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George Trevor
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Morpheus D. Duvall, is an extraordinary character, of genuinely iconic status, and Angus Waycott, the truly erudite artist & performer who plays him so distinctively, with a supremely aloof cadence, has munificently gifted an exclusive appearance, on the next Crimson Head Elder Podcast, discussing for the first time in interview, this role he played so masterfully. October 31st, Halloween night, will hauntingly herald publication of the Crimson Head Elder Podcast File #2, a Resident Evil Dead Aim special, with a live appearance too from Resident Evil composer & Bruce McGivern actor Raj Ramayya. To have both these first class performers, main protagonist & main antagonist from such a considerably significant, signature instalment into the annals of, not just Resident Evil as our beloved series, but also the whole genre that is survival horror video gaming, is an outstanding privilege for the CHE staff, and a spectacular Halloween treat for all the residents in the Crimson Head Elder mansion.

Angus Waycott has generously granted us this very rare opportunity to share with him the experience of performing such a uniquely peculiar, pathologically assured, Resident Evil icon, who was unashamedly 'James Bond villain' sized, in both personality and in the measure of his egotistical dastardly plan for the world, as he answers exclusively on the CHE Halloween Podcast, residents questions, posted below ~

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This is going to be amazing and outstanding! :D

1. Do you feel that Morpheus deserved more love in the game Dead Aim?

2. Since the game was released, did you think of getting it as a memorabilia of an amazing accomplishment?

3. If they were to bring him back for cut scenes, do you feel you’ll want to voice him again?

4. Was it hard doing the voicing of Morpheus?

5. What was your reaction when told he turned into a female Tyrant? (monster)

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USS Command
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I'm really excited for this good thing, I don't need sleep.

1. How was the experience of working on the game?

2. What made you try and get the role?

3. Were you familler with Resident Evil?

4. Did you have any contact with the other VAs?

5. Did Capcom tell you the sex of your charater?

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Alan Wenpei Mao
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1. Has he or anyone within his family played Resident Evil: Dead Aim or any other Resident Evil games? What does he think about them? What does he think about the movies?:D

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James Marcus
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All these interviews with the characters from Resident Evil games that represented survival horror with an intelligent story and innovative gameplay brings back fond memories, but they're bitter-sweet ones when they drive home just how lacking the games after Dead Aim are when it comes to those features. But enough of that, and on to questions for Mr Waycott...

1. Were you chosen because of your ability to create two distinctive voices for Morpheus, before and after his mutation into a Tyrant?

2. How much of your own voice went into Morpheus's Tyrant voice with its feminine undertones & how much was post-production in the sound editing suite?

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USS Command may have been referring to this I think, but I also wanted to ask -

1. Was Angus Waycott briefed by Capcom developers on the distinct change in gender orientation that Morpheus experienced as a result of his transformation and if he could thus shed light on the debate surrounding Morpheus's extreme plastic surgery?

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1. I believe that every character both in fiction and in real life has some grey, not just black or white, whether they are good or evil. That said, do you believe that Morpheus was wholly evil or was he more of an anti-hero or tragic figure to you? Did he deserve what he got in the end?

2. What would you say are Morpheus' sexuality and gender identity? Does his belief in beauty reigning supreme transcend such concerns in his mind or does his plastic surgery suggest the opposite?

3. What was your knowledge of the franchise before being asked to take on this tragically one-time role? Were the games and their backstory new to you?

4. Finally, would you be interested in doing similar work in the future?

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To ask a question to a voice-actor behind a unique game such as Bio Hazard Gun Survivor 4: Heroes Never Die, this is a once in a life-time kind of moment. There are many standard types of questions that I could ask but there is one that on a personal level I must ask due to a theory of mine theory below:


It would appear that due to a communication error, the team working on the game-play intended for the game to have a female antagonist, where as the team working on the story and movie scenes intended for a male antagonist. Further more the G-Virus unlike the t-Virus is not known for giving people super powers but rather consume them entirely and creating an independent G-creature. With that in mind, I believe that Morpheus Duvall and the t-92/t-Lady are two entirely different characters, Morpheus a man who lived and died a human where's t-92/t-Lady was a G-woman born from the dead body of Morpheus.

1. Were you asked by Capcom to voice Morpheus & t-92/t-Lady (the female Tyrant) as separate characters or one character? I hope my question is not awkward but I had to ask it as it was the biggest question within my mind when it comes to Morpheus Duvall in BioGS4/RE Dead Aim.


At any rate I sincerely thank Angus for devoting time for this interview at CHE.

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1. I would really love to know how you got into VA Mr. Waycott.

2. Also I saw a picture in your site called "Research" in Mexico. Since I live in Mexico I'm wondering what where you researching.

Thank you for the time you have given us here in CHE.

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Ray Redfield
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My questions are..

1. Do you find Morpheus to be an interesting character?

2. How did you get interested in voicing this character?

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I just posted over in the other thread for Raj Ramayya. I had not posted to a RE forum for the best part of five years and I was promted to find my way here when I saw news about the Dead Aim podcast. Thanks for featuring a survival horror game from Resi's past rather than gush about another borefest from Capcom with Revelations 2. Dead Aim has long been a favorite of mine, the charcters have the most interesting inter-relationships than any other game in the series, Bruce & Fong Ling were a far more dynamic couple with better chemistry than the anodyne Rebecca/Billy partnership. I am excited about this prospect of finally hearing from the actor who played what I believe to be RE's most fascinating and most suited characters to be an entire series antagonist, far superior in every way to Wesker.

1. How much character backstory was Mr Waycott given before the game went into production in order to prepare the role for such an iconic man?

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1: Were you shown what Morpheus looked like? Did you feel how he should act and sound from just looking at him to give full expression of his voice?

2: Did you interact with the other voice actors?

3: Morpheus' journal had a lot of intertesting information, were you shown it to get into character of him to know how to act besides seeing his image?


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George Trevor
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THANK YOU for all these insightful questions, which were answered by Angus Waycott with considerably more attention than I could ever imagined, to the point where myself & those that tune in to the Crimson Head Elder Podcast on October 31st, can learn much about Japanese history & culture, including how the oppressive & inaccessible mountains so near to the cities, and the fear of the unknown that this natural phenomenon generates, causes ghost stories to become significantly more prominent than in Western cultures. Angus offers considerable detail, with refrences to Western and Japanese social history & culture, as to why Morpheus is such an interesting character. To discover the influence this geography of Japan has on the development of Ghost stories into their own popular culture, and how those socially pervading narratives affect video games like Resident Evil, tune in to our second podcast, on Halloween night !


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