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Hello everyone!! I know, I miss me a lot, I have disappeared lately, some people speculate I became a zombie and I'm now wandering the surroundings of the Arklay Mansion. Well, I'm still alive! lately I have been working many hours and I had some personal issues that, if everythoung goes right, will be solved tomorrow (I would appreciate if you all sent me your prayers!!!) Also, I recently moved to a new city and I had to settle down a bit, but now I finally have a shelve dedicated to Resident Evil (pics coming soon!!!!). Well, the most veteran members may remember my 'What If?' series:

Leon and Chris, two big Resident Evil characters, great figthers, excellent shooters, with great courage and quick decission making. If we had to choose their prime I would say Resident Evil 4's Leon and Resident Evil 5's Chris were on their prime, but would Chris have survived RE4 without Leon´s skills? Would Wesker have proven too much for Leon without Chris's big arms? Here is my question...What if Leon had been sent to Kijuju and Chris to Spain? How would everything have turned out. My thoughts on the critical points:

RE 4: Chris is in his prime, maybe not as big as in RE5 but with a great combination of his RE5 strenght and 2002's reflexes (assault on Umbrella in Russia).

Infection: Ada is a good person at heart despite everyhting...She saved that chinese couple in Lanshiang (which ended up dead anyway...) an Echo team BSAA member with some civilians, another group of civilians...I think she would have helped Chris as well, Chris survived being infected with Las Plagas.

Fight against Bitores: No big deal, Chris emerges the victor.

Salazar trap: hard to say, depends on the gear he carries, besides, in Code:Veronica we see him as a talented climber. Result: Uncertain, too many variables.

Fight against Salazar and his minions: Same, Chris overcomes them

Laser trap: Hard to say...I see Chris getting through the end but the last part? He clearly lacks the reflexes to do that incredible stunt Leon did. However, seeing that boulder beatdown he could probably just punch the wall and escape...

Krauser battle (1st): Same result, Krauser gets the upper hand thanks to Las Plagas and Ada saves the day. The battle, however, is different: Chris is not as swift and elegant with the knife so he gets closer to Krauser, with both punches and knees getting involved. Probably both men get cut several times. Result: Chris leaves with his life, but quite beaten down, same goes with Krauser, upper hand with many scars.

Krauser battle (2nd): Chris gets the upper hand and finishes the job with his machete, I doubt Krauser survives this encounter like he did against Leon. With Chris's strenght  the final blow would be surely lethal.

Mike: "Hattrick" Kirk Matthison comes insted, dies like he would have in Kijuju,

Saddler fight: Same result, Chris finishes him off with the rocket launcher.

Ada and the plaga: Unlike Leon, Chris fights Ada back to get the sample (the gun was so close to Leon´s head that he could have easily taken the gun for her). Ada escapes withj the sample anyway thanks to her reflexes. We could also consider that Chris could have shot Ada to avoid her escape with the sample (after all, she means nothing to him).

Possibility of Chris surving the mission: 100% - 10% laser trap - 20% Salazar trap: 70%

Possibility of Ada surviving and escaping with the sample: 100% - 25% Chris beats her - 25%: 50%

RE5: Although older Leon is still at his prime (althought last years), great kicking technice and lightning reflexes. In combination with Sheva they make an unstoppable quick team.

Assembly: Both survive

Ndesu: Both win

Rest of bosses: Both win without much difference with Chris.

First encounter with Wesker: Despite to the quickness of both characters, the result reamins the same.

Second encounter with Wesker: Despite lacking Chris's strenght, Leon manages to get more hits because of his and Sheva's combined quickness.

Boulder: Hard to say...Leon lacks the strength to move it for sure, maybe flipping over it and fighting Wesker aon the narrow path? that's likely, but I doubt they would have been able to survive an encounter in such a narrow fighting ground despite their quickness.

Scenario 1: fighting on the narrow path: Leon and Sheva put up a great fight thanks to their reflexes, but eventually lose.

Scenario 2: Leon moves the boulder and they fight on the same spot as Chris and Sheva would: Leon and Sheva win easily.

RPGs: Wesker is defeated.

Result until boulder: 100% - 15% boulder: 85%

Result scenario 1: 85% - 85% narrow path: 0%

Result scenario 2: 85%

So...What do you think? It's your turn now! I can't wait to read your replies residents!


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Well, the only problem I see is would Leon even have reason to make it to wesker? The only reason Chris met up to wesker was because he saw Jill and ignored the order to pull out. Does Leon even know Jill? Does he have any drive to disobey orders and keep going?  Even if he found a reason I don't think he'd make it. Chris got buffed up because of Jill's "death" and his failure to capture Wesker which helped him greatly in the end. Leon is in good shape but not that good. 


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It seems like the heros are the only ones who have immortality. So the story changes that would happen woudn't affect them. Being realistic though.They both should of died!


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George Trevor
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Prior to Leon's mandatory induction into the care of the US special forces Chris had to be the more skilled in the field as a STARS member compared to Leon who was just a beat cop. But by the start of Resident Evil 4, six years would have passed for Leon's special ops government training, which would have bestowed upon him a higher skill set to that of Chris's.

Xarls I agree with you the reflexes needed for the Krauser fight would have proved too much for Chris, particularily with those lumbering bulky arms !


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Chris would never had waivered in his mission the way Leon did whenever Ada showed up and gave him the eye - she had him under her full control man haha. Joking aside I see Chris as the more professional of the two men, mentally stronger than Leon, and what emotionally disturbed Chris leading up to RE5 and RE6 would have broken the more fragile Leon. Leon is like Rebecca Chambers in that way.



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James Marcus
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NEMESIS at July 26, 2015 at 11:37 AM

Chris would never had waivered in his mission the way Leon did whenever Ada showed up and gave him the eye - she had him under her full control man haha. Joking aside I see Chris as the more professional of the two men, mentally stronger than Leon, and what emotionally disturbed Chris leading up to RE5 and RE6 would have broken the more fragile Leon. Leon is like Rebecca Chambers in that way.

Both men have their own skeletons in the cupboard. I read in the forum here somewhere Leon overslept on his first day in the job after a particularily heavy night on the tiles!! Chris was unable to pursue a successful career in the US Air Force because of his bad attitude and failure to respect authority.

I can see Leon getting slaughtered in Kijuju with or without Chris' overpowered biceps!


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