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Albert Wesker 187
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First let me start by saying that is honor and privilege to have these two legends of the industry on the upcoming podcast. The questions I have for both voice actresses are as follows:

1. What kind of acting training did both of you receive? 

2. What would both of you recommend for aspiring actors or actresses?

3. What would you say is the most difficult part of being a professional actor or actress?


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Have one very important, but also very personal question for the wonderful Lisa. Naturally since it's so personal, it's completely up to her if she would like to answer. No hard feelings at all if she chooses not to.

How was your relationship with your parents as a child growing up? When you were voicing Sherry with the scenes where she opened herself up to Claire about her parents always being at a cold distance because of their work, did it at all resonate with you and your relationship with your parents? Was it more difficult and emotional to handle these specific scenes?

I do hope you(Lisa) had a very healthy relationship with your family. Just wanted to know if as you were voicing Sherry, if you were able to bring your own experiences to lend a more personal first-hand performance to the character Sherry. Either way, you did a wonderful job that was executed beautifully.

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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. What influences did both of you bring to the roles?

2. Have either of you heard of Capcom wanting you have you guys for more projects like Resident Evil? :D

3. Have all the voice actors for Resident Evil met together and hanged out? :D


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Excellent work yet again GT. Cannot wait to hear from these two legends. A huge thanks for both Alsyon and Lisa for taking part in this interview and giving their fan base the oppourtunity to get an inside look at their work. I've already read through the questions above and there are some great ones included and cannot wait to hear the responses.

1. (Lisa) If I am correct then you where around 15 years old when you recorded your lines for Capcom. That would make you the youngest voice actor to record that we have spoken to at CHE. I am curious as to the process Capcom took. Was this a fun experience for you at such a young age? I bet this made you very popular with your friends at the time.

2. (Lisa) Two years after your work on Resident Evil 2 you recorded some lines for Dino Crisis again with Capcom. Were there any differences between the projects?

3. (Lisa) After your dual projects with Capcom I notice that you have not worked in the video game VA industry since? Is there any particular reason why?

4. (Alyson) Well the first thing I have to ask you Alyson is how were you able to hold onto that role as Claire when all other characters have been recast several times over? You must be that damn good! Whats your secret?

5. (Alyson) I am curious as to your roles in Resident Evil Outbreak File 1 & 2. You are listed as voice over director and motion capture director. Can you tell us about these roles?

6. (Alyson) Since you have been around the series from practically the beginning to the current date. Can you tell us how the development on these games has changed? Including the atmosphere, relationships, professionalism and the work envrionment?

Thanks to both Lisa and Alyson again for taking part and cant wait to hear from them.


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The hype surrounding this interview will go into overdrive should RE2make be announced at E3 with Alyson and Lisa cast in their original roles. I hate to say I wont be holding my breath for that though. Does Alyson or Lisa know much about RE2make and have they been contacted by Capcom to add their involvement to the 20th anniversary games that are meant to be happening thru 2016?



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JC Wesker
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Hopefully, I'm not too late....

To Alyson:

You have had the opportunity to play the character of Claire Redfield across multiple Resident Evil titles, (principally 2, CV, Degeneration & DSC), and I would just like to say that with each title, you have exhibited so many inspiring qualities, and, in doing so, you have given Claire a personality where both vulnerability and strength are in perfect balance, but also, a consistency that has shown a delightful progress through the years. [Questions aside, I would be honoured to have the opportunity to be able to say all that].

Main Questions:


1] How do 'you' feel Claire has progressed as a character, & what did you bring to the performance with each subsequent reprisal, knowing what Claire had experienced previously?

2] Prior to taking the role of Claire Redfield, did Capcom ever approach you with respect to the role of Elza Walker, who was due to be the lead protagonist of 2, in what is now commonly referred to as BH/RE1.5?

3] Were you given any Concept Artwork of Claire with which to draw inspiration from, during your initial performance of Claire in RE2, &, if not, how did you personally envision Claire in your own mind, with only the dialogue/script to work with?

4] On the subject of Concept Artwork, (& this is only appropriate if Alyson is familiar with Claire's Character Models), do you prefer Claire's 'Made in Heaven' look from 2, or, her 'Let Me Live' look from CV, and why?

5] Knowing that Claire is still a part of Terra-Save, as of the present timeline, what would you like to see in Claire's future storylines, and, the 2 ReMake aside, (which I would love to see you a part of), would you like to ever reprise your role of Claire, again?

6] Chris Redfield is a guy who literally goes to the ends of the Earth to find his sister, & he has also done so for Jill Valentine; (if it's not too personal a question), is there anyone in your own life who you would do the same for?

Bonus Question: I love the keys from Resident Evil, and, in RE2, there are 4 Raccoon City Police Department Precinct Keys, with each one depicting 1 of the 4 'Playing Card' Suits: Blue Ace, Purple Diamond, Red Heart, Green Club; my favourite is the Ace Key.... what would be your favourite?

To Lisa:

1] Sherry Birkin is a 12-year old girl at the time of RE2, and has something of a tragic 'Origin Story': Not only is she caught up in a 'Zombie Outbreak', but also, her own father, William, having injected himself with the G-Virus, is now in pursuit of Sherry, in an attempt to find a host who is compatible for G-Embryo implantation.... How aware were you of any such plot intricacies, at the time of recording your performance, and, how did you manage to find, (what I might say is), a beautiful balance of emotions, leading to a character who, (as Claire), we genuinely want to protect and to keep safe?

2] Were you ever shown any Concept Artwork of William Birkin, as G, to help facilitate the reality of 'what' was in pursuit of Sherry across Raccoon City? & did you, (either during your voice sessions, or, after the game had been released), have any idea as to what William looked like in subsequent malformations, and your reaction to it?

3] Sherry Birkin survives Raccoon City with the knowledge that the G-Virus that consumed her father, William, (both metaphorically, and physically), is now a part of her genetic make-up, which we know from RE6 has given Sherry accelerated regenerative abilities. If you had such abilities, how might you feel about that?

4] Your home town/city is about to suffer the same fate as Raccoon City, and will literally be wiped off the face of the Earth in a matter of hours.... your family & friends are safe, and it's just you alone at home.... What 1 thing would you take with you before bolting out the door in a last desperate escape?


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Such a wonderful opportunity! RE2 was the game that introduced me to the series years ago and had left a huge impact on my life, namely Claire and her wonderful voice actress, Alyson!

Here are some questions for Alyson:

1) What did you think of The Darkside Chronicles? Did you like the changes and how Claire was able to interact more with characters like Leon and Steve?
2) As a voice actress, did you get the chance to record or exchange with voice actors Paul Mercier and Sam Riegel? If so, do you have any interesting or funny anectodes to share?
3) If there was something you could change in Claire's story, what would it be?

And some questions for Lisa:

1) What could have Sherry said to Claire at the end of RE2 to make her stay with her?

2) Did you ever expect Sherry to come back in another game? If so, how did you imagine her?

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First, I would like to say a special thank you to Alyson Court & Lisa Jai. I'm sure like a few fans. We grew up listening to your voices. For me, it was X-Men and Big Comfy Couch (hurt myself a few times trying to mimic you lol) for Alyson and Magic School Bus for Lisa. Anyway, my questions!

To Both:

Have you ever met each other before?

What’s your favorite Queen song? Is it Let Me Live?

Do you have anything that we should be excited for coming out?

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Made an account just to post here.

To Alyson Court, I ask "When you were working on Code Veronica, did you ever laugh out loud at the dialogue you heard from Albert Ashford"?

Once again, Thanks for all your hard work voicing my favorite X-Men character Jubille, and favorite Resident Evil character Claire Redfield.


"How Dare You" - Albert Ashford

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George Trevor
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This very special Resident Evil 2 reunion is now available for all residents to enjoy at our mansion. THANK YOU to all the residents above for making this entire experience wonderful for all involved, and if your question could not be squeezed into this first interview, be assured it will be answered when we host Alyson Court once more at Crimson Head Elder, so stay tuned...

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Excellent work. That tidbit about Remake 2 is very interesting. 


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amazing interview!!!

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George Trevor
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THANKS EVERYONE for your wonderful fan support towards this very special podcast. Please leave your comments & feedback for Alyson & Lisa here

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