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The Grimm
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I won't pretend that this story is going to be a happy one. Reality rarely is. Its ending is... bittersweet, at best. I suppose that I'm straying from the point. My name is Mike, Mike Leri. I used to be a member of a small elite four-man unit, whose other three members were Sasha LaFleur, Aaron Steele, and Garoth Tyler. We were called the Masquerade.

Up until about around three years ago, we were only hired by small military organizations and somewhat larger bussineses. Most of our work revolved around moving certain... undesirable objects from one place to the next. Other jobs included protecting VIP members of the corporations, usually the CEO or president. All was going well for us, until a certain corporation decided that our abilities were better suited for fighting than defending. You probably already know which corporation talking about. If you guessed the Umbrella Corporation, you'd be right.

Two and a half years ago, after accepting two new members onto the team (Leon Hughes and Rose Tyler), the Umbrella Corporation approached us wiht a job oppurtunity. We were wasked to clean up a mess in some building they'd decided to label the Orphanage. Given the rather large amount of money they offered us, we accapted.

That's how it started. For me. For us. And that's where I start this story. Just... please, listen. I'm not saying it all for no reason. You probably think you know everything about Umbrella. You may have been right in your guesswork earlier, but you're wrong this time. There are still so many things you don't know. As for me, well... I'm the one who's going to tell you.


Wait for the Dark to come...

And the Light shall pierce it

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