City being Nuked!!! What awaits in RE4? There is no 4 there is Code Veronica and Claire is in Europe but not with Leon she is alone...ok Leon sly'd off maybe, her bro Chris from Res 1 shows up/ ok this is cool, We introduced to the Ashfords and it was a very good Resident Evil game.

Yey its Resident 4: what awaits following Veronica/ Chirs has sworn to take down Umbrella/ what will Wesker do with the Veronica T virus/ where is Leon? Leon went from Rookie Cop surving a shit storm, promising to help claire find her brother in Europe, to being the U.S Presidents best buddy who is sent to some place in Spain after a cult has kidnapped the U.S president's daughter in order to inject her with a new virus to infect the president. Where is Umbrella? Ok Ada shows up who is working for Wesker but there is very little if anything to the previous games... Imagine watching The Empire Strikes Back expecting the return of the Jedi but instead get a film without the rebels, the Empire and Jedi or the force... just space battles and light sabres because it turns out anyone can use light sabres these days. I really dont get why so many people love Res 4, for me it was the beggining of the end.

Resident Evil 5 - I dont know if this game had the same writers as 4, but id bet money on them being different because 5's stroy was far superior. The story of Bio-wafare in a modern world really hits home in this game. We have a new STARS unit formed to combat bio-terrorism. (this makes sense as bio-terrorism would be in public domain especially after the events of previous res games). Chris who is a special forces guy is part of the team (not a rookie cop done good) and is sent to chase down a terrorist who is trying to sell a virus. He later finds out that Tricell, a company who bought umbrealla assets after umbrella was shut down (this makes sense) has been continuing umbrella research. We also then realise tricell who has effectivly taken over from Umbrella are actually funding the BSAA the same anti-terrorist unit Chris works for... So Tricell are more illuminati and bad ass than Umbrella.

Now lets be honest. Res 5 was just a rehash of 1, we have our main characters, Chis looking for Jill, Wesker being a bad ass, we dont have Umbrella we have Tricell, We even have the helicopter and RPG scene ending in an explosion. In order make up for all the damn virus's campom keep inventing they say look here is a flower that creates all we werent making shit up as we went along they all the same really... daaaa daaaa. I would normally hate rehashed shit, but after Res 4, I had been waiting since veronica for a decent Resident Evil game... I was just happy the series seemed back on track. The problem is Resident Evil 5 was the dead cat bounce. When a dead cat falls (res 4) it bounces back up (res 5) and then takes its last breathe (res 6). I'm not even going to discuss Resident Evil 6 just saying it makes me laugh and cry at the same time.

We now have resident Evil 7. A game which the following has been confirmed: It is a VR game and has been designed as such. There is not going to be one previous charaacter from any of the Resident Evil games. The game is not going to link into previous games. We have save rooms, herbs and ammo creation. The basic plot of the game is a couple have been kidnapped by a family of cannibals and you have to find your partner and leave. Now, Im hoping that my partner turns out to be the daughter of a majority stakeholder in Tricell, and the heartless bitch has honey trapped me into a live test experiment of a T,G,C Veronica whatever virus. In escaping the mansion (I mean plantation) I run into a secret lab/ office where I over hear her talking to ( another test tube wesker/ or jake gone bad (or double agent bad really working with chris and leon) / or a new villian connected to Tricell). Anyways, being pissed off I see a copy of the new virus and decide to inject my former partner not knowing it turns her into a female nemisis (because women have taking karate kid/ ghostbusters why not nemises- hell let nemisis yeild a light sabre too why not). I beat her because I was hoarding those acid rounds for a reason and read some files while munching on some herbs. Then realise the cameras of the live expermiment are still running and have a direct link to the tricel shadow faced boardroom who start the self destruct  of the entire place. However, unknowlingly some anonymous hackers have tapped into the cctv sever feed and have also been monitoring while they sent a rescue team but I dont know that, Im trying to get out. I make it to the court yard and all of a sudden yes you guess it a helicopter...but then my crazy mutated ef gf comes back shouting... you think you can break up with me... ahhhhhh. Then I get my RPG I climb the rope and in the helicopter is ADA who simply says my friend wants to talk to you... I'm like you is your friend?.... Leon...

I dont know I'm making this up as I go along, but people who have already played over 4 hours have said its back to classic res but I just cant see that. There will be nothing to do with the resident evil universe other than herbs and save rooms. If I made a film about monkeys in space and gave them light sabres could I really call it Star Wars? However my biggest worry is the fact its designed with VR in mind. I have watched gameplay footage and the game has now gone gold. The comat looks beyond terrible. You cant even aim the gun you just shoot straight..I dont think Id enjoy walking dead hoard style but come on 5 family members bosses (ones in a wheelchair) and some monsters in the basement. What this game will do well is atmosphere/ horror and in the VR format. In such a format of holding sticks for a controller people are not expecting ( or want) skilled combat but will be scared shitless. I have seen youtubers talk about how they are massive Resident Evil fans and yet never played 123 or Veronica, im thinking how do you know what Resident Evil is? And thats my sad point.

Resident Evil will now be aimed and directed at a new audiance (the majority of which have not played previous res games) They dont need to know about Umbrella, Wesker, Stars, Tricell, Ashfords, or even Raccoon City!! If and its a big If, Capcom deliver a game scary as PT demo and decent gameplay along lines of outlast, The VR will have its first big success and everybody who owns a VR will buy Res 7. With VR agenda being pushed accross the board by every aspect of the gaming industry all they need is a chamption and maybe Res 7 will be it. This will lead to more of the same by capcom and resident evil universe as this site knows it will cease to exist apart from remakes. To keep fans of he series happy they will give easter eggs, some gameplay homages but thats it.

Anyways those are my thoughts and fears of resident evil series and where I see it going but like I said I am just an enthusist, so I would love to hear what more deadicated fans of the series think. Do you agree or disagree? Are you happy to wipe the slate clean in order for a new survial horror franchise? everything has to end sometime right? P.S I am all for equal gender rights and do not condone the giving of light sabres to monkeys.

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That was some introduction lol! Good to meet your aquaintance and be welcome in the CHE mansion Will. I more or less agree with most your points of concern and for my part I havnt enjoyed the series since Resident Evil Dead Aim - so a clean Resident Evil 7 slate is the only way forward for the series which will see me put my hand in my pocket again. If that fails to pique my interest then I am thru looking past the old skool era anymore. RE7 just a VR gimmick? All my instincts based on past Capcom behavior say "YES".


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James Marcus
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Kudos on the most detailed introduction I've seen here in the residents forum! It was interesting to read another fan's first and lasting impressions with the franchise from the start. I share your RE7 reservations, especially when there are no or little connections with the history we all know and love. From what I have seen in youtube playthrus there is nothing fresh to get excited about.


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George Trevor
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Greetings Mr Smith, thank you for becoming a resident here, forgive my belated welcome for such a considerable introduction. Hope you find our mansion informative & intriguing, 


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Hello of an introduction my friend. Way to kick things off with a bang.


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Welcome to the mansion, great introduction to the resident forums! Glad you came and we hope you stick around with us for a long time!


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