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EGX 2015 (September 24-27) is the UK's largest video games event, showcasing European game-play debuts for many upcoming titles, among presentations by game designers from world renowned studios, with the opportunity to meet the game creators and developers. And Crimson Head Elder has been granted professional press accreditation, so George Trevor will report live from Capcom's booth, streaming live video to our Periscope channel 'CRMSON HEAD ELDER', with that footage available direct from your mobile device by following our Periscope channel, or by following our Twitter feed for the tweets of links to the recorded footage.

Watch this thread for more EGX updates and don't forget to install for your mobile device to not miss any Resident Evil Zero HD or Resident Evil 2 Remake news live from Capcom's booth.

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That event looks really cool GT hope you have a good time there mate and find us some RE material to sink our teeth into. Make sure to take lots of pictures, even of cosplayers. Hopefully you see some cool RE cosplay. Dont know if Zero is going to be there or Capcom at all for that matter but hopefully there will be something there for us.


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Great News! I look forward to whatever information you guys can glean on RE0 and REmake 2.
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George Trevor
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Bl00dy3y3 at August 15, 2015 at 4:05 PM

Great News! I look forward to whatever information you guys can glean on RE0 and REmake 2.

I have been emailing & telephoning (I'm old skool) Capcom UK's marketing department, keeping in regular contact to cover any such developments.


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I'm pretty anxious for this, just make sure you have a back up place for any videos that will be recorded because we don't want to lose them. Photos needed too!


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Have Capcom confirmed that they will be in attendance? You guys in Europe often get a raw deal when it comes to promotion of the games.


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