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I do have to wonder how much progress has been made on Biohazard 8 or whatever next major installment (Rev3 etc) in the mean time. By the time REmake 2 rolls around RE7 will be two years old. I wonder if we'll have as big of a gap between releases between. REmake 2 and whatever is next.
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There are many possibilities to what could be coming after RE2 remake, another Revelations game, 8, or another remake. It would be nice if they bought back the Outbreak series into full glory and place the things they took out back into it.

RE2 remake is looking good even though some things make us all uncomfortable. Once we all get to play it, a review and thoughts topic should appear with our likes and complaints.


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Yeah outbreak reimagined is , quite honestly a no-brainer. It would be a shame though as it would likely destroy the existing lore the two games brought to the series. I.e Greg Muller. The fact that Rita is mentioned in remake 2 suggests Capcom remember the games at least

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Alyssa Ashcroft was mentioned in RE7 too. Then there is the Daylight reference in Marhawa Desire.
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So after watching the Licker gameplay presetend by IGN I can say that the Licker looked fantastic. Their movements resemble that of Damnation or even RE5 but they seem to take a lot more damage this time around. Cannot wait to interact with them the gameplay look's like a lot of fun. Story still has me concerned but I am starting to look forward to actually playing this game now. I wonder if the weapons will allow for upgrades? I actually hope not and they remain at their standard attributes because the combat with BOW's looks like a challenge. The player in the video seem's to be taking his time and covering tracks, even to the extent of facing one zombie he seems to be cautious about what he is doing and that is a very promising sign.

Gameplay here:


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I am impressed by Claire gameplay. I hope they keep in game dialogues to minimum. Specially no in game hints. Like Lara does in tomb Tomb raider. Zombies and licker seem to take lot of ammo to go down. That is good if ammo is just enough. I want ammo to be just enough to kill everything like in Remake 1.
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