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At the request of AvP Ryu, residents are invited to discuss their initial impressions & experiences with The Walking Dead, the episodic, interactive drama video game, by Telltale Games, based on Robert Kirkman's The Walking Dead comics & TV adaptation. The series consists of two seasons (2012 & 2013/14), of five episodes each, with additional content '400 days' (2013) & 'Michonne' (2016). The third season 'A New Frontier' is scheduled for late 2016. 

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I NEVER saw the love for the Telltale's The Walking Dead. I liked it but felt it was WAY over hyped. I didn't feel any connection to any of the characters. However, there's a great series on YouTube called the adventure of Mute Lee that made me really enjoy the series. I stopped following the comics, mostly due to life getting in the way, and I keep getting into and getting out of the series which is just a severely over watered down version of the story. Fear The Walking Dead is great.


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I've only played season one, and I enjoyed it. It's not the best game out there, and it's not without its flaws (such as a couple of save glitches that autosave you in the middle of a dying cutscene), but it had an entertaining story that I could get behind. I can totally understand how people could find it over-hyped, because it honestly was. I still need to get season two and the Michonne series at some point.

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Wow not alot of positivity for those games here then. Well I will be the first and hopefully not the last to disagree. I think the Telltale games are the best thing to happen to the series. The show has become a boring drag with dull storylines copied from the comics with all the good stuff either poorly implemented or completly missing. They have no sack behind their convictions anymore. Daryl is a boring ass play it safe character. I dont hate him I definatley dont like him I just yawn when I see him now. Same goes for Michonne and most of the characters. God I miss Shane.

The comics are slightly better but not as good as they used to be (same as the show) I think the comics could do with a really good storyline now I am up to tome 3 and it is really beginning to drag. The characters they choose to establish are either rushed and then they die soon after establishing or they are just crap characters who I dont care about (again same as the show).

The games however I absolutley adore. Granted the second season never really reached the heights of season one. Miss you Lee RIP. What an excellent group of characters the first game introduced. Loved Lee, Clem, Kenny and the characters who were there to be annoying, hated or sympathised with where all there Some of the locations where fantastic. The motel, the cannibal farm, the school and more. I personally think the second season suffered without Lee it didnt have that strong character to carry the game but it was still decent. Looking forward to Season 3 in a big way more so than the next tome or season from AMC. Oh and I watched season one of Fear TWD and didnt really like it.


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