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EvilResident at June 14, 2018 at 5:58 PM

Fair enough, BSAArklay. But I feel the cartoony visuals of RE2 would feel out of place in a modern horror game with this kind of dark tone. We will always have the original, and I will always value it's unique quirks and style. @JC Wesker, the fedora actually comes from RE2 concept art.

Im not happy either with the cartoonish character models, that just dont fit with the dark tone.


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George Trevor
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Survivalist at June 18, 2018 at 2:28 PM

Well...I was excited when this was announced, and now I am even more so. Almost everything I've seen suggests that they have done honour to the game, but have tastefully (and necessarily) tempered it in the interest of a "modern audience". As many have mentioned, the tone is the crucial thing. From the get-go, I suspected that the treatment of the soundtrack would likely reflect the character of the game, and the beautiful rendition of the Main Hall theme in gameplay footage helps to satisfy me that their intentions have been respectful and sincere, and that they are competent. The environments look wonderful! I'm just imagining now what the rest of the station, and beyond, will look like!

Also, I'm very, very much looking forward to some deeper insight into Chief Irons, after his (my assumption) vocal appearance in the trailer: "Money's in my account; always a pleasure". I always loved the Outbreak series' expansive coverage of Raccoon City, and if the rumours are true that the game's scope is significantly increased, I'm just as excited for the new as I am for the old, because there's simply so much to excavate.

The "over-the shoulder" issue isn't one for me, and if they offer fixed camera angles, that will exceed my expectations. While I enjoyed 7 (it was engaging and certainly well-made), it still wasn't, being different by type rather than degree. All that I've seen and read about the remake suggests a game that is faithful in every meaningful way to the original.

Could not agree more with every word of the above post except for Survivalist's relaxation on the over-the-shoulder perspective, which for me has always offered nothing over the two options that it has always been a half-way house for, my prererrence of third person fixed camera, and first person utalised so well in Resident Evil 7; this middle road they've used for the remake serves only to block the screen! And it makes evading enemies on the run, cumbersome and clunky, a throw-back to the original Capcom were not going for.

And talking of throw-back, whilst I am almost overwhelmed by surprisingly wonderful inclusion of RPD Officers from Outbreak scenarios, I still wont forgive the completely unnecessarry changes to the dates that Claire & Leon arrived in Raccoon City and the RPD. So in the new Operation Repor, Elliot Edwards (Outbreak: Desperate Times) writes to Officer Philips (Outbreak: Desperate Times) - Rita Phillips part of Marvin Branagh's escape plan. By collating all the related files in the RPD, found in RE2,RE3, Outbreak & Outbreak File 2 you get the intense narrative of two teams of RPD officers split-up, isolated from each. David Ford and Elliot Edward's group are trapped in the West wing while Rita & Marvin's group are penned in, on the east side of the RPD that offers an escape route to the main hall. BUT Remake 2 now retcons these events, with Rita now suggesting the plan to Elliot, thereby not just retconning the canon time-line that flowed consistently across 4 games in the series, but negating the facts of numerous in-game files :(

So I called it immediately that night of E3, the very second I saw THAT rat, clearly a throwback to the Outbreak intro with the rats eye view at the start of the reveal trailer. But these events clearly suggest this is first zombie Leon encounters, which again for me is an unnecessary change from an iconic narartive that could simply have been respected, and fleshed out, as with Resident Evil original v. REmake. The tone of the premiere reveal trailer had an Outbreak/ORC style Raccoon City of apocalyptic chaos everywhere. BIG positive was that this feeling of an onslaught of tense destruction was carried over into the RPD as seen in first official press trailer

Random observations - Arkuras tailor was great to see even though it's moved location! Not impressed they changed the classic outfits from the start, and seemingly Leon's gun for the opening Also Leon approaches the RPD from the opposite direction to the original RE2, and the front entrance has now been changed from the RE3/Outbreak models; another poorly received edit for me, as there now doesn't appear to be an accesable underpass, with the RPD courtyard boarded off (as with RE3), so no Zombie Brad :(

The newly added rain, and dark forboding lighting, immedialtely sets the right survival horror tone, reminiscent of the entering into the spencer mansion. I LOVE IT! The redesign of the front entrance hall resembles a real life working station more with the desk now brought forward. The lighting and grand staircase at the far end resembling the spencer mansion aesthetic and with the subtle changes to layout, it feels far more like a working station, and the atmospehre feels more forboding than the original.

And how cool that the RPD main hall is actually the original layout, matching an early beta concept design?! But now the RPD has a new third floor! This extension makes me question even more so the need to make any drastic changes to the map of the ground & first floor from their iconic original layout. An example of this, which I hope to see utalised more, as an alternative to drastic map alterations from the original, is seen in the trailer with the very recognisable corridor outside of dark room save room, shot from a perspective that now shows an added 3rd floor.

There is the recognisable, iconic bell sound when entering, but soon fades into an unrecognisable, and rather forgetful ambient drone, that soon fades out unlike the original which kept the music on a loop. (Deluxe version allows you to swap the soundtrack to the original game which is a wonderful bonus that should not have been a bonus!) Worryingly, there's not much music at all, noticably lacking in signature tracks for particualr locations. Instead there are just generic, ambient sounds. But tragedy averted when the Capcom USA stream did pick out the save room theme at one point.

I am so relieved that much of the decour is faithful to the original, including areas directly pulled from original such as the corridor outside S.T.A.R.S office with the handcuffs tied to the railing, and the S.T.A.R.S conference room, although not seeing the back room with the 'A Sacrafice to the Hell Fire' painting. Also, so great to see the momentous shot of the first Likcer appearence, crawling across the RPD window, looking the most menacing it has the series - as do the zombies now; these secondary infectants have finally come of age, and for the first time in the series are as truly fearsome as the Hunters were from the start. I loved the gameplay mechanic that helps to slow the pace down by increasing the level of ammo it takes to finally kill a zombie. Considerably more ammo is needed and added to the stunning new zombie models, these really are the most fearsome zombies in the series. Coridoors kept faithfully slim thank god, possibly making it almost impossible to evade the zombies by running around. Also a great gameplay design that you can board up specific windows using planks of wood; another gamplay device from Outbreak. and a nod back to the original when you could close the shutters in one of two chosen corridor locations.

Ada's and Claire's model look designed from the models of 1.5. and I am not overly keen on the almost manga, cutesy look to Claire. Claires look seems based on an early concept drawing of Elza Walker. The new face for Claire looks remarkably like Alyson Court, noticed & tweeted by Alyson! Very disappointed all reveal footage and demo is focused on Leon's campaign, relegating Claire to a supporting role in a game she should be sharing equal status.

Interestingly, the demo footage inside the RPD played out a comparable gameplay scenario to that of the Ivy University section in Resident Evil 6. It was actually quite visually similar, with darkened corridors and a worryingly linear gameplay objective. Already appears more linear with step by step objectives, marked on your map, rather than the more open feeling of the original where Leon is wandering around aimlessly for survivors and Claire is looking for her brother. This really does concern me, and I hope it's just to ease inexperienced players into the game - becasue until Leon meets Marvin he has one specific objective, following what has to be a preset path to achieve it, the ennui of this alternative to a more open world, blind exploration that serves survival horror and Resident Evil games like Code Veronica & Dead Aim so well, is broken up by the necessity to remove obstacles, as also utalised in RE6. BUT the gameplay mechanic is nothing like RE6, with the RE engine from RE7 offering a stripped down HUD & inventory system that is a joy to use in comparison to the insanity in RE6. However, on the down side, again like RE7, there is a worrying lack of environment interaction, which in REmake added depth to the atmosphere & narrative, as player examination throws up interesting & forboding messages. The RPD is prime for these, if Capcom fail again to add them, it's unforgivable.

From the cut-scenes we saw involving Marvin, and Elliot, the RE2 narrative is being expanded upon, fleshed out so minor characters only mentioned in files now appear in person. The dialogue between Leon & Marvin was written well, I liked their script which expands his role, and a strong performance from his VA. I am not happy that Marvin now fails to mention Chris and the other STARS members who infiltrated & survived the mansion, and the outbreak caused by Umbrella. Also Leon tells Marvin he was 'contacted a week ago and told to stay away.' That means he was warned one day before Hunk's mission took place accoding to the canon timeline but the new game sets Leon's first day in Raccoon City one day out from the original. Poor edits.

So clearly this is more a reimagining than a remake, not designed as a replacement for RE2 - unlike the remake was for the original. We are being served an alternate RE2, where going on what we have seen in the demo, up to 70% is new additon, whilst 30% of the original is preserved. Compare that to the original RE1 v. REmake, which was 70/30 in favour of keeping consistency. But such a relief for me and an extremely positive sign, that despite these greater amount of edits and misisng familiar music, the RPD is STILL comfortingly recognisable. Capcom have altered things whose change does not actually effect the narrative significantly, such as dates files and Marvin not knowing anything about the mansion incident. This might just suggest those annoyingly frustrating changes have been very purposeful, Capcom mindful to emphasise a reimagining as a pose to a REmake. That really does set off alarm bells for me, because the developers of this remake are dealing with a very different builfding map to the one faced by those remaking the original RE1. The Spencer Mansion was a self-contained building, and so adding extra rooms was less jarring to the familiarity of the original. But this RE2 is more like a reimagining than a remake, with a very likely to be significantly edited RPD, albeit with the odd familiar iconic room added to appease the likes of me; but that wont be enough if the RPD & Raccoon City streets changes are so frequent as to be a disruptive step too far removed from the original.


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^As long as this "alternate RE2" is not a reboot, and is a part of the same universe as all following sequels, that's fine by me. Even RE1 wasn't nessesarily replaced, as no significant details have been removed, just added onto. The early games play very fast and loose with canon in regards to geography and the exact nature of specific scenerios.
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Officer Lovett
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I like the idea of newer fans that discovered the series through RE7 playing this remake, exploring Raccoon City, learning about Birkin and the G-Virus, getting to know Claire, Sherry and Leon, and really just getting acquainted with the things that defintively made RE what it was in the first place, while not being put off by the controls or what have you. RE's canon got WAY too bloated, and if you ask me, getting away from everything that happened after RE4 was the best thing they could have possibly done, and now going back to RE2 just seems like it has so much potential to revitalize the series in a meaningful way, while retaining the elements that made it great in the first place.

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USS Command
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So here is this dead cop Leon looks at in the demo.

and here is a cop who gets killed in the Hong Kong comics

Just something I piced up on


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^ Great observation. The wound definitely looks like he got a Licker Frence Kiss.
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Here's some footage of Claire Redfield's gameplay, not sure if this is spoiler-worthy or not so check out at your own risk just in case:


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