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Alan Wenpei Mao
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Hey guys. I just finished reading Marwha Desire manga for the first time and I noticed some things that are off in the manga. For instance, Nana 's feet look different in Vol. 3, when they started the attack, than Vol.5 where Carla then Chris confronts her. In the other scenes, her feet are not shown until Vol. 3 and not afterwards until Vol. 5.

Another instance is the jacket Ricky is wearing at the beginning in Vol. 1 is just blank with the picture. In Vol. 2 it says Lucifier and in Vol. 4 to the end of the manga it says Lucifier's Right Hand.

Anybody feel free to add to the list. Thanks. :)

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Never heard of this manga before=/

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USS Command
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I can't remember anything really specific, but in one of the Project Umbrella podcast George Trevor, this sites architect, mentioned how characters would be standing in different positions from version to version or something like that. 


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hmm thats interesting

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Most of that manga was complete nonesense I don't consider it canon. I read a lot of manga, it would have provided a really great way to illustrate a Resi prequal scenario for Resident Evil 6, but what we got again from Capcom was a mess that added nothing of worth to the canon. Not surprised it was taken down from this site, most of those illustrations and characters are embarrasing.



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Just continuity error is all.


Take the Green Herb?

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