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I'm really confused about this issue. According to the files in RE5 and Revelations the BSAA was a mere civilian advisory organisation that couldn't carry its own investigations until their UN status. Then...What were they doing in the coasts of Terragrigia? And in the Valkoïnen Mokki airport? Those really seemed like investigations and operations. Were they doing clandestine operarations? Why did they have SOA if they were just advisors?

I wait for your replies!


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If the BSAA website that was used to advertise the game is considered canon(and more or less its referenced in game) then some agents were there to clean up body parts washing up on the beach. Jill and Parker was probably there to make sure the wasn't risk of infection. As for the airport, we don't know the full story leading up to Chris and Jessica going on that mission besides looking for veltro. As for them I think its clandestine operations.

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The BSAA were just observers in Terragrigia.

The Queen Zenobia incident wasn't an official operation. The Veltro base at the airport was a fake, and the BSAA were deliberately lured to the ship to obtain proof about Morgan. Raymond even states in game the BSAA have no jurisdiction whilst on the ship.

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In Resident Evil 5, they were equipped with heavier weapons. In the first chapter, before the Majini Uroboros Test Subject boss fight, Sheva makes a comment on how the dead BSAA soldier has enough "firepower to take on a small army." She also comments on how it was "not enough."


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With each new series instalment Capcom throw up yet another named organization easily shortened with initials but not so easily fitted into an ever over-populated jurisdiction. With these ever growing government and non-government organizations popping up with unnecessary regularity, is it really any wonder that the individual jurisdictions of each of these many biological/pharmaceutical/military/civilian government and non-government organisations and agencies overlap and cause much confusion?!! Yet another example of Capcom spoiling their perfect survival horror recipe with too many cooks, and good reason for a stripped-down reboot. 



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