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George Trevor
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The Crimson Head Elder Podcast file #6 will be a Villains Special! Already joining our live podcast panel are THE voices for her majesty Ant Queen Alexia Ashford & diabolical corrupted Chief of Police Brian Irons, Leila Johnson & Gary Krawford. And if that wasn't enough for a celebration of the vicious & varied villains of Resident Evil, Crimson Head Elder is proud to present a third iconic, legendary antagonist for our podcast celebration of villainy.

The most mysterious, enigmatic of all antagonists, inscrutable lady of shadows, Ada Wong joins our headline of guest stars, as we welcome the wonderful Sally Cahill, actress for a true series icon across three major Resident Evil titles, including two of the most significant releases in the series 20 years, Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 4. Having also played the role in Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles, Sally Cahill has truly cemented herself as THE voice of Ada Wong, reprising her role on more occasions than almost any other Resident Evil actor.

Residents of Crimson Head Elder are cordially invited to submit their questions below, in both text and audio format, with audio format most encouraged.


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This is defiantly going to be an interesting podcast. My questions for Sally are these -

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1. Had you heard of Resident Evil before you auditioned for the role?

2. Did you ever recorded dialogue for RE 1.5?

3. How has you're performance changed with each game?

4. How do you view Ada's relationship with Leon?

5. Which game was your favorite to record RE2, RE4, or RE: DC?

6. How does it feel to have acted in two of the most critically acclaimed entries in the series?

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A big thanks to Sally Cahill in advance for taking part in this amazing podcast. So my questions are:

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1. How were you introduced into this role as Ada Wong? Can you please explain to us the process of how you received the job. Was voice acting a career you enjoyed?

2. When auditioning for the role of Ada were you aware at that time that Ada is of Asian descendant. Did Capcom ask you to play the role in a particular accent/style.

3. So you recorded lines for Ada in 1998 for Resident Evil 2, in 2005 Resident Evil 4 then for some reason in 2007 a new voice actor performed the dialogue for Ada Wong for a game called Umbrella Chronicles. However two years later you returned to voice the character again in 2009 for Darkside Chronicles. Is there any reason you are aware of for this temporary change in voice actors?

4. When portraying the role of Ada do you remember being given any specific details as to how to portray the character? Or wereyou given any information on her background or character personality that you can recall?

5. So Ada is one of in not the most mysterious character in the Resident Evil series. We dont even know her real name. We all have to pretty much make up our own guess work about Ada's true intentions. Who do you think the real Ada Wong is? Does she have good intentions? Bad? Or indifferent and only interested in money and furthering her career as a spy?

6. In a drama album Ada retires from her role as a spy to find Leon and live a normal life. Is this an ending you would prefer for Ada? Or would you rather her go out with more of a bang so to speak.


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This is delightful on many levels, many Ada Wong fans will be in heaven hearing her speak and answer questions. A pleasure to have her being interviewed.


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1: Were you happy with the direction the character was going in?

2: Did you think it was weird doing an "alternate timeline" version of the games you had already done with Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles?


3: Were there any bloopers or funny stories that you can recall while recording?


4: Ada is perhaps the most "Badass" character in the game, with a credible balance of intelligence, strength and sensuality. How do find that balance vocally?


5: Were you ever lost in translation with the Japanese staff?

6: Have you gotten a chance to meet the other voice actors and actresses over the years?


7: Do you feel that Ada is part of you, a mysterious woman with a very unqiue way of handling things?


8: Have you gotten a chance to see any artworks, video or even gameplay of Ada?


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I want to know if it was really her who voiced Ada in Retribution.

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Ray Redfield
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Ada is one of my favourite femme fatale in Resident Evil. I just want to ask the woman behind Ada Wong few questions that I have been wanting to ask ever since I first heard her voice in the game.

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As a woman, how often do you find a femme fatale such as Ada Wong in real life? 

Do you have some kind of reflection of yourself in the character?

Did you experience any funny moments while recording?

What do you wish for Ada Wong's character development in future Resident Evil games? 

Final question, who do you think is better? Claire or Ada? 



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I was really hoping Sally Cahill would be coming up. This is just beautiful. I have one question for this incredibly talented woman.

I understand you are an artist who also works on gothic landscapes among other work. Have you ever done anything based or inspired by the Biohazard/Resident Evil universe since the games are filled with inspirational gothic locales?

Again, can't say it enough. This site means the world to me.

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Mr. Spencer
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Are you still fielding questions for this interview?

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James Marcus
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Why do I always see these threads too late, my question has been taken again already!!! Sally played Ada in RE2 and then in RE4 and again in RE DSC, so what went wrong with RE6?!! Don't worry CHE that's not my question! I would though be interested to know what changes Sally experienced in production values and direction between RE2, RE4 and then thru to RE DSC?


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James that question is slightly different to mine. My question was more about why the gap between RE4 and Darkside Chronicles. They changed the voice actor for one game. They did the samething with Richard Waugh and Peter Jessop.

Mr Spencer I believe so. This thread was only started a few days ago so I believe there is still plenty of time.


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Sally Cahill in the house YES! Awesome coup guys. I was wondering if we'd hear from Sally again after she was criminally overlooked for Resi 6. Good news for Sally she avoided that fucking car crash lol and the whole Ada/Carla farce.

Of course as a Morpheus devotee I would place Ada firmly in the antagonist camp, just ask Leon at the end of Resi 4 lol. She's my favorite female character. I don't count Morpheus as a female. That's a debate for another thread lol.

I'd like to ask Sally Cahill if she is OK talking about this, why the hell was she not chosen for Resi 6? She has owned the role with aplomb since right back in the day, nobody else could capture that cold asian tone with the right amount of compasion, arrogance, teasing and flirting, I am actually glad Sally was not forced to work thru the script for Resi 6 Ada, the Carla Radames storyline was so farcical.


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. Were there special influences that you were drawing on when playing Ada Wong?

2. Do you stay in contact with your fellow voice actors that worked on the game?

3. Would you play Ada Wong in a future title if Capcom asks? :D

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USS Command
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Have you heard the other voice actors who played Ada Wong? What is your take on their portrayal?


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With the perspective and experience you've gained in the years since voice acting for the games, would you voice the role any differently today?

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AvP Ryu
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Well my questions to Sally Cahill are:

1. What do you think of Ada wong, during these years?

2. How was your work with the movie resident evil retribution, that your voice techniques as Ada Wong was the only good thing about this film, taking into account the fact that the fans, hate this film as the worst film of RE? And what is her opinion of the movie itself?

3 Would you like to see Ada Wong and Leon together in a happy ending?


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Ada Jill
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My question for her is: Have you played any of the Resident Evil games? If so which one is you favorite? Can you send a greeting for me please, I'm Ada Jill from Ecuador :3

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Albert Wesker 187
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These are my three questions for Sally Cahill.

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1. First, if you had to do it all over agaiin and knowing then what you know now, would you still have chosen voice acting as your career path?

2. How has voice acting changed or enriched your life as both an actress and as a person?

3. Do you consider yourself as someone who does what she does for the sake of art or someone who does voice acting for some other reason?


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Vito at April 8, 2016 at 11:02 PM

I want to know if it was really her who voiced Ada in Retribution.

She is listed as being uncredited for 'Ada Wong voice' here: IMDb

My question for Sally Cahill centers around her inclusion on this villains themed podcast. Because I dont see Ada as a protagonist or even an antagonist but something far more interesting in the middle. So what does Sally think about finding herself in the company of such out and out villains as Alexia Ashford and Chief Irons? Compared to their deeds in the games would Sally agree Ada has been treated harshly to find herself on a podcast with these two unashamed villains?



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The questions I submitted were as follows:

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1. Do you consider Ada to be victim or villain in the series? Does she hide innocence or true sinister menace beneath the surface? Is it that simple?

2. What is your opinion of her relationship with Albert Wesker? Have they met face to face? What would that be like? What if they confronted each other? Would one consider the other a threat?


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Should we copy the questions for Leila Johnson from the other topic to this? Anyway...

For Sally Cahill.

1. Would you be a spy for a day? (or are you already a spy!)

2. Ada Wong is just as bad as James Bond. You can't be a secret spy if everyone knows your name! What new codename would you pick for Ada?

For Gary Krawford (I don't think I asked him questions yet).

1. Do you like art? Do you have any favorite pieces?

2. Do you know that you have scared the shit out of MOST of the RE fanbase? (I mean that in a good way) 

For Everyone.

1. Do they have something coming out we should look out for?

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