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JC Wesker
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Hi all. I'm not exactly a 'new member', but I thought a long overdue introduction was a good place to start. I've actually been with the series since those 'classic' days, and, having watched one of my best friends play through the original Resident Evil, on the PS1, with Jill Valentine, back in good old 1996, I immediately embarked upon what has now become a 20-Year long love affair.... and here we are in 2016.

I suppose it was the following year, when I received a copy of Resident Evil, for the Sega Saturn, as a Christmas present, and I had the opportunity to experience my own personal playthrough, with Jill, that I then discovered the 'true ending' to the game.... To quote Rebecca Chambers in 0, "Nothing in our training could ever have prepared us for the nightmare that ensued".....

The comparative anti-climax I'd felt when watching my friend, when Jill left the Arklay Laboratory, 'alone', to the unexpected surge of excitement, and terror, of facing off against the T-002, up on the Heli-Port, when I was under the naïve impression that the Tyrant was 'dead' down on B4.... and, no, "We never stood a chance".... not on the first attempt anyway.... Haha!!

Well, that's my 'Origin Story' for you; since then, I have tried to embrace as much Biohazard, in all its many media forms, to the very best of my ability, and, though I do strive to keep my knowledge of the series at a respectable level, I also feel very happy knowing that there are so many better-informed legends populating both this site, and the wider community. In any case, I've been enjoying the huge wealth of content on this site, from the shadows, for long enough, and, I sincerely hope that, in the future, I'll at least be able to offer up some decent Questions/Feedback to the site, especially with respect to the Podcasts/Interviews, that I have to say have both thrilled me and humbled me during these last months.

P.S. I'm sure my own collection of BH/RE Merchandise will pale in comparison to some, but, to those fellow collectors out there, I do love my Japanese Guidebooks/Artbooks, (of which, I would say that, I have a good, but by no means complete collection), and, I've always believed that no collection is complete without each title's respective OST.... Hope to see you all around the site soon. [:)]


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Pleased to meet you JC Wesker, another collector like myself. I have the entire series OST, like you I could not consider my collection anywhere near 'complete' without at least having the OSTs for all main numbered titles. I loved reading your 'origins' story, it mirrored mine & my roommate's the night we beat the game for the first time on PSX. I'm posting later in the Collections thread so be sure to check out my OSTs, I'll keep an eye out for yours too!


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Awesome introduction - welcome to CHE. Much has grown here over the years since I joined in 2011, you've now got lots to enjoy from the era of RE that you fondly reminisce over.



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George Trevor
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Thank you so much from me & the staff for such kind feedback, it makes all the hard work worthwhile. I need to update the Resident Evil Item Box thread with my own new items and older gems I have yet to post there, so hopefully we'll see each other in that part of the mansion soon JC Wesker. Be welcome here too fellow Westcountry boy !


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From one shadow lurker to another, welcome to the site! Look forward to seeing your collection in time, im a big fan of the Japanese Guides myself too. That being said, dont shoot, but I dont own any of the soundtracks yet....gulp. Not for not wanting any that is, just havent gotten any yet.

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Greetings JC Wesker.

I can completely relate. Bought Resident Evil PS1 longbox almost right away. Started Jill's campaign and got the very anti-climatic, but at the same time relaxing ending by herself. It was amazing to have carried Jill through the ordeal, but it did leave a bitter unsatisfied taste in my mouth. It wasn't until a few months later I discovered that you can indeed save Barry/Rebecca and start the sequence of events leading up to facing Super Tyrant on the heliport. Needless to say it was an incredible moment.

Also a huge fan of the Japanese guidebooks/artbooks. So much useful information in them combined with lovely environment and creature/character art.

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Whoa very nice introduction there JCWesker, would love to take a look at that collection of your's especially those guide books. Glad you like what you saw here and hope to see you in the forums.


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I missed greeting you and I want to welcome you to the mansion, hope you stick around for a long time and enjoy what we have to share!


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JC Wesker
Posts: 43

Hi guys & girls of CHE!!

I've been a little more absent than usual, recently, [I haven't left any long-winded +ve's on the 'ol Pod-Cast Feedback pages.. Haha!!], & that's because.... my little baby boy was born on the 5th December, & it's been.... well, a pretty busy 6 weeks since then.. :D

Even with recent events obviously taking priority, I still managed to order myself both 'The Voice of Gaia', & 'The Experience' DVD's.... & when that order comes in, I should also finally have a 'Complete Collection' of both 'Marhawa Desire' & 'Heavenly Island' Mangas....

N e way, I just wanted to check in with a friendly "Hello", & "a Happy 2018". Hope u're all doing well. :)



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