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Greetings mansion residents. As those that know me may be aware, my biggest passion for the Resident Evil franchise is the background lore and ongoing timeline. It is something I always keep up to date with in my spare time. Such opportunities are becoming less and less these days but I have at least 400 pages of notes spread across several different computers. I am working on the ultimate, definitive Resident Evil timeline and plot analysis. It's something I began back in 2009 shortly after Resident Evil 5 was released and had the somewhat unrealistic goal of including pretty much everything. Character profiles, enemy analysis, organisation backgrounds, a full chronological account of events and detailed breakdowns of the games themselves.

Six years later the spine of the document is complete and stands at over 800 pages. I have just finalised the Revelations 2 event placements and all the various profiles are pretty much done. Over 2000 individual timeline entries are in place. The only remaining detail is the actual game breakdowns - and this is where I need assistance. Basically what it comes down to is when giving a basic retelling of the game, I didn't want to just cover the basics in bullet point format for example I wanted it to be like a novel, to capture the atmosphere of the situation. For Resident Evil 1 I wanted to explain the decor, the thunder claps that rattle overhead, and all the little text descriptions of the environments. The breakdown also covered the canonical routes of the characters and the full game script. It took me a while to do but I managed it and it comes in at about 50 pages, my own mini Resident Evil novelisation. I also have a mini-novel of the complete Raccoon City saga spread across 150 pages including all the Outbreak scenarios which I am incredibly proud of.

The plan of course was to do this for every title and this backfired horribly as I severely underestimated how long this would take. Now I am at the point where I am so fed up with this project I am ready to pull the plug. I still have several titles to cover and the thought of writing thousands of words explaining in minute detail the Ndipaya caves or Salazar's castle just doesn't bear thinking about. I simply can't do it. 

So bascially I am on the brink of discarding all this work and going back to simple bullet point format to explain all the game's events, as I believe its the only way I will ever get this document finished. So what I am asking is this; I am looking for four fan-fiction enthusiasts who would be seriously willing to devoting some time to 'novelising' one of the games in the series. If I can get external help to finish the transcripts, then this document can go out as intended, rather than being significantly scaled down and a bulk of it scrapped.

I need writers to do a complete retelling of the following games:

CODE VERONICA (second half)




Every other game is covered and what I am looking for is talented individuals who can break down the above games into something of a 50-80 page summary including all the key events, the game script and some atmospheric description of the locale and surroundings. Whoever contirubutes will get full credit on the overall document. Basically if I can't get this done, the timeline will be scaled back significantly, as its the only way it will ever get finished. Anyone who is willing to help, please get it touch with me and be part of something special.

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How would RE6 be taken, by scenario or chronologically?

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You can write it however you wish, although it will be presented chronologically. Edonia, then Tall Oaks, then Lanshiang. Obviously RE6 is huge so it will take longer and more pages. If we find 3 RE6 fans (impossible??) then they could tackle a scenario each.

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4 fans, not 3.

I'm not committing, simply asking questions. RE4 would likely be my game of choice.

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George Trevor
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The non canon additions that S.D Perry added to her uninspiring, average novels always annoyed me and put me off reading them, so I'm particularily pleased and interested in TheBatMan's Resident Evil opus including these novels for each game narrative. We get very basic breakdowns of gameplay in Resident Evil Archives I and II, which are very sparse, not including any desciption of enviroments & atmosphere, character emotions and background perspectives of supporting cast.

TheBatMan's idea to novelise the game narratives to include such features is a great way for true Resident Evil fans to emphasise some of the canon gems & easter eggs that S.D Perry & Paul Anderson have proved incapable of understanding & appreciating the value & significance of to the series; an example given to me by TheBatMan when I asked to novelise Code: Veronica X, is the Resident Evil 3 epilogue file for Claire Redfield, as she stumbles upon Chris's knife in his hideout whilst he has already made his way to Rockfort, and there is also the exciting opportunity for me to cover the 'off-screen' actions of major plot players Wesker & Alfred Ashford.


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