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Greetings fellow residents of Crimson Head Elder.


I am taking a leave of absence for the time being as my loyal pet cat Calisto after a eventful 17 year long life, has passed away. Now before thinking this as silly on my behalf, Calisto was my only and best friend in life, he was there for me during bad times and good times, he consoled me during the toughest times in my life and to be honest I am still in shock at his departure from the living.


This shock has my better judgment severely affected and I do not think I will be of much use on the forums here in such a state.

Calisto was born in 1997, the same year that I was introduced to Resident Evil 2 and the Sony PlayStation 1, 3 of the best gifts in my life came in the same year!


I will return after I pay my respects to Calisto, in the meantime I am simply to devastated to post on the forums, however I will still respond to E-mails as well as private messages should anyone contact me, in addition I wish everyone of CHE a happy September.

R.I.P. Calisto 1997-2014.


"The nobility will rise again. Until that time, farewell!"


 The nobility will rise again. Until that time, farewell!

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I´m sorry to hear that Yuan.

I have three cockatiels and a french bulldog in my house, and I love and treat them as if they were members of my family.

I found my french bulldog, Buch, abandoned and beaten on the street so I took him to my home and that has been the best decission I ever made as he is a grateful and loving creature. I have lived with animals my whole life  and I have seen  them grow (in fact, one of the cockatiels is the daughter of the other two) and eventually die and I know it´s hard, if you accept an advice from a friend think about the wonderful life you gave him and how lucky he was to meet you.

I hope to see you back soon, the forums won´t be the same until then.


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Albert Wesker 187
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I am sorry to hear that Yuan I have two beautiful indoor cats in my house and if something were to happen to them I would be devastated as well take as much time as you need and I will pray for yout o get through this tough time, see you soon.


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Sorry mate I am also going through somethings recently but let me tell you time is a healer. May not seem like it now but it really gets better little by little everyday.


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USS Command
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Its hard losing something you love and people will say time will heals all wounds, however its not always that simple. Yes time helps but that won't always fill or even help with the emptiness. So take all the time you need I'll personally make sure your room here in this fine mansion is kepted nice fresh and clean until your return.

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I am very sorry to read that you have lost a very important soul in your life. You have many friends in this community, so don't stay away too long, maybe just lurk until you feel stronger. Crimson Head Elder is correct, time is a great healer.



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George Trevor
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I know very well the emotional support that an animal can offer, my son would be a considerably different person without the emotional support he received from the wolf/huksy cross puppy I got him when his mother was passeing away; this stunning & loving creature diverted his attention away from a nightmare that he never got to experience in anything like the degree he would have, without a little boy's best friend. When I was told that the puppy would live for up to 15 years if handled correctly, I was stunned into the realisation this would be for my son's entire childhood.

So Yuan, my heart goes out to you in this very hard & challenging time. 17 years is a lifetime, but his spirit would be so sad to see you suffering right now, and if only for that reason you must stay strong & as positive as you possibly can.


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Alan Wenpei Mao
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I am sorry to hear about that. Please take care during this time, man. I hope to hear again from you soon. My aunt was always attached to her dogs and when each dog died, she was in tears. I never had a dog or cat, so I don't know how that feels, but I feel for you, man.

Take care, man. Wish you a happy month too, Yuan.

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James Marcus
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I am very sorry to hear of your very sad news Yuan-The-11th - I am sure everyone in the CHE residence wishes you peace & strength to look with happiness at the good times you had with your loved one.


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Losing a friend is always hard - no matter if he walked on two or four legs. I wish you strength, Yuan ...


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