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Well, this is my weirdest thread so far...I know it´s risky and there will be a lot of friendly arguing but I have wanted to do this for a long time. My idea is to evaluate characters based on their performance in games according to physical and psychological attributes with the scores being:

W: Truly above human. W stands for Wesker as he is above human values in speed & strengh.

S: Slightly above human.

A: Excellent

B: Very good

C: Good

D: Bad

E: Really bad

F: Pathetic

After all the attributes there will be a character rating, later to be modified by additional strenghts and weaknesses of the characters. Since Chris, Jill and Leon are way too discussed, I would like to start this little project with the fan favourite Barry Burton.

Physical attributes:

- A strength: We haven´t seen him  perform a strength feat but we can clearly see he is a big guy, not as strong as Chris probably but still a beast.

- C technique: He doesn´t seem an accomplished accrobatic, finesse figher like leon or Ada, just like Chris his main close quarters combat advantage comes from raw strength (like we saw in RE5 mercenaries). However, while Chris shows some boxing notions (hooks, straights, haymakers...) and even knows how to break a neck, get free from Leon´s holds...I can´t identify any fighting style in Barry´s moves so I think he is one level below Chris and way below Leon in this attribute.

- B speed: Despite being a big guy close to his forties he doesn´t seem to be specially slow, something remarkable.

- S weapons usage: Not only he was S.T.A.R.S weapon specialist, but also brings a REAL gun with himself, with that monster 44 magnum in his hands you can really say the safest place in the Spencer Mansion was his back...besides he invented the gunhammer (RE 5 attack from behind after leg stun...brutal)

Psycological attributes:

- S determination: Despite thinking Wesker had his family he still supported Jill and eventually attacked Wesker as soon as he discovered the hoax.

- B leadership: While not exactly a leader he did act as one during the Mansion incident.

- S teamwork: Who else saves your life 2 times and gives you grenade launcher rounds?!

- B judgement: I think he sometimes lets his feelings take over, moving too close to the Tyrant and getting knocked over for example.

- S mental strength: Not losing control during the mansion incident while a traitor has your family and losing his mind is really remarkable.

Total Score: B

Additional bonuses:

+ Very opportunist.

+ Can use helicopters.

+ Loyal (RE3 ending)

+ Charismatic.

+ Survived the mansion incident.

- His age means he has very small room for physical/technique/speed improvement.

Final score: A-

Evaluation: Suitable for BSAA´s CHE branch.

It´s your turn! After 2 weeks (Or more if the topic happens to be popular) we can calculate an average score and establish an unoffcial CHE rating for Barry. What do you think? Also, the attributes I said are not mandatory: Add/remove at will. See you!


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Okay I'll give it a try

Physical Attributes

B in strength. It's good (based on Mercs), but we've never been able to see the full extent of it in the canon games, so that's why I'm going with B.

C in technique. It seems pretty average to me. Not bad, but not the best either.

D in speed. One of the slower characters in the series. 

A in weapons specialist. While he is known for being the teams weapons specialist, I haven't seem him do significantly more with a weapon than any other RE character in the games, so I can't give him a full S. 

Psychological Attributes

S in determination. He was so determined to keep his family safe that he did something he hated by basically becoming Wesker's lap dog to ensure that they would be.

C in leadership. Really didn't get to see him in a leadership role all that much.

B in teamwork. Unfortunately spends a great deal of his biggest canon appearance to date, betraying team members (granted there was a reason but still). However he does help out whenever he isn't betraying so I give him a B. 

C in judgement. Seemed average to me. 

S in mental strength. How he didn't break from all the stress of worrying about his family's safety, while fighting to survive a biohazardous nightmare, and while following Wesker's order to betray his friends (which is something he really didn't want to do) is amazing. 

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George Trevor
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Well I see Barry as having true, believable skills capable for the challenges posed by membership of the elite S.T.A.R.S. , unlike Rebecca and Brad.


STRENGTH B+ : I disagree with Xarls, and see Barry as physically superior to Chris.

TECHNIQUE B+ : Chris may be the 'target practice golden boy', but Barry feels more like the skilled, hardened veteran to me, of comparable technique to Chris & Enrico. I think Xarls & SkinniMini1 were harsh with their grading for this catagory !

SPEED C+ : I feel SkinniMini1 has been unfairly harsh on Mr Burton ! Why she thinks Barry is one of the slowest in the team is beyond me, because he looked quite quick on his feet when saving Jill from a sandwhich ! I feel Xarls is right with his observation that Barry moves well for a big man.

WEAPONS A+ : S.T.A.R.S. weapons specialist, and well known 'gun nut', Barry is highly qualified in this catagory, having no superior in this area from within the team, and not surprisingly he does not mess about with his favoured choice of hand gun, his 44 Magnum Colt Anaconda being the meatier alternative to the Samuri Edge preferred by his other team members.


DETERMINATION C+ : Interestingly I actually think Xarls & SkinniMini1 have been overly generous this time, and I would see less mental strength exhibited by Barry in his confrontation with Wesker over his family's endangerment.

LEADERSHIP B+ : Jill always seems to be reassured by Barry's commanding physical presence, when he sporadically turns up in the mansion, and without the personal turmoil created by Wesker's betrayal, he would be perfect leadership material.

TEAMWORK A+ : I cannot allow Wesker's hijacking of Barry's honour to detrimentally affect my grading for Barry's teamwork ability, as his most precious loves were being mortally threatened. Xarls rightly refrences some of Barry's teamwork highlights.

JUDGEMENT B- : Not enough cut-scene & gameplay evidence for me to have a clear opinion here, but for his sandwhich saving escapade alone, I have to give him a B !

MENTAL STRENGTH A+ : I completey agree with both SkinniMini1 and Xarls. Nerves of steel, as he attempts to traverse an extraordinarily precarious tightrope walk between loyalty and safety of his teamates and not endangering his precious wife & daughters.

Resident Evil Archives refers to Barry's emotionally mild-mannered personality, with a strong sense of duty & responsibility. In the Wildstorm comics Resident Evil Collection #1, Barry's story sees him visiting a psychiatrist, in the events proceeding the Raccoon City outbreak.



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In response to GT's grading on Teamwork and Judgement... let us not forget that in the end Barry did the right thing. He returned and shot Wesker and he stated he could not let his team down, even at the expense of his family. Extraordinary in my opinion.

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I shall post my ratings for Barry Burton.

Please take in consideration that my rating methods are different from most as I take into consideration gameplay & others things not considered "cannon".







I agree with GT here as I feel that Barry is far stronger then pre-Bio5 Chris, in the mercenaries he displays fantastic strength.



In spite of not having super powers, Barry shows fantastic moves in the mercenaries comparable to B.S.A.A. Captain Josh Stone.



Not bad for a big man who also caries untold amounts of mag ammo, however he lacks the evasion demonstrated by Fong Long & others.



I do not know any other lunatic who caries a handgun, semi-auto sniper rifle + 2 x magnums and uses all effectively.







Pushes on in spite of much craziness, will stay to fight 100+ Ganado's in the mercenaries without giving up.



Described as Albert Wesker's 2nd in-command, was the person who recruited Jill & others, recognizing talent is a hallmark of a leader I believe, in addition I personally believe that both Enrico & Barry where better leaders then Albert.



Without his teamwork I think there is a good chance Jill may have died also the so-called "cunning fox" Albert Wesker relied rather heavily on Barry for his plan to succeed which to me shows that both sides (Jill vs. Albert) needed Barry to win.



I think Barry can be slightly indecisive at times, mostly I feel his weakness is his own doubt but at the end when push comes to shove, Barry will prevail.



It is quite something that Barry did not lose his mind during the Mansion Incident, however I feel his guilt over his actions caused him to purposely take a back seat in the series after the Mansion Incident, however I do not blame him for it.






A veteran of the "Mansion Incident", Barry shows an ability to not only survive biohazards all on his own but to also rescue others as well, commendable.


"Bio Hazard Gaiden" shows that Barry is able to be a hero & playable character in his own right, up there with big names such as Chris & Leon.


"The Mercenaries" Shows that RE1 era Barry is fantastic in both physical combat as well as gun usage as well as being able to battle modern monsters as well.


I think I would rate Bio Gaiden era Barry as an A/A- player.


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Barry Burton ratings:


STRENGTH A : Barry is the strongest of all the S.T.A.R.S. team. Only Wesker after infection is the most physically superior.

TECHNIQUE B : His skills with the magnum are well known and he always finds himself in the right place to support team mates, which in itself demands superior technique.

SPEED D : Barry is probably one of the slowest S.T.A.R.S. members but he makes up for this with his magnum! Barry is not on the team for his speed.

WEAPONS A : This is Barry's speciality and his magnum is his closest buddy in the field. No one can match his weapons knowledge, and I am sure it is one of the skills that made Barry a suitable recruit for S.T.A.R.S.


DETERMINATION A : This is the attribute that got Barry to the extraction point to save Jill from Raccoon City's destruction, and kept his spirits up during the mansion incident despite his families kidnapping, so that he was still capable to aid Jill, an fight challenging BOWS.

LEADERSHIP D : Barry is not multi-skilled enough to be true leadership material. He is also too emotional to carry the responsibilities of S.T.A.R.S. team leader.

TEAMWORK B : Saves Jill twice from certain death and despite the trap Wesker has him in, he manages to aid his teammates as much as he can without jepardizing his family.

JUDGEMENT D : This can be affected by his emotional fragility.

MENTAL STRENGTH A : Wesker fails to break him, and he keeps his head together, to make it to the extraction point for Jill.

Final Score: C



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James Marcus
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This will be interesting and controversial as I am no fan of Barry - yes I know - blasphemy!!!


STRENGTH B+: This is the only category where I see Barry excelling. He is physically superior to the other S.T.A.R.S. members, but this is where his superiority ends.

TECHNIQUE C: Shows nothing more than any other S.T.A.R.S. member and for someone with a reputation for gun enthusiasm I see nothing special with his gameplay moves or from the information we are given on him.

SPEED D-: I imagine Barry is slow and cumbersome, unable to react quickly with a dodge like Jill.

WEAPONS B: OK so I concede this is Barry's speciality, but nothing special comes across during the gameplay of any game he features in.


DETERMINATION D-: Barry was earmarked by Albert Wesker as the chink in the chain, the most likely member of the S.T.A.R.S. team to break if pressure was applied. Barry's lack of determination would have been one of his weaknesses of character that Wesker identified as contributing to the likelehood of him being perfect blackmail material.

LEADERSHIP E: See above + he is a spineless traitor.

TEAMWORK F: Barry's action at the end of Resident Evil 3 is olny motivated purely out of guilt and cannot expunge his traitor's blood! Also some could say this appearance is merely a bonus easter egg, not guaranteed as part of the canon gameplay. He was a traitor to the S.T.A.R.S. oath which is all you need to know when grading Barry's teamwork score.

JUDGEMENT D-: George Trevor mentioned Barry saving Jill, but I wont give him credit for being in the right place at the right time to save Jill from being crushed, because the only reasn he was there in the first place was to spy on Jill, constantly endandering he life countless times before that encounter.

MENTAL STRENGTH E: If Barry had not been so weak in this regard then Albert Wesker would not have identified him as a prime candidate for betrayal. A big man with a small spine is how I see Barry, who was more of a chicken heart than Brad - at least Brad came back for his team without betraying them first.



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