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1) So Biohazard The Beginnng or The Book. It seemed to me that once upon a time this book could be considered canon? However the amount of inconsistencies even then makes me question that fact. The game even contradicts the original RE1 never mind the Remake. What is the story behind this book and why is it so poorly inconsistent? It is such a shame because things like Chris’s parents dying in a car crash, the rotation of the STARS team and Jill befriending her young neighbours is all in here.

2) Within the same book was see what appears to be a model of the Spencer estate in an office. Aside from the question of where is this office take note of the building opposite the mansion and what appears to be a red brick building. Are we looking at the training facility or an early adaption of the guard house?

3) Again in The Book there is a part where Chris visits Umbrella’s HQ which is based in Raccoon City. Where there initial plans for Umbrella to be based within the city?

4) In Directors Cut RE in the library you can select to view the heliport from a window.

Again there appears to be a building opposite the mansion.

5) Why is the Clay Virus only mentioned in the Directors Cut guide? Is it a mistake? What is the deal with this virus exactly? It made one appearance and was then ignored.

6) A bit of a joke question but a question none the less. So STARS enter a mansion filled with expensive art and decorations blow it to smithereens and over half of their team dies. They arrive back in town talking of zombies and monsters. Nobody believes them but yet they go unpunished by the law. Isn’t that slightly suspicious in itself?

7) In the Biohazard Kaitai Shinsho guide it states ‘Ada, Birkin and John were not involved in the mansion incident.’ Well considering this guide is considered the bible to the series canon is that not complete nonsense?

8 In Umbrella Chronicles in the summary files it states that Edward was bitten by a zombie. I always assumed it was a Cerebus attack as it bursts in the window not long after he enters himself. Not really a question but maybe someone could add something to this.

9) In rebirth 1 you unlock the following file ( Who do you believe wrote this file? My first reaction was Birkin to Wesker regarding the variant virus right?

10) Is there anyone who has read Wicked North Sea who can explain to me why Norse is playing sleepover with two 8 year old girls? Does anyone not think this is slightly weird as fuck? When I was reading the book I thought they were teenage college kids or something but look at this artwork.

11) I have in my notes not that I can remember but it says Mylenes father helped Spencer found Umbrella?

12) What is the NT Virus and how is it a success and T Virus a failure? I saw no evidence to back any of this up. Also who created it? When? How? There was nothing.

13) Also the ending of the book was missing so any information on that would be much appreciated.

14) At the end of Outbreak the first scenario there is a cut scene showing the military blocking off the city roads. Is it really just as mundane as Leon and Claire managed to find the only road that wasn’t blocked off? Why would they leave one road open?

15) In the Drama Album Fate of Raccoon Volume 2 there is a petrol tanker crash. I instantly thought of the truck that crashes in RE2. Could this be the same truck? Probably not but would be a nice crossover.

16) In volume 2 of the Fate of Raccoon it says that Jill was infected by the virus following the mansion. Does anyone have any more information on this?

17) How can Neptune appear in the third volume of this album?

18) Volume 3 left me really confused. They abandoned their search for Jill and Bobby went missing from the story.

19) There is a body found in the Aimes river pumped with steroids. Is this to do with the Lesters?

20) In Neptune’s Confidential report he states that an RPD cop is guarding an Umbrella lab? Can someone explain this to me?

Well I will leave it at that for now but plenty more where that came from.


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5) I think the Code Veronica guide says Clay Virus and Progenitor virus is the same.

Q3: The words "Progenitor Virus" emerge for the first time with this product, but does this have the same purpose as the "Clay Virus" of "BIO1"?

A3: It's synonymous. I think the details will become clear in "BIOHAZARD 0."

7) I took it that it ment they survived it. It wasn't there. As the mansion incident is when STARS was there. John was to have been in RE2.

8 ) he says the forest was full of zombies and monsters. In Zero64 beta we also see zombies walking around in the woods. So story points where written for the forest to have zombies in it.

10) isn't he a friend of the family? Haven't read it in forever, and even then never finished it as it wasn't finished translated.

11) yeah that's correct.

12) probably not true but I like the idea of the Neo t-Virus being the perfect string that got cut from Umbrella Chronicles.

14) they didn't. The military started taking heavy casualties and pulled out some of the forces. The end of The Fate of Raccoon City Vol2 helps this by mentioning Hunters trying to migrate out of the city.

15) it's not, Vol 2 takes place during September 25th-28th. RE2 starts on the 29th. But I think there's a burning tanker truck in RE3, which starts on the 28th.

16) the only thing I can think of is "Chris's X-ray" from Outbreak may be a reference to it.

17) Outbreak File 1 shows us that Neptunes where released in the river. A level was cut dealing with them and it had a boss fight with a giant one.

18 ) I don't think its description was finished translated yet.

20) he was guarding a Wearhouse. Than an explosion came from below him and then he fell into a lab. Or something like that.


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