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Greetings all theorists. This is a topic for the future of "The Family". Derek Clifford Simmons, who I firmly believe was the lieutenant-general seen in BIO3/RE3 Sherry's epilogue, was once the head of the Family but now he is dead and at first I thought that with his death, that a entirely new character would be necessary to replace him as the a key person within The Family's ranks. That was untiI though about a certain technology colonel from the golden age of survival horror that was Bio Hazard 3 The Last Escape/Resident Evil Nemesis...

* "Colonel Franklin Hart"
was the one who devised the Rail Cannon seen at the "dead factory", besides overseeing the cannon and possibly being among the ones sending special forces to retrieve the G-Virus, I think it can be very safely said that Hart is one of the "US Military authorities" (notice the plural in authorities?) besides Derek that wanted the G-Virus.

From what I can see about him he is a War Hawk without doubt and could have easily been a like-minded individual when compared with Derek, not to mention with more then 10 years to get promoted to a higher position of authority I think he could be a bad-ass character worthy of leading The Family! Short of a resurgent Dark Natalia/Alex Wesker taking over the family with her, by using her cunning or by taking it over via force, I think that Franklin Hart is the best candidate for membership within The Family's leadership.

What does everyone else think? Are there any other candidates that we have already seen who could be members of The Family? I welcome any and all theories about the massive fraternity and its prospective members.


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We'll never actually see the Family again, but I like to think that Senator Davis was affiliated with them.

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James Marcus
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Yuan-The-11th you will have to forgive me but I must pull you up on your character analysis of Franklin Hart. Reading an accurate translation of the Japanese file the Colonal is portrayed as a loyal nationalist far removed from the sinister traitor you would have us beieve he is. I suggest his retrieval of the G-virus was for the protection of the American people, he was cleaing the streets from the danger posed by the scum from Umbrella. Yes he was a 'Hawk' as you say but a loyal one with loyalty to the flag and her institutions, not one to lurk in the shadows at the head of an insidious illuminati.

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I still think it's too early to deploy the "Cursed Sword of Paracelsus" in actual combat, though it's unavoidable if we need it as a trump card in our operation to seize the G-Virus developed by Umbrella. The rail cannon's power is satisfactory, however, I want you to be careful as there are also many problems. For the glory of the United States of America, go smash this magnetic iron hammer on those traitors to our nation.


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