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Hello dear Crimson Heads, Isles487 told me about this fine site and obvious nice community. So, here I am, crawling through the posts and the impressive amount of interesting material. Still wondering why I haven't found you earlier...

I am a longtime fan of the classic Resident Evil games from germany and founder of a community around the private server for the Outbreak games.


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USS Command
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Welcome! I hope you like it here. Please feel free to contribute to any and all threads you wish! And as a massive Outbreak fan, I thank you for keeping it alive!


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Welcome TheFog. Happy to have you here. Hope you enjoy the site and forum. As well as the articles, translations and more we also run podcasts with the voice actors of Resident Evil which I hope you will take the time to check out. Our number one goal as moderators is to make sure the forum stays friendly and welcoming as that is the best and most fair way to run a forum and encourages everyone to share any of their thoughts, theorys, predictions and personal opinions. Hope you enjoy and looking forward to discussing Resident Evil with you.

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Hello, the_fog. Nice to see someone who clearly puts as much into Resident Evil as they get out of it, and for other people's enjoyment, too.

I played Outbreak File 1 again recently and am now on File 2, and have enjoyed both far more than I expected to. They've aged very well. I have a European PS2 slim. What are my prospects for playing online. I'd love to do this. Please imagine you're explaining to an 8-year-old...

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And there he is! I'm glad you've joined, fog. 

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Oh, and hello, Isles487. Thanks also to you for your efforts to help establish/maintain the Outbreak servers.

It is genuinely humbling to know there are people going out of their way in the service of Resdent Evil. Researching, discussing and enthusing is one thing, but what you guys are doing is truly comendable. 

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Thank you for coming to join us and finally saying hello to all of us! We've been pretty anxious to get to meet you isnce Isles487 talked about you and thank you for the Outbreak servers, many fans will be rejoicing knowing what ya'll did.

Enjoy exploring the site and if you wish to affiliate with us, just give us the word! :D


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Welcome the_fog. Your work in not only resurrecting the servers but also maintaining them using your own money/time, all to give the fans that extra time with these masterpieces is almost surreal. Your selfless deed will surely be remembered and fondly looked back to by the fans of these two classics. There simply isn't enough words to express my gratitude to you and everyone involved in making this a reality. It's amazing having both you and Isles487 here, thanks again and welcome to one of the most nicest, devoted, and fun Biohazard/Resident Evil sites around.

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George Trevor
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Greetings the_fog great to see a very like-minded old skool (Crimson) head in the mansion that gives sanctuary to all us survival horror devotees. What's the latest news with your site? I added you to our site affiliates some time ago when a collegue of yours I believe also became a resident here Mr Isles487

You must be very excited about the possibility of an Outbreak HD on a modern server?!


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Posts: 90 is a haven for old skool RE heads like myself. E3 is about to drop and nothing could make me happier than an Outbreak HD which embodies all that is Resident Evil, rather than the recent shit Capcom have tarnished the series with. Great to see you here the_fog. Maybe you have some Outbreak rumors for us?


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