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Sonny Bauer
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Awesome stuff!
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Evil Resident
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That Raccoon flag/logo is unique to ORC, isn't it? That's something they could reuse for REmake 2. Give the city more history and life.
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USS Command
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This is the file that comes with the LUPO action figure.


Investigation report 1

Dark rumors surrounding Umbrella Corp.

This internationally known Pharmaceutical Corporation was originally named after their desire to “Protect Mankind with an Umbrella.” You might think this is a charitable corporation at first glance, but with its founders, world famous multi-millionaire Lord Ozwell E. Spencer, aristocrat Sir Edward Ashford, and noted virologist Dr. James Marcus, Umbrella Corporation has a tremendous influence on the financial world. There are rumblings that the corporation has a hidden agenda, and that they manipulate regulations and laws to develop biological weapons utilizing viruses in order to dominate the military market. Currently investigations to shed light on the black box of this corporation are underway.

Investigation report 2

Elite special-forces taskforce “Umbrella Security Service”

During the investigation process, reports have uncovered the existence of an elite group called the Umbrella Security Service (abbreviated USS), who are said to hold the key to the aforementioned black box. It seems that this task force was assembled to eliminate and annihilate anyone or anything who opposes the benefit of the Umbrella Corporation. They are perfectly trained black ops group and even conversations to share information about them is kept to a bare minimum in order to maintain an extremely high level of secrecy. This top-secret group of elites is known only to a limited few, even within the Umbrella Corporation. We attempted contact with one of the few who are aware of the existence of the taskforce and have successfully performed an investigation on one of the ember of the USS Please refer to the following for the report.

Investigation report 3

On the newly formed U.S.S. Delta Team’s squad leader, “LUPO”

Upon further investigation of the USS, we have uncovered information on the newly formed USS Delta Team’s squad leader, Karen LesProux, codenamed LUPO. She formerly served in the French Special Forces, but she killed her abusive husband with her bare hands in a crime of passion after her struck their children. Acquitted by a sympathetic judge, she attempted to start her life over as a single mother. However, she was ostracized for being “a trained killer.” It was only the USS that welcome both her and her children with open arms. Her efficiency in executing her missions and ruthless conduct earned her the nickname “Wolf Mother.” She constantly fights at the front line, utilizing high precision accuracy, top-notch combat capabilities, and great leader ship.


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USS Command
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So when it comes to ORC I’ve seen some REALLY stupid reasons for it being disliked along with perfectly understandable reasons. One such stupid reason is the truck driver. In RE2 he is Caucasian. In ORC he is black. For some, this is a “stupid change that serves no purpose other than break the canon.”

Well actually it serves a purpose. It’s to tie into Darkside Chronicles. In the Darkside Chronicles Announcment Trailer. In that trailer we see this zombie walking though the fire away from the front of the crashed truck.


Here is the trucker from ORC.

Its 100% the same model. Just a little detail that people miss.

Heres some characters from the Japanese only game Biohazard Outbreak Survive

This is Alice. I wasnt able to find any story for her.

This is Alicia she is an actress. Her Japanese profile says "An actress like Natalie Portman." I dont know much about Natalie so I dont know if its just an example or if it has more meaning.

This is Cherry a mechanic

Meet Globus she's with RPD. Also dyes her hair blonde after the Outbreak.

Her name is Karen I wasnt able to fine story or a image(of good quality) with just her in it so thats why Sheva is in this. This game was like Clan Master.

This is Mayo a clerk at the "Raccoon City Cake Shop."

This is Capcom being lazy Mimi a mechanic.

This is Sharon reporter for RCT. I guess RCT means Raccoon City Tv or something along those lines.

This is Ruth. she was added into the game just before it stopped being playable so besides name and her being a soldier sent to Raccoon City nothing is known.

Her name is Naomi and I found more on her than the others. Her whole life was turbulent, she was a university lecturer at Raccoon University and then caught the attention of Umbrella and soon became a researcher for them.

Now I'm sure you're thinking, "USS Command is all the new characters women?" and the answer is no. I have a list of all the characters and sadly, these are all I can find and document at this time. And incase theres any doubt, Yeah all these people are in Raccoon City.

Outbreak Survive also had new BOWs. Some was for holiday events.

Glaesca for Halloween

Morseleno for Christmas.


"I'll take my Survival Horror like I take my men" - George Trevor, September 3, 2017 at 6:10 PM
"I am so in love with CHE I almost put my willy in the USB port." George Trevor, September 20, 2018 at 12:53 PM
“Great love springs from great knowledge of the beloved object and if you know it but a little, you will be able to love it only a little or not at all.” - Leonardo da Vinci

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USS Command
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So on one of the interviews for ORC, back before it released, they stated that the game had files to collect in the game. That never happened and for a while I assumed Inserted Evil was what was left of those files. However this may prove otherwise.

Here's the transcript to make reading easier.

"From: Umbrella HQ

To: Director of Science and Development

Re: Evacuation Policies and Procedures

Investigation conducted by USCS has identified three potential evacuation points in the event of a laboratory emergency. At this time these are believed to be centered around the town duct system and surrounding sewer access. A request from management has been forwarded to City Hall for access identification.

USCS conducted several interviews on persons involved in city planning, however cooperation has been minimum. Logical legal options are currently being investigated.

Umbrella Headquarters is developing a strategy in deploy a computer and internet protocol address verification to infiltrate and detect system access information. Headquarters will also coordinate the investigation with the USS Unit.

USS Unit involvement in the investigation will not be revealed at this time to facilitate a scenario through which the USS could be successfully deployed.

Arklay Mansion is scheduled for High Level evacuation protocols."

Now I won’t lie, it’s a bit hard to read but I figure that’s due to one of the following reasons.

Reason one, it’s meant for the Director of Science and Development and thus only he or she knows what’s being talked about.

Reason two, it’s not the actual file that’s meant to be read and just parts of it.

To give an example of the latter, look at the file “A SUICIDE'S FAREWELL NOTE” from remake.

Here’s what the file(PU translation) says when you pick it up

“June 22.1998

Since Robert who I escaped with began to show the symptoms of the monsters, I reluctantly killed him and put him in the bathroom. Almost certainly, I'm the last one now.

Why'd it come to this? And now, I regret having participated in this research. I won't be leaving this mansion alive now.

The preparations are finished. After this, all I need is courage now.

Although regret remains, it's inevitable.

They became monsters, so I'd rather disappear as a human, and drop my own curtain

Letters are written on the back of this paper.

Forgive me, Linda”

But here’s what the texture shows.

Here’s it is written out as well.

“don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die don’t want to die.

don’t want to die [unreadable scribbles.]

don’t want to die.

don’t want to die

Linda don’t want to die.”

So the texture may not reflect on what the text of the file would’ve said. Regardless, there is something interesting, besides ORC having cut files, we can take from this. “Arklay Mansion is scheduled for High Level evacuation protocols.” What’s so interesting about this? Let’s take a look at “BIO HAZARD Directors Cut -Inside of BIO HAZARD-“ the section titled “AFTER THE BIOHAZARD INCIDENT.”

“7 Researchers Visiting from Headquarters (estimated)

...All of these were missing and unaccounted for, with no bodies found. In some cases, they could be held isolated by Umbrella, so confirmation of their whereabouts must be carried out urgently.”

The High level evacuation protocol could’ve been those researchers being evacuated and taken to another location shortly before or when Sergei got Talos out. Just something I thought about when reading that last bit.

While I’m on the topic of files having textures being different from the text we read ingame and unused stuff, here’s a couple of nice nuggets.

This is the in game (from PU) version of the file “SECURITY CHIEF'S E-MAIL”


July 22.1998 2:13

To the Chief of Security

X-DAY is approaching.

Carry out the sequential execution of the following tactics immediately and within one week.

1) Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the laboratory and obtain B.O.W. (Bio Organic Weapon) combat data.

2) Collect two embryos per breed of B.O.W., including mutants.

 However, dispose of the Tyrant.

3) Dispose of the Arklay Laboratory, including personnel and test animals, and make it look like an accident.”

This is what the texture itself says.

“From: Headquarters "UMBRELLA"

To: "Chief of Security" arklay laboratory

Date: July 22, 1998 (2:13)

Subject: Priority Procedure


Attn: Chief of security

The X day is drawing up on us. Execute the following procedures within one week. Prompt actions are demanded.

1. Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the estate, laboratory and obtain B.O.W.'s raw combat data against S.T.A.R.S.

2. Collect two embryos for each of the Mutation Specimen as samples except for the Tyrant. Dispose the Tyrant.

3. Ensure complete disposal of the Arklay Laboratory including all personnel and test animals. Arrange the disposal as being a disguised accident. When the above procedures are executed report to headquarters for further instructions.

If for some reason you are unable to execute the procedure by the deadline, report immediately. As number extensions, also report by electronic mail or fax. In case of emergency situations, report directly to the extension number 1234567.

Good Luck

Umbrella Headquarters

-------------------------------------------------- IMPORTANT INFORMATION --------------------------------------------------

The contents of this email are confidential, may be subject to legal privilege and protected by copyright. They are intended for the named addressee only. If you are not the named addressee or a person acting on behalf and with the authority of the addressee and have received this email by mistake, any copying, disclosure or dissemination of the contents of this email to any third party is strictly forbidden by the sender and the sender reserves all rights and remedies against any person or entity making any such unauthorized use thereof. If you have received this email in error, please would you contact the sender immediately by Telephone -1 (123) 457 7890, Fax +1 (123) 457 7890 or return of email and then delete and/or destroy this email. Please note that any views or opinions presented are (unless the context otherwise makes it clear) solely those of the author and do not necessarily represent those of Umbrella Pharmaceuticals.

Please also note that Umbrella Pharmaceuticals at all times to keep its network full of viruses- You should, however, scan this email and any attachments to it for any viruses. Umbrella will not be held responsible for any viruses which may be transmitted upon receipt of this email or the opening of any attachment thereto.”

Lastly, for now, here's an unused newreport from Outbreak's Decisions, Decisions extracted by a StuntmanSnake.

"Emergency workers continue their rescue efforts within Raccoon city and the surrounding area. However, the state government imposed 160 mile no entry zone perimeter is still in effect without exception. Raccoon city and its surrounding area will be under military control.

This is Richard Harris reporting for RNN. I'm 300 miles from the center of Raccoon City. No one is being allowed in or out without the highest security clearance. Highways are completely shut down, and there is a strong military presence. What has happened here? To the casual onlooker, this may resemble a war zone. But the reality is far more grave. The government has yet to release any details, but I can tell you that the damage is tremendous, judging from the size of the restricted zone. Will we learn the truth?

Earlier this morning, 12 "Angel arrow" intermediate-range ballistic missiles were successfully launched from Dallas air force base, wiping out everything within a 120 mile radius of Raccoon city. The death toll is expected to reach into the 100,000s. This is the worst disaster in the history of this country."


"I'll take my Survival Horror like I take my men" - George Trevor, September 3, 2017 at 6:10 PM
"I am so in love with CHE I almost put my willy in the USB port." George Trevor, September 20, 2018 at 12:53 PM
“Great love springs from great knowledge of the beloved object and if you know it but a little, you will be able to love it only a little or not at all.” - Leonardo da Vinci

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George Trevor
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Jessica... Lisa... Forgive me. May god justify my death in exchange for your safety.

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George Trevor at January 4, 2019 at 6:43 PM

That's a great find George, where did you dig that up?

EDIT: I've updated my post on the Mansion Paintings. Also, check your PM's George.

I found an interesting piece the other day while trying to identify the paintings inside the remake mansion. I decided to put it here, since I have no idea who the original artist was, or where the design originally came from.

I think it's a reproduction of a medieval tapestry, depicting some kind of falconry/hunting scene. It's available to purchase on a number of websites and the manufacturer sells other tapestries depicting famous paintings and imagery, even the Neuschwanstein Castle. I tried contacting them via their website, but my email was returned to sender. Not sure how to ask them about it.

It's the design from the north wall of the Suspended Ceiling room shown below.

It's possible it came from a larger piece, or a series of pieces by the same artist. So far I've been unable to find the designs from the other walls in the room. They could have been done by different artists entirely, but they appear to be in a similar style and seem to revolve around the same hunting theme.

Indeed, the hunt continues.

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