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Hi again residents! It´s been a long time since the last 'What If', but in case anyone doubted... here is Volume 3! Since Revelations 2 has been announced it will be Revelations related.

We all know Rachael Foley, the pessimistic FBC agent who died aboard the Queen Zenobia just as she predicted... but what if after Umbrella´s downfall HUNK had joined the FBC and became Raymond´s partner? Would HUNK have survived? Killed Raymond after finding out about his betrayal to Morgan? Or simply died like Rachael did?

You have the answer residents.


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Well you can't kill the grim reaper himself now can you.

But I don't think HUNK would have died. He'd probably survive, as he is very well trained. Plus I'd say HUNK would have worked for Tricell and made sure everything was in order because I can't believe Raymond carried Jill and Parker through a B.O.W. infested ship, to two different rooms, then run carrying all their stuff to a third, by himself. 


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HUNK wouldn't have died. He's a survivor of Raccoon City after all, a cruise ship full of monsters wouldn't have fazed him, not in the least. Actually I'd quite like to see HUNK as one of the main playable characters in story mode and not only in the mini games. Revelations would have been perfect for him. Being on the same ship as Parker and Jill but with a different agenda, always two steps ahead of them.


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