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Hunter Alpha
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I hope some of you may recall the Queen Plaga, AKA Mother Plaga from RE4. It was the large creature that Salazar and the remaining Verdugo fused with, which served as the final boss at the Salazar castle. Background information indicated that this creature served as the source of adult Type C Plagas. Project Umbrella has the following info on it on it on the Plagas profile:

The "Queen Plaga", or "Mother Plaga", was a giant organism resembling a combination of plant and mollusk which appeared to have been the progenitor of the Plaga parasite. At the base of the mother creature's eye was a sac in which the Plaga resided, along with spore-like organs on its root. From there, it was able to breed and gave birth to an inexhaustible supply of new Plaga offspring already in their adult form, which then sought out hosts. It was also able to pass on the ability of Plaga reproduction to hosts of the parasite, allowing new Plaga ecosystems to spread, although this trait is not believed to have ever been utilized before. Only one mother parasite has ever been recorded, and was destroyed. Further details are unknown.

Project Umbrella article: Plaga Spore

From this paragraph, one particular line caught my attention: "It was also able to pass on the ability of Plaga reproduction to hosts of the parasite, allowing new Plaga ecosystems to spread, although this trait is not believed to have ever been utilized before". I believe that someone at Capcom may have actually decided to make use of this little detail.

Back to the present, despite the lukewarm reception Umbrella Corps received, I was surprised that it does seem to mantain a certain degree of consistency and even brings some unused ideas from previous games to the table.

One such example is the use of the Bui Kichwa Plaga as the particular type of Plaga that began spreading on Kijuju district 12 after the events of RE5.

This particular type of Plaga appeared in RE5, but only as a small standalone spider-like creature, without a human host, essentially as an equivalent of the Type C Plaga from RE4. However, artwork from RE5 showed that there had been plans to have them with human hosts as well.

 photo Bui_Kichwa_bursting_out_of_body_zpst2xdcsqx.jpg

Now, unlike the Ganados which have slightly more fleshed out background in Umbrella Corps, the Majinis are only said to have reappeared at Kijuju after the Plaga began spreading again. However, since they actually used this particular type of Plaga it can actually be inferred that the Bui Kichwas were the specific type of Plaga which survived the mop up operations of the BSAA, most likely buried underground, and later resurfacing, taking over new hosts.

With this small example of Umbrella Corps actually showing to be more than a RE: Survivor-like copy paste job, I wanted to point out an entry from the official site on the Ganados:

Ganados, from the Spanish Ganado (meaning "cattle"), are humans who have been infected with the Plaga parasite. After the evil schemes of the Los Iluminados were put to an end, the Ganados were eliminated and the village closed off. However, villagers wanting to return home broke through the quarantine zone, and it is thought that they fell victim to a wild form of the Plaga that remained in the environment.


Newsbot provided us with a slighlty better translation form the Japanese Umbrella Corps website

Ganado means "cattle" in Spanish and refers to parasitized hosts of the "Plaga" parasite discovered in Europe. The bioterrorism shown in "biohazard 4" planned by the Los Iluminados cult was suppressed and afterwards the Ganado were cleaned up. Entrance to the district was prohibited, but there was no end to residents breaking the prohibition by going home, and it seems they've been parasitized by a wild Plaga species growing naturally in the area.

Umbrella Corps Story reddit by News Bot

A few more details from the actual game indicate that the organization performing the trials at the site refers to it as the "Dummy Plaga" and that the resulting Ganados seem to be weaker than those form the original incident.

Without further ado: I believe that the Wild Plaga from Umbrella Corps is a Plaga that actually inherited the ability to reproduce form the Queen/Mother Plaga of RE4, an ability that allowed it to survive in the area after it was closed off and afterwards led to it to start spreading again once some unfortunate villagers trying to head back home ignored the warnings and ventured inside the biohazard zone. We coudl even specualte that it could ahve been also developed by Los Iluminados, but given the resulting weaker Ganados, perhaps it was considered to have lower value than originally expected.

Since Umbrella Corps is supposed to be canon, I hope that this is indeed the case and that the game is both using ideas from the existing lore of the series, as well as also adding to it.

I would definitely like to keep digging for other such details that would point to some actual care being given for this game, unlike the general notion that it was simply a quick cash grab.

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News Bot
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I should note that "dummy Plaga" is never used in the Japanese script. They're referred to as a "recessive Plaga", perhaps referring to genetic recessiveness.

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Hunter Alpha
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In such case it could refer to a Plaga that has a recessive genetic trait that most Plaga don't have? In such case a trait such as resistance to sunlight or the ability to reproduce, or perhaps even both, could be such traits?

On the other hand, does the japanese script also mention that the Ganados from Umbrella Corps are supposed to be weaker than those from the original incident?

By the way, Newsbot, do you think that the crows could have been parasitized by the Wild Plaga as well?

And could the Cerberus in the village have been brought by the organization that set up the trials at the village, so that they attack the Ganados and focus on test subject A-37?

For instance, could the organziation have used the samples collected during the first mission at the village (in which there aren't any Cerberus) and then released them there for the second and third trials, which were going to be watched by the "commander"?

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News Bot
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That's entirely possible, we just can't confirm currently.

The Japanese script does mention them being weaker, yes.

We've never seen birds parasitized by the Plaga, but it's possible.

The Cerberus could have been brought but they're also not mentioned so they could just as well be there purely for gameplay purposes. The only stage where they are mentioned as part of the story is TRICELL HQ, where they were deployed by a rival company of both TRICELL and Sheng-Ya.

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Where does Newsbot get that from? About who deployed the Cerebus? It's very interesting. I assumed the bird's were just secondary infected especially since there is no official bio on them at the main site. How a Plaga parasite would go about catching a bird though is abit unrealistic. Maybe the odd one but there is plenty of them in the game.

We don't know who created the Recessive Plaga? But you think that maybe it came from the Mother Plaga?


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Hunter Alpha
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Regarding the Cerberus at the village, they are not present for the first (or was it couple first?) mission(s) at the village, but they appear on later missions, namely the ones when "the commander" comes to osberve, which is why I speculated that the Cerberus could have been brought by the organziaiton behind the experiment, simply for the sake of making things more challenging. We do know that they brought the Mutated Zombie to the Raccoon City recreation later on.

Either way, the background for the Tricell HQ map makes it clear that some of these pharmaceutical companies are still using the Cerberus as BOWs, so it makes sense that they would have some available for the experiments.

Back to Las Plagas, if Dummy Plaga is the term that was minstranslated from japanese, that leaves wild and recessive. We know that in this case recessive is supposedly referring to the resulting Ganado beign weaker, but how about this: in exchange for being weaker, it is able to survive exposed to sunlight? Workign under that assumption, it explains the Ganados with exposed Plagas in the game and also provides an explanation on how did the Plaga survived in the envirnoment. Perhaps we could consider that the Plagas Type-2 as partially the result of reengineering the Plagas to have such trait without sacrificing combat capabilities.

I want to point out again that RE5's Bui Kichwa already was originally supposed to be the equivalent to the C Type Plaga from RE4, being able to act independently and take voer new hosts, something which originally only existed in unused artwork, but which Umbrella Corps made used as an implicit explanation for the survival of Las Plagas after the events of RE5.

In other words, Tricell could have essentially made use of features that Los Iluminados already researched, but were unable to implement such traits or considered them deadends, with Tricell succeeding where they failed. Ndesu and U-8 are examples that confirm that Tricell did had access to at least some of the research from Los Iluminados and worked to take it a few steps further.

Regarding the birds, based on the exposed Plaga Ganado that appears in the game we can rule out that these new Plagas are Type C Plagas. I'm inclined to think that much like the villagers that unearthed the Plagas were infected by Plagas spores, this new Plagas spread in a similar fashion,w ith advantage of being able to survive exposed to the sunlight. In such case, the birds were probably parasitized in the same fashion.

Unfortunately that explanation doesn't work for the birds in Kijuju, whose Ganados are easily explained with the Bui Kichwa standalone Plaga. In fact, since we don't see an Adjule with an exposed Plaga, we can even assume that the Adjules are also parasitized by Bui Kichwa Type Plagas. I certainly have a hard time assuming a Bui Kichwa could actually attack and get isndie a crow, though I must admit it wouldn't be the first Plaga that is actually larger than its host (Type B Plaga, Cephalo, Duvalia, etc.).

All that being said, my remaining question would be: could the Cerberus brought to the RE4 village for the Umbrella Corps experiments be also parasitized by Las Plagas? That woudl provide an expalantion on why the Ganados and Cerberus mutually ingore each other, plus Damnation already showed that Las Plagas can be used to control creatures ifnected with the t-virus.

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News Bot
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Well, the recessive Plaga cannot be controlled.

I'd chalk up the Cerberus in the village as merely being there for gameplay purposes, to add a challenge.

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