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I did a bit of research on Umbrella Chronicles and discovered that part of Wesker's game (and others) were cut down considerably.


In Umbrella's End, a few lines from Chris and Jill's game are unused, but nothing remarkable. All the "VO" references hereafter refer to the English subtitle file.


VO_3010001 Engage the enemy! Watch your formation!


The first line in Chris and Jill's game was cut, but it appears in the novel:

["Okay, Go!"

"Keep battle formations!"

Chris and Jill seperated from the rest of their group and went up some stairs.]


Besides the helicopter scene at the start of Ada's game with Sergi and the elderly man, the most interesting scenario that Capcom cut down or scrapped completely was Dark Legacy. We'll call it chapter 1.5 for the sake of argument.


First, there is indeed an unused loading screen video.







Wesker chases after the Colonel and intrudes into the underground laboratory.

It was right around here somewhere.

The source from which Umbrella continues to exist...


And lots of subtitles that weren't implemented.


The following subtitles seem to indicate a possible quick selection for two separate routes:


VO_3121001 The facility should be close.

VO_3121002 Two roads diverged…

VO_3121003 Hmph!


The following subtitles seem to confirm that Wesker was suppose to travel the same path as Chris and Jill:


VO_3121013 Still researching the F1-03 eh?

VO_3121014 This one's more powerful than a normal F1-03.

VO_3121015 It looks like the research paid off.


The next set of subtitles were suppose to appear in the incineration room, which is basically a 3D edit and re-texture of the marshalling yard from Bio0.


VO_3121016 What's this now?

VO_3121017 Ah, this must be where they throw away their broken toys.

VO_3121018 An organic weapon disposal facility.

VO_3121019 Will they ever understand the true potential of the virus?

VO_3121020 How clever!

VO_3121021 Even when disposed of, these weapons still obey their master.

VO_3121022 Traps aren't going to work on me.


According to the novel, the next subtitles were suppose to appear when Wesker enters the honeycomb passage to the Red Queen in the retail game.


["Just as if he were jumping over a puddle, Wesker jumped over the broken metal container and landed easily on the opposite side. There he stood at the door and entered a corridor at the end of which he found himself in front of a door with an electronic locking mechanism. An ID card was required. Wesker fired for a long time at the door lock until it was completely destroyed. He then opened the door. In the space that opened up before him, a large quantity of breeding boxes were stored in great numbers. Wesker of course knew that the virus material was stored here. He surveyed the interior of the room which was very dimly lit, this was to minimize the

harmful influence of light upon the virus. He found a storage container for experimental viruses that was secred by a lock. Wesker unlocked it.

"Unauthorized intruder!"

A warning announcement sounded, and red lights began flashing. Completely unimpressed, Wesker opened the door of the conatiner and took a capsule that was marked with a 'T'. He tucked it carefully into his inside pocket, and stepped back through the door. He then turned towards his final destination, the space in which his arch enemy lay in wait.]


VO_3121004 The virus storage room has become a nest.

VO_3121005 We will meet soon, Sergei…

VO_3121006 Decisions, decisions.

VO_3121007 Signs of battle. That was fast.

VO_3121008 I can still smell the smoke. It appears Chris is still alive after all.


The artwork for this area appears in the UC art book:




And the 3D data is still accessible. Maybe a hacker can get it working:











Other random unused subtitles include:


VO_3121024 So this is the place.

VO_3121025 Have you come to greet me?


VO_3121028 I'm sorry things couldn't work out.


The following subtitles were suppose to appear when T-A.L.O.S. mutates:


"Connection severed. Talos control disrupted. Unfortunately, Talos is out of control. The T-virus inside of its body will continue to mutate it until even a god cannot not control it!"


In the retail game, "Connection severed. Talos control disrupted." has been cut out. However, it appears in the novel.


[For a moment, Sergei arched his brow so that wrinkles appeared on his forehead then widened his lips in a devilish grin.

"Unfortunately, the control of T-A.L.O.S. has been disabled. Thus the speed of T development in its body cannot be predicted and a monster is born which not even the gods can tame!"]


Presumably, Wesker was suppose to say the following after defeating Sergei:


VO_3130018 The pieces are falling into place.

VO_3130019 Umbrella's B.O.W. project data is now in my possession.

VO_3130020 All that remains is you, Spencer.


Which would tie in nicely to the alternate ending. Presumably, the ending was cut down when the events inbetween both scenarios were removed:


"The total summation of all viral weaponry. The perfect strain of the T-virus. The last achievement of a dying Umbrella. The first step will be to flood the black market with it, filling the world with the fear of bio-terrorism. That is where the next step in my plan will begin."



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More great stuff Welsh thanks for sharing. Considering the scrapped material is included in the novels well this makes me think that these novels should be considered canon. I enjoyed them and thought that they handled the Umbrella's End section alot better than the actual game. I hated the lack of communication between Chris/Jill and the Russian bio terror unit. It is explained in the novels that the communication is cut because Chris/Jill venture too deep underground for the radio to stay in contact but this is another thing left out in the game.


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I'm always up for more details! Now have even more reasons to claim that novel canon!

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The novel is defiantly based on a draft of the game scenario.


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